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The Martian Way chapter 1 The Martian Way, meaning The Martian Way, genre The Martian Way, book cover The Martian Way, flies The Martian Way, The Martian Way 3f8d20eaa6d10 This Collection Of Four Famous Science Fiction Tales Masterfully Exemplifies Author Isaac Asimov S Ability To Create Quickly A Believable Human Milieu In The Midst Of Alien Circumstances Each Of The Long Stores Also Shows His Considerable Skill In Fully Fleshing Out A Speculative Scientific Or Social PossibilityContents The Martian Way Na Galaxy Nov Youth Nv Space Science Fiction May The Deep Ss Galaxy Dec Sucker Bait Troas Na Astounding Feb

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    The Genevan Way, a short story inspired by Isaac Asimov and some real events Oh fuck wailed Not Our shower has no hot water again Don t worry, I said, and quickly assembled an anti gravity device out of some spare parts we d just acquired from a CERN friend who was moving house Pausing only to put on my ex NASA space suit and pack a laptop, a fondue set, some Gruy re and a bag of stale bread, I blasted off in the direction of Jupiter.The trip was going to take a good half hour, so I passed the time reading the interesting book on pre Ptolemaic astronomy that I d started the day before It was obvious at a glance that Anaximander s guess about the shape of the Earth had been wrong, and I posted a sarcastic update on Goodreads shortly before entering the Jovian system I was starting to feel a bit hungry, so I decided to take a break at Io Balancing my fondue over a volcanic vent, I had a pleasant breakfast, then set off again for Europa I landed without incident, hacked off a good piece of ice from one of the frozen seas, then went back to Io to warm it up in my fondue pot When it was bubbling merrily, I put the lid on, increased my speed to Warp Factor 5, and headed back to Earth As I landed at Geneva Airport, I congratulated myself on my good planning The water was still nice and hot But then disaster struck Vous venez d o , monsieur said the customs official De Jupiter Il faut remplir ces formulaires, s il vous pla t. It took the better part of two hours to fill out the forms, and by the time I d got home it was nearly one o clock Not looked in my fondue pot It s barely lukewarm, she said disappointedly And it smells of cheese I m sorry, I replied But that s the Genevan way.

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    The first story The Martian Way begs the unanswered question what will happen to the rings of Saturn, its moons, and the planet itself as its ice rings are systematically cut away Will its moons especially Pandora and Prometheus, the shepherding moons whose gravitational forces are responsible for the confining, shaping, and gaps between the rings break their orbit with Saturn to become dangerous planet killer comets To what degree will Saturn itself experience atmospheric or orbital changes Unfortunately Asimov ends with a political victory and reverts back to the self centered take what we want from the natural world and not think about the damage we re doing to our solar system way of life Shame, Asimov, I m disappointed This first story annoyed me the most.The second story Youth was predictable The alien s observation at the end is supposed to be an eye opening zinger on the effects of atomic warfare but if you know Asimov, you re ready for that.The third story The Deep once attempted to surprise the reader with a fundamentally different physical and social characteristic in the main characters in order to view the characteristics of humans through the cultural lens of an alien species Asimov probably jotted it down in half an hour The final story Sucker Bait is an exposition of the necessity of interdisciplinary collaboration Ignoring information outside the parameters of a specialist s chosen field can kill you, beryllium style Asimov shows both extremes the scientists that know nothing and care for nothing but their own fields, and a boy that retains information on data spanning every field but does not understand it Cooperation between disciplines and understanding are both essential to their survival In this story, Asimov seems to be commenting on a personal complaint in the attitudes of specialists.

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    ENGLISH This collection of Asimov s stories and novellas contains 4 titles published in the fifties The one I liked most was Sucker Bait, an interesting mystery story during space exploration, with a special and likable main character, Mark Annuncio Another story, Youth, which seemed at first sight to be a standard story about contact with extraterrestrials, turned at the end to have a surprising twist, the same used by Richard Matheson in a chapter The invaders of the second series of The Twilight Zone The story giving the collection its title is for me less interesting, being somewhat triumphalist.ESPA OL Esta colecci n de cuentos y novelas cortas de Asimov contiene 4 t tulos publicados en los a os cincuenta El que m s me gust fue Enga abobos, una historia de misterio relacionado con la exploraci n del espacio, con un atractivo y especial personaje principal, Mark Annuncio Otra historia, Juventud, que a primera vista parece ser un relato est ndar de contacto con extraterrestres, da al final un giro sorprendente, el mismo que utiliz Richard Matheson en un cap tulo Los invasores de la segunda serie de Dimensi n desconocida El relato que da t tulo a la colecci n es, para m , menos interesante y demasiado triunfalista.

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    Still thinking like an earthling Since time immemorial, Mars has always figured largely in Earth s mythology And ever since the prolific imaginations of the likes of HG Wells and Edgar Rice Burroughs first put pen to paper beginning the development of modern sci fi as a genre, Mars, Martians, travel to Mars and life on a hostile Mars have continued to be favourite topics With The Martian Way and Other Stories, Isaac Asimov proudly continues this hallowed tradition with a series of four stories written in the good doctor s unmistakable and well loved style.Despite its brevity, The Martian Way explores a myriad of topics including colonization of an extra terrestrial planet, acclimation of human beings to space and space travel, the politics and economics of life on another planet and its relationship to mother earth and even the development of earth side prejudices to a people that are now considered foreigners.Youth tells the story of Slim and Red, two young boys, who have found two very strange animals As any pair of young fellows might do, they hide the animals and feed and care for them to the best of their ability They even dream about becoming wealthy by developing a circus act The ending of the story discloses the surprise that the two animals are in fact the only survivors from a crashed alien spaceship but and you ll have to trust me here on this one that is not a spoiler The REAL ending is a complete blind side twist that only the likes of a twinkle eyed fun loving Asimov could imagine I ll admit that the ending does seem somewhat artificial and forced but Asimov fans have long known that he loved his humour and always enjoyed tweaking his readers noses The joke is on us and even Asimov s silliness forces a reader to look into himself and investigate his self centered notions of superiority.Unfortunately, many sci fi authors have fallen in to the trap of creating aliens that are simply humans or humanoid, to use one of Star Trek s favourite aphorisms with only a bizarre variation on their outward appearance In The Deep, however, Asimov has departed from that mundane mind set and created a technologically advanced species with telepathic abilities that lives underground on a planet with dwindling resources Teleporting an advance scout to earth to explore the possibilities of establishing contact with us and sharing our space on earth, the species discovers that the cultural, linguistic, physical and sociological gap between humans and their species is so vast that it could never be crossed Sucker Bait, the longest of Isaac Asimov s novellas, deals, in a nutshell, with the potential rigors and difficulties of space travel, exploration and planetary colonization An expedition to Troas, an earth like planet located in orbit around a binary star system in the Messier 13 globular cluster, met with a mysterious disaster and failed to return or report back in any way We are told the story of the follow up expedition that was mounted to determine the fate of the original exploration Although his tongue may have been at least partially inserted into his cheek, Asimov also uses Sucker Bait to cleverly discuss the potential pitfalls of ever continuing specialization in scientific research and the alarming and ever growing dearth of generalists and polymaths.The back cover of the edition I read asks, Still thinking like an earthling Get out of your rut, open mind there s a whole universe waiting I ve got to agree If you enjoy science fiction, then you ll enjoy this classic collection of four short stories from perhaps the finest author the genre has ever seen Highly recommended.Paul Weiss

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    A collection of three novellas and a short story from one of the recognised masters of the golden age of science fiction These 1950s stories demonstrate well both why this period was given this title back then the quality was far higher than, say, the 1920s and 30s and also why that gold has tarnished in quite a big way since By Asimov standards, the characters here are slightly three dimensional than usual, but still from the stock cupboard, while women only feature as part of the scenery.Still, there s some good material The Martian Way is a bit of a precursor for Heinlein s The Moon is a Harsh Mistress space colony under pressure from the dominant Earth realises that it has to find a way to be truly independent In this case, the problem is water and the solution is recognising the wider resources available to those with mastery of space Youth has some of the feel of a Bradbury story with young protagonists inevitably both male though Asimov can t capture the same sense of wonder But it s a classic twist in the tale piece of SF, nicely done The Deep, the short story, tries to look at human culture through alien eyes and half succeeds And Sucker Bait involves a mission to a failed colony where Asimov does what he does best tries to find the solution to a problem of maintaining a galactic civilisation, in this case information overload.The idea of that last story is that people are increasingly specialised and computers don t have insight, so there s a need in a widespread society across thousands of planets is to somehow have the ability to cross index and analyse knowledge Now, of course, we would turn to computers, but we can t blame Asimov for not thinking of the advances we ve seen in both software and hardware so instead he proposes a human solution, individuals programmed from birth to be in the Mnemonic Service remembering everything they see and able to link together forgotten pieces of information Human Googles, you might say.Clearly this isn t a realistic solution, but at least Asimov had thought about the issue The story still has those 1950s faults The captain and crew of the ship are straight out of marine central casting and regard the egghead scientists as weirdos And there s a sentence that beautifully sums up the period approach to women in the description of the origin of the settlement In the next months, some of the unattached men arranged to have women brought in, so the settlement must have flourished for a while Yet despite these faults, this is primarily a story of ideas and Asimov was exploring an issue that most tales of galactic empire simply never considered.I wouldn t say this short book is a collection to rush out and obtain but if you come across it, it s well worth giving it a try.

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    It s quite fashionable to put Asimov down these days, and I don t recommend this without reservation One doesn t read Asimov for characterization For me, the best character he ever created was the robot detective in the Naked Sun and Caves of Steel novels , prose style, or insight about women it s a male world in these two novelettes and two short stories But before 1970 he was good at fashioning concise, hard science, idea driven fiction These are all from the early 1950 s The lean prose has aged better than that of some of his wordier contemporaries The short forms are a better fit for his ideas than his late, padded Foundation and Robot novels As a kid, I wasn t an SF nut but I did read some other Asimov works, so it was nice to pick up something sort of from my past but new to me I enjoyed traveling to a past future and finding it still had some vitality.

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    There s only 4 stories in this collection and I wasn t impressed by any of them I wouldn t recommend this for anyone looking to check Asimov s short story work.

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