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Robots and Empire chapter 1 Robots and Empire , meaning Robots and Empire , genre Robots and Empire , book cover Robots and Empire , flies Robots and Empire , Robots and Empire 89f9a4785d21c Two Hundred Years After His Humiliating Defeat At The Hands Of Earthman Elijah Baley, Keldon Amadiro Still Dreamed Of Revenge Now, Finally, He Set Into Motion A Plot That Would Totally Destroy The Planet EarthBut Amadiro Had Not Counted On The Power Baley Still Exerted Long After His Death For Baley S Vision Continued To Guide His Robot Partner, R Daneel Olivaw, And The Extraordinarily Gifted Robot Giskard And They Were The Only Ones Who Could Save EarthFortunately For Amadiro, Daneel And Giskard Were Restrained By The Three Laws Of Robotics Or Were They

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    This is the third book I ve finished on this holiday and the second I ve borrowed from the library in these fabulous apartments The fact that I actually have it at home is neither here nor there, I fancied reading it and like, there it was sandwiched between 2 gooey romances, about the only sf book in the shelves So in between swims, walks and food yum I have finished a second book over 400 pages Origin being the first Those who read my reviews, are there any of you , will know that I have a penchant for Golden Age SciFi, and whilst I know this is not truly Golden Age it is Asimov And I m my humble opinion a real classic of his despite his advancing years when he wrote it As an aside, apologies for any spooling mastooks, I m on my iPhone as trying to write a review on a Kindle is worse, why is that So this book reacquaints us with Gladia Solaria, R Daneel and R Giskard, the latter 2 being favourite novel characters of mine In addition there are even a couple of flashbacks to scenes with Lije Bayley, add in a typical Asimov mystery See Caves of Steel etc and one has to ask, what is not to enjoy Seriously this book races along at a fair old crack and gives you everything you want from an Asimov Robot novel Drama, excitement, adventure, pathos and sadness Yes sadness, I won t say when, but on one occasion I even had tears in my eyes I reckon it was just the sun tan lotion I am now thinking that I must read the rest of the Robot and Lije Bayley novels on my return to England An easy 5 s

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    Sigh Love this book It s always bittersweet for me to read since it is the last of the four Robot novels, and I will miss the characters until my next reading in a couple of years As usual, this book can be read as a standalone book without having to read the previous books in the series This story, again, features Elijah Baley, the hard boiled detective from Earth although in a surprising way no spoiler here , and his robot partner, Daneel Olivaw We also still have Gladia who has been the love interest in the two books previous to this one She really comes into herself in this book, and I just love her Daneel is joined in his work by another robot, Giskard, who was featured very briefly in the book before this one, but this time, Giskard wins your heart In this story, it is planet Earth that is in danger of destruction, and a large part of the mystery in the book is not who is going to destroy it, but how We know there s an evil plot and a truly unlikable dastardly doer What we must discover along with our detectives is how it is to be done so they can stop it, of course.I must say, there is a part of this book that gets me crying every time even when I know it s coming Considering I read everything aloud to my hubby, you can imagine how difficult this passage is as I am choking on my words, sniffling, and trying to swallow around the lump in my throat as I read And yet, that passage is so wonderful that I have to read it, I have to wallow for those moments No, I m not going to give even one detail, but I consider it a testimony to the writing and the character development, that I am consistently reduced to a sniveling wreck Finally, while this book was written three decades after the first book in the Empire series, this book is a good lead up to the first book in that series which isn t actually a series they are three standalone novels that much later have been dubbed a series , which makes for a very satisfying jumping off point if you are interested in reading on Happily, if you are not interested in reading on and getting into the next series, the ending of this book very nicely finishes up the Robot series, and leaves you completely satisfied.

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    4.0 stars While listed as the last of the Robot series, this is probably better discribed as the bridge novel between the Robot novels and the Foundation series In it we see the beginnings of how the Galactic Empire got started and why there are no Robots in the distant future of the Foundation novels except of course for R Daneel Olivaw who becomes the only central character to appear in both series.In addition to being a pivotal novel in the Robot Foundation series, it is also top space opera and a lot of fun as I feel about all of this group of books Good quality entertainment from one of the masters of the genre Recommended

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    It should be noted that I am a long standing Asimov fan, so my opinion is perhaps not entirely objective Having said that, Robots and Empire stands out to me as one of his top works It serves to bridge his Empire Foundation and Robots series this is a dangerous venture, because there is always the risk of fouling one or both stories in the process Asimov handles it admirably though, in a way that gives a satisfactory conclusion to the Elijah Baley story, and sets the scene for the way into the Galactic Empire The story focuses around familiar faces Gladia, Daneel, and Giskard The true focus of the novel is on the robots, which has always been Asimovs great strength The passages of the novel that are essentially discussions and deliberations between the two robots are some of the most interesting parts of the novel they are at once dear friends, earnest protectors, and subtly but pointedly inhuman Their struggle to both serve and protect, and their discussions revolving around this dichotomy, give new depth to the characters Overall I highly recommend this novel to fans of either Empire, Foundation, or Robots.

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    What an adventure I can t believe the Robot series is over This was a very bitter sweet book for many reasons Not only is it the ending of a series, but many things happened I didn t expect I loved Baley, Daneel and Giskard and it just wasn t the same without detective Elijah Baley When I heard that he died in the first chapter I immediately knew this was going to be a long trek to the end I was happy Daneel was still alive but it wasn t the same without the two together Overall, it was a great ending to a great series I will definitely reread this series in the future.

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    Like every other Asimov book, a snappy, fantastic read full of crisp dialogue and an absorbing plot with elements of sci fi and mystery I will never get over his ability to craft books without a single dull moment despite the fact that 99% of the action is just people talking They re either hashing out a logical argument or painstakingly explaining one of the few actual bits of action, and I will never get tired of it If you re new to Asimov, thank you for reading this review, but let me stop you right here This should be, at minimum, the fifth book you read, after the three previous books in the Robot series, as well as I, Robot But seasoned Asimov readers will get what they ve come for and should not be disappointed I m not sure why I never got around to reading this series before now, but glad to have finally done so Stands up, turns chair backwards, and sits back down, hunkering down over the chair back indicating that I m going to get down with you here Now it s time for some Real Talk Real Ike Asimov Talk.So, Ike wrote all the classic books in the Foundation, Robot, and Galactic Empire books in the 1950s They had some links and similar elements, but were mostly their own things For the most part, there they sat for a while as he churned out all kinds of other fiction and nonfiction In the 80s he decided he wanted to link them together better, and produced two prequels and two sequels to Foundation, and a couple of sequels to Robots It s been a while since I ve read the 80s Foundation books and I could stand a refresh, but my opinion today is that the latter two Robot books succeed where Asimov s 80s add ons to the Foundation series failed Those felt awkward and unnecessary Whereas The Robots of Dawn and Robots and Empire expanded the universe created in the original books and gave them a galactic scope I only wish there were .

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    In some ways, this novel, which clearly and explicitly links three of Isaac Asimov s series Robot, Foundation, and Empire is the development of a new law of robotics Of course, all fans of Asimov know the three laws 1 A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm 2 A robot must obey orders given it by humans except where such orders would violate the First Law 3 A robot must protect its existence unless such behavior would violate the first and second laws This novel introduces a critical new law, what R Daneel Olivaw the classic Asimov robot referred to as the Zeroth Law This law reads A robot may not harm humanity, or by inaction, allow humanity to come to harm And this introduces a tension into the first three laws This novel shows the implementation of this new law, by Daneel s friend a telepathic robot , R Giskard Reventlov In some senses, the actual plot of this work is not so central It is indifferent, in fact, as a mystery, compared with the first three Robot novels as well as short stories Elijah Baley, who had worked with Daneel in earlier mysteries, has been dead for a couple centuries Daneel is now on his own with Giskard But it represents an effort by Asimov to begin to link his three mighty series Robot, Empire, and Foundation The Zeroth Law is what begins to link these, with Daneel as the key player One would have to read later novels in the Empire and Foundation series to understand the profound consequences of the Zeroth Law in his hands Anyhow, this is not a very good mystery on its own, but it is an important work beginning to link the three series, answer questions that had heretofore not been answered.

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    The main focus and also the most interesting part is on the robots Daneel and Giskard and their debates on The Three Laws and the HUMANITY concept, giving them new and un expected depth.A beautiful ending to the Robots series and a bridge to the following works in the Foundation Universe.

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    Isaac Asimov wrote his original Robot, Empire, and Foundation novels as separate series in the 1950s, and then in the 1980s wrote a number of novels that bridge them together into a continuous future history The Robots of Dawn and Robots and Empire are two that form the bridge between his Robot mysteries, and his Empire adventures Here is the complete chronology 1 The End of Eternity stand alone 19552 I, Robot short stories 19503 The Caves of Steel Robot 19544 The Naked Sun Robot 19575 The Robots of Dawn Robot 19836 Robots and Empire Robot 19857 The Stars, Like Dust Empire 19518 The Currents of Space Empire 19529 Pebble In The Sky Empire 195010 Prelude to Foundation Foundation Prequel 198811 Forward the Foudation Foundation Prequel 199112 Foundation Foundation 195113 Foundation and Empire Foundation 195214 Second Foundation Foundation 195315 Foundation s Edge Foundation Sequel 198216 Foundation and Earth Foundation Sequel 1986I would not recommend this book as a stand alone read If you re familiar with Asimov s robotic detective novels and his adventure novels set in his imperial space, then this bridge novel would be interesting Even so, the bridge is made of two novels, and you should read The Robots of Dawn first Unlike the earlier Robot novels however, this one is not a murder mystery, but a mechanical story that explains the transition between what were previously unconnected timelines It is nostalgic to see our robot friend R Daneel Olivaw again, and the part he plays in the transition partially through his own perspective I have to say though, that while his thought patterns and behaviors are presented as logical thinking, the conclusions he reaches are like intuitive leaps than actual reason In the end, I give it a mediocre rating, only recommended to dedicated fans of Isaac Asimov.

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    I was reluctant to come back to the series after the rather disappointing Robots of Dawn but Robots Empire was a delight.The book has both robots as a pathos and robots as a menace, both the potentially bright future for humanity and the potentially crumbling society It has AI figuring out itself and questioning ethics It explores the already known characters and places and introduces a few new ones and that development makes it dynamic and interesting than the previous books And it lays a nice foundation see what I did there for the other works of literature to be set in the universe following this book.I believe Robots Empire can be read as a stand alone novel and would choose this if I needed to recommend only one book out of the series.

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