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    Though I ll admit that maths is not my strong point, and beyond a few algebraic factorisations now and then not my favourite pastime or topic either, I actually found this book thoroughly enjoyable Asimov writes with a wonderful enthusiasm that is hard to not get drawn into, and combines this with a great sense of humour and the ability to explain clearly I probably understand about maths now than I ever did during highschool classes Not for everyone, and I don t know how dated these concepts are, but I really liked this.

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    Asimov on Numbers is a non traditional compilation of Isaac Asimov s essays for The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, collected by subject rather than by date of appearance Of course, the articles focus on numbers, but not entirely on mathematics Forget it , for instance, explains why some knowledge is better off no longer being taught in grade school, even if it had been vital at some point This group of essays includes two of my all time favorites, The Days of Our Years and Begin at the Beginning, both concerned with the history of calendrical systems However, Skewered an attempt to appreciate the sheer magnitude of the largest number ever contained in a mathematical proof at the time of writing was somehow overlooked, and that alone deducts a star from my rating.

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    A collection of articles from the 1960s on math, measurement, counting, or calendar I was rather disappointed in this I know a lot of it is out of date, but I read it to be entertained by that crisp, clear Asimov style But for the most part, these pieces are frothy squibs that aren t particularly revealing, or are for me, anyway just too confusing to enjoy Most egregious are the latter articles which are or less lists of the longest or deepest things, which in this Internet age is not rare information And again, I expected Asimov to say something a little profound than he does here but with his prolificacy, they can t all be riveting.

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    I really liked reading this book, I love math and brainteasers, and that combined with Isaac Asimov s clear writing style and sense of humor made for a very enjoyable experience I especially liked how he explained the problem having to do with the scale and balls, as I have always wondered how to solve that problem, and his style made it easy to understand Overall this was a very good, worthwhile book, and I would highly recommend it, even if you don t really like math.

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    Just had to add this When I first heard of Google over ten years after reading this book, my first thought was Did they mean Googool And yes, they did Still use a lot of facts I read in this book as a kid today Gotta love it If you love maths, that is

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    A boring, dated mish mash of facts and concepts.

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    Asimov writes so anyone can understand This is a brilliant book on the magic and mystery of numbers.

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    No one writes like Asimov, the physics PhD, who was comfortable with complicated science or science fiction His various riffs on numbers are delightful especially the one on Pi od 3.14159

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    I m pretty sure I ve read this book.

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    I m better a math because of Isaac Asimov

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