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Unbroken files Unbroken , read online Unbroken , free Unbroken , free Unbroken , Unbroken 66469ca9a Alexis Quinn Has Always Known She Was Different Academically And Athletically Gifted, She Soared Through Her Years In Education But Failed To Socialise Adequately With Her Peers Somehow, Social Norms Just Passed Her By But Her Difference Had Always Been Her Strength, Until The Birth Of Her Child And The Death Of Her Brother, Josh Then Her Difference Became Her Downfall Unable To Deal With The Reality Of What Happened With Josh, Alexis Was Detained Under The Mental Health Act Against Her Will She Found Herself Struggling For Years, With Diagnosis After Diagnosis Landing On Her Shoulders Told Repeatedly By Doctors That She Was Dangerous, Alexis Tried To Become The Person The System Wanted Her To Be Someone Normal But It Seemed That Normal Was Always Just Out Of Reach As Time Went By, She Realised That The Care She Thought Was Going To Help Her Might Just Be The Very Thing That Would Destroy Her Raw And Honest, Unbroken Tells The Story Of A Strong Woman Learning How To Live Beyond DiagnosisTrigger Are Proud To Announce Theinspirationalseries Partner To Their Innovative Pullingthetrigger Range Theinspirationalseries Promotes The Idea That Mental Illness Should Be Talked About Freely And Without Fear Find Out At Triggerpublishing

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    This book, as the publisher warns us at the beginning but I would rather they didn t I m a big girl is mostly pretty harrowing It is the autobiography of a university educated, athletic young mother who undergoes a breakdown after losing a much loved brother and who then spends several years being incarcerated in various mental hospitals against her will for several years Ah, so you thought the traditional asylum had gone the way of all flesh, did you the ones described in One Through over the Cuckoo s Nest, so much prison than place of healing, and where care is frequently punitive So did I But apparently not In the second decade of this millennium, it seems that patients may be sectioned indefinitely, with no hope of release Patients are drugged as a method of control than anything, as well as subjected to humiliating examinations and procedures if they do not conform and treated like children rather than adults at every turn This writer has a way of making Nurse Ratched look positively benign There are the staff who promise a walk in the part and then renege because the chance to enjoy watching the subsequent meltdown is apparent too beguiling Where dissension, asking questions about human rights and the right not to be humiliated are seen as maladaptive behaviour to be treated with enforced medication and always with clothes pulled down, into the buttocks Where there are padded cells in which the patient has no choice but to evacuate bowels and bladder straight onto the floor and in front of coldly observing eyes Where appeals to warm a freezing cell are ignored until hyperthermia becomes a real issue It is still possible that a large, assertive woman over of over six foot, who does not mince words with their fascination with death and suicide and refuses to cooperate, might frighten seem to be a tough case Many nurses and doctors in the future too, may want to protect themselves against something they fear, or fear being blamed should a tragedy in fact take place Alexis Quinn s problems do not improve either once it is ascertained that her problems have nothing to do with either neurosis, nor even psychosis, but neurology She is diagnosed autistic, after being triumpantly told that she is not, in fact, ill This means that she then happily and voluntarily admits herself to a specialist unit, intended to assess her autism.The nightmare starts again as soon as she is forbidden from taking exercise in the environs Neurosis or neurology, the treatment is the same drugs, drugs, until the patient stops questioning and plays the game She is sectioned again, no excuses are made for her difficulties in managing basic life skills She is repeatedly told again that she is ill She continues to deteriorate until, when her section is renewed after just having been promised that it wouldn t be, she makes a successful escape to overseas That last part reads like a thriller, where the French authorities see her passport has been flagged At this stage though, our heroine has learnt to talk her way though difficult situations, rather than have a meltdown The writer does remind the reader not all the professionals she met were abusive or coercive many were genuinely kind and empathetic, especially on acute rather than observation wards However, this book certainly serves to prove that the asylum may still, rightly be a place to be feared.

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    This is a beautifully written, totally gripping and immensely important book that lifts the lid on what it s like to be sectioned under the Mental Health Act Alexis Quinn, a high functioning Autistic woman, suffers an emotional breakdown following the suspicious death of her beloved brother call me stupid, but isn t this normal it s called GRIEVING She agrees to voluntarily go into a psychiatric hospital for care and what follows is 4 years of hell under Section in a variety of facilities staffed by the Good, the Bad and the Ugly NHS Mental Health Care is constantly hitting the headlines due to appalling examples of negligence, which in the main are put down to a lack of funding How much money does it take to buy compassion Basic humanity Animals being transported for slaughter are treated better than this woman was during her time in care The fact that the author has come out of her experience with a desire to open the dialogue on Psychiatry in England Wales rather than one to to dismantle it speaks volumes on her intelligence, compassion humanity she has far of these than nearly all the Psychiatrists she encountered.

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    7 8 of the book is about the authors experience in the NHS mental health service which does not make for happy reading, so I did find it a difficult read However I finished it because I felt it would have been rude not to, and you have to give the author credit for her story

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