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Red Trojan Horse pdf Red Trojan Horse , ebook Red Trojan Horse , epub Red Trojan Horse , doc Red Trojan Horse , e-pub Red Trojan Horse , Red Trojan Horse 0e12e78cae5 The Book Is About How Colonel Zygmunt Berling, A Disgruntled Colonel Of The Polish Inter War Army Once Captured By The Red Army And Imprisoned Betrayed His Country Whilst In Captivity Between , And After Vied, In His Mind With General Anders, For Power In Establishing A Polish Army Out Of The Hundreds Of Thousands Of Poles Captive In The Soviet Union After Anders Took Many Of These Poles To The West And Formed His Own Army, The So Called Anders Army Which Fought Alongside The Western Allies, Notably In Italy But Was Doomed To Remain In The West As Exiles After Berling, In Contrast, At The Last Moment Deserted Anders And Remained In The Soviet Union And Helped To Form A Polish Army There This Army Fought Alongside The Red Army Right Into Berlin, But Was Never Trusted By The Soviet Government, Nor Was Berling The Army Formed By Berling, Gave A Fig Leaf Of Respectability For Soviet Annexation Of Poland And Provided The Base For The Polish Peoples Army

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