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    ARC provide by NetGalley and Harlequin in exchange for an honest review 3.75Levi has just been released from prison He spent five long years in that pit, for a crime he did not commit, which was supposedly killing his wife Well he s out now and he s going to show everyone he s someone to be reckoned with and he s going to start with the first and most important part of his plan He s bought a beautiful piece of land and on that prime land he s going to build a home that s going to make a grand statement And he knows just who he s going to hire to build that home Faith, she s an up and rising star in the Architectural world She known for designing building unique and beautiful homes Faith is asked to meet Levi on the property that he s purchased, with the intent of her building his home She s heard all about Levi and boy if her brothers knew she was headed to meet with him they would not be pleased Well what her overprotective brothers don t know is just fine with her She s ready to do some things on her own without their knowledge Faith and her brothers have their own business and work together and are very successful She is a little nervous meeting with Levi but determined to keep an open mind But boy when she stepped out of the car and walks up to that tall cowboy badboy she never expected the pull of attraction, and boy was it strong.Levi is also instantly attracted to Faith The two fight their attraction in the first couple meetings, but it doesn t take long for them to both give in and they decide to have an affair Levi won t marry, not after his disastrous first marriage, plus Faith is too young for him Faith comes to learn all that Levi has endured and didn t expect to fall in love The two have some intense and feisty discussions about their future Levi resists at first but of course in the end realizes that she s what he really wants and it took is ex wife coming back asking for them to reunite He fights to get Faith back, but it didn t take much she was always all in This was a sweet and steamy read I appreciated that Faith was a strong character, innocent yes but still a strong, quirky heroine with a caring heart Poor Levi, you do feel for him, his childhood and his marriage was sad and heartbreaking But the two were a good combination I found the first half of the book to be engaging and second half seemed to drag a little Nice secondary characters.

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    3.5 StarsLevi and Faith meet when he hires her to design his dream home after spending five long years in prison for a crime he didn t commit He s got a lot of anger, understandably so, and is a bent on revenge by living well, but is a life centered on revenge really living well Faith is a young and Levi feels there s no place in his life for someone so innocent With her passion and zest for life, Faith s an irresistible temptation.At twenty five, Faith is a young design sensation Her talent and expertise are much sought after, making her the perfect architect for Levi s house, and after hearing Levi s story, Faith wants to create the perfect home for Levi This man is gruff and intimidating, makes her heart race with every meet up, but that s not because of fear This man stirs up strange and intense feelings, something that Faith hasn t ever felt before, being so focused on her career path Levi and Faith came from very different backgrounds and their age difference made things interesting too, with Levi being thirteen years older Yet their differences seemed ignite a spark in both, made each see life a little differently because of being together Levi and Faith s story was a page turner hot, steamy, and heartwarming by the end I m a huge fan of Maisey Yates romances The Desire series, a spin off of her Copper Ridge series, have all been just a little over two hundred pages, a story you could devour in one sitting and I ve enjoyed every installment A copy was kindly provided by Harlequin Desire via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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    There are two romance authors I read for the sake of sinking into their familiar world Betty Neels I m in the process of reading ALL her books, presently on 24 of 134 and Maisey Yates, incredibly prolific both Do their books blend together and I don t remember hide nor hair of any particular one Absolutely And yet, I can t quit them Neels and Yates, unlike in every way, share a deep, profound, abiding theme no matter how chaste the Neels romance or carnal the Yates, the connection between hero and heroine is mystical, inevitable, and sacred They are meant for each other their bodies know this before reason accepts and acknowledges Love is a realization arriving in an epiphanic moment In Neels, the heroine believes the hero couldn t possibly love her undeserving self, but she loves him the hero, older, wiser, and knowing, knows from their introduction the heroine will be his wife In Yates, love is an agon, a passion, a difficult birth, many layers of ego, hurt, and lack of faith and hope must be divested for a character, often than not the hero, to admit his love and need for the heroine Once he does, however, his devotion, love, and protection are his sole purpose The Neels and Yates worlds One quieter, on the surface conservative the other, created out of the passions of the flesh and a tender antagonism Yates s latest, Need Me, Cowboy Copper Ridge 8 is exemplary of the Yatesian romance ethos Levi Tucker is released from jail, exonerated of murdering his scheming wife While he suffered through the hell of prison, grew soul hardened and fought daily for survival, she enjoyed his wealth on the Riviera He returns to Copper Ridge bent on revenge What better revenge than to show the world his wealth, power, and rub it in his ex wife s face The first step is to build himself a grand house to look down on the town that looked down on him He hires Faith Grayson, proteg architect to design his new home The rest is Yates history Faith and Levi spar verbally Faith breaks free of expectations to reach for the dangerous ex con Levi sets an end to their affair with the completion of the house plans Levi and Faith are lovers, but their connection goes deeper and farther than the bedroom They grow close and intimate Theirs is not a terribly talky romance, but a connection borne of deep sympathy and understanding But Levi s self hatred and sense of unworthiness reject Faith s love Until he doesn t Because he has to see the light of hope, faith, and love and let go of hatred and revenge Waiting at the end of it is Faith.I couldn t help but think of Yates s Need Me, Cowboy as romance allegory for the redemption of the lost man, the lost soul There s a beautiful scene where Levi and Faith ride Levi s horses in the rain Levi strips off his shirt and lets the rain wash off the ugliness of prison Still, Levi has to grapple with what it means to be free echoing the final stanza of Lovelace s To Althea, From Prison, Levi can love only when he gives up revenge, hatred, and hardness Faith, as her name indicates, must be embraced, claimed, kept, and protected I ve made it sound as if the heroine has no say, no will, but Yates knows the genre too well not to portray how Faith must break out of her own prison of perfection, her safety net of family, talent, and career, to risk her heart for the dangerous, difficult Levi The Yatesian lesson love is worth it, the risk, hurt, loss of self And because it s romance, Levi, like a caged bird set free, returns and stays with Faith.A reader not enamoured of the Yatesian ethos may not enjoy Need Me, Cowboy The romance is mystically enacted the connection between hero and heroine doesn t grow organically If that s what you look for in a romance, you won t find it here Yates tends to a romance shorthand of revelation and confession the hero and heroine realize their love, run to or from it, and confess or deny until they don t Yates is an epiphanic romance writer love comes as a road to Damascus blow, wings beating around hero and heroine with declarations written on waving white banners I was happy to dwell in Yates s world and will be again With Miss Austen, we say Need Me, Cowboy offers real comfort, Emma.Maisey Yates s Need Me, Cowboy is published by Harlequin Books It was released on April 2nd and may be found at your preferred vendor I received an e ARC from Harlequin Books, via Netgalley Because I love it, I m quoting the final stanza of Lovelace s To Althea, From Prison Stone walls do not a prison make, Nor iron bars a cage Minds innocent and quiet take That for an hermitage If I have freedom in my love, And in my soul am free, Angels alone, that soar above, Enjoy such liberty.

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    3.5 stars I m always in for whatever Maisey writes, but I ve really been enjoying this series I really liked Faith and Levi She s sweet and he s gruff and they re both trying to prove something I enjoyed reading how they slowly discovered their similarities The chemistry was great and I was thrilled to see that there were actually some somewhat meaningful conversations Plot wise, it was fast moving since this is a shorter story Of course I would have liked it to be a bit fleshed out, but the time seemed to go at a pace that made sense The last couple of chapters were especially good once Faith really started standing up for herself and the epilogue was sweet and satisfying Overall, it was a quick read and another delightful addition to the series Huge thanks to Harlequin Desire for providing the arc free of charge

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    If you re looking for a solid, well written contemporary romance, Maisey Yates is a good bet I was a bit alarmed that after I downloaded this review book I discovered it was number six in a series, but apart from some obvious past couples factoring into the plot it works as a standalone read just fine.For me, and I assume many other readers, the reason Need Me, Cowboy appealed was because it has a hero who is fresh out of prison he was wrongly convicted of his wife s murder I know themes like this fascinate many readers Unlawful Contact by Pamela Clare, A Not So Perfect Past by Beth Andrews, and young adult book Leaving Paradise by Simone Elkeles come to mind, if you want books with similar themes In truth, the cowboy aspect of the story is minimal, which was fine with me I was interested in the characters dealing with the hero out of prison conflict He has a lot of anger to deal with, and no idea what to do about it.I haven t read a book in this Harlequin line for ages, and had forgotten the heat level it s fairly steamy, but doesn t rule the story.The hardened, jaded hero meets innocent, hardworking heroine trope is popular, and can be done really badly or be really well In this case, I think it worked Yates is good enough at her characterisation that she gives everyone unique personalities and quirks.I especially loved that the heroine was very inexperienced in some aspects of life, but that it worked in a modern context I didn t, however, like the stereotyped promiscuous blonde woman named Mindy of course who was with the hero at the bar On the other hand, I did appreciate that she wasn t made out to be nasty.These books are quick reads, which means a tight focus on the main two characters and a relationship that has to move rather fast In this case, I was convinced by the pairing.Recommended for anyone who finds these tropes appealing in their romance reads Review copy provided by NetGalley.

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    Levi lost five years of his life in prison because his wife was a one heck of a selfish witch However, he had a plan to show the world that he may have been down, but don t count him outyet Hiring Faith to build him the biggest house was just the first step of many Falling for Faith, however, was never part of the plan Faith was really sweet More brainy then feels, she understood logic and numbers and wasn t prepared for the storm of feelings Levi brought out in her I had a lot of fun seeing Faith learn about herself and had a blast watching her unintentionally tempt Levi It was like watching the devil and angel on her shoulder duking it out with interesting results The romance was quick and pretty hot Even though it was supposed to be temporary, nothing ever goes as planned Levi was a tough guy who said one thing but his actions showed another He really had a tough time with the age gap too, causing some rather silly arguments against getting involved with Faith But Faith gave as good as she got, leading to spectacular fireworks I ve come to really enjoy Yates characters Whether it s a full novel or a Harlequin story like this book, I ve come to love the quirky and unique personalities And the romances They have so many levels of emotion, I never know what to expect Book 6 in the Copper Ridge Desire series, Need Me, Cowboy easily read as a stand alone Other characters were mentioned with just enough background that I didn t feel lost at all I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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    A beautiful story of resilience and redemption The unfairness the hero had to go through will make you mad but the never ending hope and the precious romance will put the pieces of your heart back together.Finally free after five years behind bars, after being convicted of the murder of someone still alive, Levi Tucker have precise objectives The main one goes hand in hand with his new motto The best revenge is living well That s why he hired the hottest commodity in custom home design to create the best house in Copper Ridge so he can show everyone he s still not the kid from the wrong side of the tracks.Faith Grayson finally see her chance to show what she can do without her older brothers s interferences She loves them and she knows they mean well, but she s tired of people still treating her as if she s not a grown woman or trying to tell her what to do It s about time she assert herself on what she wants It s just that she didn t expect to want an affair with her new client And things couldn t be complicated when Levi see her as a soft little thing when she blush easily and he s convinced that his darkness could only deems her light.Levi s got a pretty good reason to not want to get involve with a woman again and have a big chip on his shoulder He s bitter, but not too much that he can t see that Faith is good for him But Levi didn t have much beauty in all his life All he ever felt have always had to do with pain or escaping So with Faith, it s a totally new, powerful and addictive sensation to feel present and her shining light is a balm on his wounds But can he let go of his hatred to let her into his heart Maisey Yates s romances are always intense, full of reassessments and upheavals but that s where, like her heroine, she shine, because along the way, we begin to see the beauty, the light, the hope, the love and the wisdom lessons she shows through the path and that s why I considerate her one of the best.

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    Reviewed for herding cats burning soup. Me, Cowboy Is there a time when I don t need a cowboy Especially one from Yates Nono there s really not lol This one had a crazy unique set up, too The Gist Levi s spent 5 years of his life locked away for his wife s murder Only thing ishe didn t kill her She s still alive And he is pissed And definitely ready for a bit of revenge on his money hungry social climbing ex Thumbing his nose in her direction by having a glorious house built by the most sought after architect seems like a good place to start He absolutely won t fall for the brilliant young little architect He s off women It s not gonna happen He just wants the house please and thanks Levi and Faith were great He s got a lot of anger in him rightfully so but is a good man under it all Passionate and determined and sexy as all get out Faith is his opposite in many ways Innocent and full of light and hope She s a brilliant architect but a bit sheltered.The romance was decent They were a nice contrast to one another and so good together Both giving what the other needed She needed to follow her heart and do something just for her building his house He needed someone to soften his rough edges and believe in him without question Things steam up real nice, too I did wish there d been time spent watching them get to know each other and fall in love, though Overall, Need Me, Cowboy hit the spot I love Yates characters They re always a little bit broken and a little bit fierce And pretty damn amazing in the end.

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    A typical MY s story with flowery language but I liked it very much, especially the heroine.

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    My Rating 4.5 StarsLevi Trucker has been released from prison after being committed for a crime he didn t commit Fortunately, Levi has than one good opportunity to rebuild his life For starters, he is about to build a beautiful new home.Levi hires a very successful architect, who happens to be quite a beautiful woman There is no doubt to Levi that he desires her, but with his past, and with her being a bit younger than him, there is a line that he will not pass.This story was an enjoyable read as both Levi and Faith developed a strong relationship There was no doubt that Levi was a troubled man Although exonerated, he felt he had much to prove to the town, starting with the location and choice of his house Faith is definitely sought after due to her excellent skills, but she almost immediately wants than a job when it comes to Levi Faith has another battle on her hands She is in business with her over protective brothers and certainly knows they would be none too pleased to know about this job Need Me Cowboy is the sixth book in the Copper Ridge series Although I hadn t read the previous stories I found that this did quite well as a standalone Many thanks to Harlequin Desire and to NetGalley for this ARC to review in exchange for my honest opinion.

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Need Me, Cowboy summary pdf Need Me, Cowboy, summary chapter 2 Need Me, Cowboy, sparknotes Need Me, Cowboy, Need Me, Cowboy ae0b6f1 He S Not A Man To Be Played With Not Without Consequences For Five Years, Levi Tucker Had No Control Over His Life, Locked Up For A Crime He Didn T Commit Never Again Would Any Woman Any Desire Overtake This Cowboy S Common Sense Now Faith Grayson, The Sexy, Brilliant Architect He S Hired To Design His Grand New House, Is Sorely Testing His Resolve Faith Is Too Young Too Innocent Maybe Just Too Tempting

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About the Author: Maisey Yates

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Maisey Yates lives in rural Oregon with her three children and her husband, whose chiseled jaw and arresting features continue to make her swoon She feels the epic trek she takes several times a day from her office to her coffee maker is a true example of her pioneer spirit In 2009, at the age of twenty three Maisey sold her first book Since then