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Why You Like This Photo summary Why You Like This Photo , series Why You Like This Photo , book Why You Like This Photo , pdf Why You Like This Photo , Why You Like This Photo 1738e928b1 What You See Is Very Different From What You Think You See There S A Lot Going On Behind The Scenes When You Like A Photograph Maybe Something Is Tricking Your Brain Into Believing A Static Image Is Alive With Motion But How Or Maybe You Re Being Drawn In By A Rich, High Contrast Subject But What S So Great About Really Black Blacks And Really White Whites And If The Composition Is Subverting Your Expectations, Where Did Those Expectations Come From In The First Place To Answer These Questions, International Award Winning Cinematographer Brian Dilg Blends Photographic Fundamentals Like Exposure, Focus, And Composition With The Latest Developments In Psychology, Cognitive Neuroscience, And Evolutionary Biology, In A Thrilling Exploration Of How A Photo Works, How Your Brain Perceives It, And Why You Like The Result

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    The elements of good photography and how the human eye brain perceives the world, all in this short book Well done

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    Great insights and thought provoking ideals to help shape better photographs or better understand existing photos.

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    A look at all the aspects of how our brains look at photographs scale, color, motion, etc etc Short essays by experts in perception add to the explanations Many photographs are included to illustrate the author s points I can t say I learned a lot of new information, but the book made me realize that there is a lot I should be thinking about I photograph.

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