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Up Against the Wall summary Up Against the Wall , series Up Against the Wall , book Up Against the Wall , pdf Up Against the Wall , Up Against the Wall 6abb510bc0 A Hard Hitting History Of The Soviet Security Police And Latvia Over A Century Of Oppression With Latvians As Both Oppressors And OppressedUp Against The Wall Details The Methods Of A Brutal Totalitarian Regime And The Bloody Twists And Turns Of Latvia S Long And Complicated Relationship With The Soviet Security Police This Is Not For The SqueamishAt The KGB Headquarters In Riga The Corner House, Or St Ra M Ja Suspects Were Processed, Questioned And Even Executed During The Periods Of Soviet Rule In And Then The Author Presents Harrowing Personal Testimonies Of Those Imprisoned, Tortured And Deported To Siberian Gulags By The KGB, Drawing From Museum Archives And Interviews Translated Into English For This Book As Well As From De Classified CIA Files, KGB Records And His Own Research In Latvia He Interviews Human Rights Activists, Partisans, KGB Experts And Those Who Led Latvia To Independence In The S And Explores The Role Of Latvian KGB Double Agents In Defeating Anti Soviet Partisan Groups And The West S Cold War Spying MissionsIronically It Was The Feared Latvian Riflemen Who Helped Crush The Bolsheviks Political Rivals After The Revolution And Defeat The British Backed White Generals In The Vicious Civil War Of , While Latvia Itself Became Independent Their Reward Was Top Jobs In The Soviet Regime, Including In The Cheka Security Police, The Forerunner To The NKVD And KGB But Stalin Turned On The Latvians In The S And Mercilessly Purged The Old Guard When The Baltics Were Carved Up By Hitler And Stalin, The Red Army Killed Or Deported Anyone Opposing Soviet Power In A Period Known As The Year Of Terror Fifty Years Of Occupation Followed WWII As Through The Cold War And Into The Late S Latvian Society Was In The Grip Of The KGB Even Than Years After The Regime Collapsed, Its Secrets Have Still Not Been Revealed

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