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The Bust Guide to the New Girl Order chapter 1 The Bust Guide to the New Girl Order, meaning The Bust Guide to the New Girl Order, genre The Bust Guide to the New Girl Order, book cover The Bust Guide to the New Girl Order, flies The Bust Guide to the New Girl Order, The Bust Guide to the New Girl Order dc84be3ad5347 Both A Literary Magazine And A Chronicle Of Girl Culture, Bust Was Born In With Contributors Who Are Funny, Fierce, And Too Smart To Be Anything But Feminist, Bust Is The Original Grrrl Zine, With A Base Of Loyal Female Fans All Those Women Who Know That Glamour Is Garbage, Vogue Is Vapid, And Cosmo Is Clueless The Bust Guide To The New Girl Order Contains Brand New, Funny, Sharp, Trenchant Essays Along With Some Of The Best Writings From The Magazine Courtney Love S Unsolicited Piece On Bad Girls The Already Immortal Dont S For Boys An Interview With Girl Hero Judy Blume And Lots Of Other Shocking, Titillating, Truthful Articles A Kind Of Our Bodies, Ourselves For Generation XX, The Bust Guide To The New Girl Order Is Destined To Become Required Reading For Today S Hip Urban Girl And Her Admirers

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    Unbelievably 90 s.

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    Although I d probably have a lot of criticism of this book if I read it again now and I don t read much of BUST any because of this , it s one of those cases of a book being there at the right time and the right place for me I read it 99 when it just came out, I was 17 and had just moved to North America coming from a very catholic, very anti woman place This was just at the time of my life when I was giving up fitting in and accepting standing out, and this book was perfect for that.

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    This is a great reference book for people who like feminist theory with a side of fun fur Nothing wrong with that Still it s dated All the angsty rants seem kind of childish, even though the issues they address are still very much relevant read this before you go on messsage boards and rant about stuff It s probably already said equally as whiny.

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    I always want to like Bust magazine than I actually do So I want to like this book than I actually do In fact, I gave this book three stars, but then thought about it and decided I really only like it two stars worth So I changed it.I can t remember when or where I read this book But I vividly remember the essay by the young woman who decided just once to do some sex work, but didn t get the money first I was about to write and got stiffed until I realized how that was going to sound Anyway, she didn t get the money up front and ended up not getting the money at all I learned a valuable lesson from her.And I think there was some unfunny parody of young Hollywood actresses that made mad fun of Minnie Driver.That s all I remember.

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    I first picked up Bust magazine at the Printer s Row book fair when I was twelve I believe I had the third issue of Bust , and was mainly attracted to the bright pink cover, with a curious intent as to what was inside Mainly text, this b w magazine was so different than anything I had ever read I have subscribed to the magazine ever since a subscription that has lasted almost fifteen years This book contains short stories from the first five years of Bust My favorites include Girlfriend, listen up and Don ts for Boys.

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    i remember reading this book when i was in high schoolmaybe tenth grade, and it was pretty much one of the most empowering books i d read up till that point would i think that same thing now i m not sure, but i have a whole lot of experience to add to it, so maybe it d be just as worthwhile the second, third, fourth time around.

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    Collection of essays and articles ranging from the editorial to the humorous to the practical to the erotic It s like a field guide to womanhood in the post feminist era.

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    A story of mine from 1994, called Watching Him Fuck Her, appears in this book

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    I ve had this book for years I don t know why I never got around to reading it until now, but at least I finally managed to Because its age, there is a lot about this that is quite outdated, but it s still pretty fun Mostly There are some articles that are excellent, some that are hard to get through, and a huge majority that fall somewhere in the middle It was rather fun to see how different people define feminism and to see just how eclectic pro women people are I think one of my favorite take aways from the book were the insights into the history of women and feminism That was often eye opening for me, and for that alone I am grateful that I read this It s not going to be a keeper, but maybe someone else will benefit from it.

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    This is SUCH a 90 s book There were a few great articles, and I especially loved the essays at the beginning of each chapter that did a great job of summarizing the comprehensive history of feminism However, most of the pop culture references were extremely outdated and I found it hard to relate to them at all I also wasn t a fan of the blatant man hating found throughout the book A lot of these writers seem to be angry misandrists and they come off as overly pissy and extremely whiny Overall, a decent look at the history of feminism and a great blast to the past for those who love anything 90 s.

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