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    Family still practice arranged marriages I have heard of wealthy families both Black and White pre arranging marriages for their children for one reason or the other but the mother of our heroine and the father of our hero took their demanding need to control the lives of their children to a whole other level In fact as coldly as our heroine s mother treated her one could easily deduce she had no love for our heroine and saw her as a means to elevate her own social standings I wanted to smack our heroine s mother when she chastised her daughter without offering one word of correction to an obviously jealous female friend of the intended groom Overall, it was a very good story and I rooted for our hero and heroine all the way through The bride s mother and the groom s father reminds me of the saying hurt people, hurt people

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    NOThis tale plodded along at a painfully slow pace Overly detailed descriptions of homes and surrounding neighborhoods Too many sex scenes which also contained too many unnecessary words which were dull as dishwater The parents of Noelle Beau did provide some spark of life albeit distastefully They are disgusting and I gritted my teeth at Beaus and Noelles compliance But the couple do rise above it and come into their own and that provides the only other spark There are obvious editing errors, poor sentence structure, and only Noelles viewpoint Yeahthis one..

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    WONDERFUL LUV this unexpected love story Two strangersforced i into tying the knotby their overly ambitiousmeddling parents I m glad that Noelle Beaufind true love beyond the fakefacade devised, by their social climbing parents Very romanticHEA

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    The Billionaire s Unwanted Marriage An Arranged Marriage Love StoryGreat love story despite being thrown together though an arrangement by parents The excitement and intrigue will draw you in and leave you wanting I highly recommend this book.

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    Loved itThis was a great story I loved Beau and Noelle Those parental units were spawns from hell, especially mother dearest I m glad their Noelle Beau s plan worked Ms Brown thank you for sharing.

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    I really liked the storyline in this romance arranged marriage story Noelle and Beau developed something that they both needed with the type of parents they have I enjoyed reading about how the relationship developed as they got to know each other.

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    Finding true loveThis is an interesting story about a billionaire named Beau and a do gooder, named Noelle There parents arranged an engagement for them This book is a good read.

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    I really wanted to love itI read 65% and the last two chapters It wasn t realistic The characters was so unreal I m sorry I wanted to love this book but..

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    very good

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    OkThe story moved at a slow pace The eventual winners in the story could not have been better suited Good story.

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