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Air Wars Over Congo, Volume 1 summary Air Wars Over Congo, Volume 1 , series Air Wars Over Congo, Volume 1 , book Air Wars Over Congo, Volume 1 , pdf Air Wars Over Congo, Volume 1 , Air Wars Over Congo, Volume 1 fc3199396a Ever Since The Democratic Republic Of The Congo DR Congo, Or DRC Was Released Into Independence By Belgium, In June , Its Skies Have Been Full Of Action During The Crisis, And Immediately Afterwards, The Belgians Evacuated Their Colonists And Military PersonnelHardly Was This Action Was Over When The Mineral Rich Province Of Katanga Attempted To Break Away And The Separatists Created Their Own Air Force, The Force A Rienne Katangaise FAK , Which Existed From Until And Saw Action Against Forces Of The United Nations UN In Line With Decisions By Its Members, The UN Deployed Contingents From Several Air Forces Of Its Member States To Protect The Integrity Of The DR Congo And Eliminate The FAKIn Response To The Emergence Of Leftist Insurgencies, The CIA Created The Congo Air Force Or Force A Rienne Congolaise , Staffed Entirely By Foreign Mercenary Personnel Due To The Lack Of Native Pilots And Mechanics In , This Service Saw Action During The So Called Simba Rebellion , In Eastern DRC, And In Support Of Government And Mercenary Forces In , The Belgians Launched Their Daring Operation Red Dragon , During Which Their Parachute Regiment Was Deployed To Liberate Hostages Held By The Simbas In Stanleyville Finally, In Eastern Congo In , The Former Brothers In Arms Including Pilots Of The FAC Fought Each Other During The Famous Mercenary MutinyFrom The Existence Of A Colonial Air Force Attached To The Belgian Military And Civilian Colonial Administration During The Time Before Congo S Independence June , To The Involvement Of The Central Government Congo Air Force In Fighting Against Mercenary Mutinies In Eastern Congo , Volume I Of Air Wars Over The Congo Provides Detailed Coverage Of The Aircraft And Air Forces Involved In An Entire Series Of Conflicts In This Huge CountryIllustrated With Over Photographs, Colour Profiles And Half A Dozen Maps, It Offers A Unique Source Of Reference For Enthusiasts And Professionals Alike

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