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A Woman Scorned explained A Woman Scorned, review A Woman Scorned, trailer A Woman Scorned, box office A Woman Scorned, analysis A Woman Scorned, A Woman Scorned 0952 From Its Opening Scene To Its Breath Catching Climax, Liz Carlyle S Newest Novel Is A Vividly Etched Portrait Of Passion And Intrigue When A Woman Consumed By Sinister Secrets Opens The Door To A Strikingly Handsome Stranger, A Powerful Desire Rushes In And A Love She Could Not Have Imagined Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned, And Jonet Rowland Is Surely That But She Is Also Lovely, Rich, And It Is Rud An Unrepentant Adulteress When Her Philandering Husband, The Marquis Of Mercer, Is Murdered In His Own Bed, It S Whispered That Jonet Is A Femme Fatale In Ways Than One Shunned By Society, The Daring Widow Steels Herself To Fight For What Truly Matters Her Children When His Scheming Uncle Begs Him To Investigate The Death Of His Brother, Lord Mercer, Captain Cole Amherst Refuses But It Is Soon Apparent That Treachery Stalks Two Innocent Boys, And Cole Plunges Into The Viper S Pit That Is Jonet Rowland S Life Nothing Could Have Prepared Cole For The Lust Jonet Inspires But As Danger Swirls About Them, He Is Tortured By Doubt Can An Honorable Soldier Open His Shuttered Heart And Let A Wicked Widow Teach Him How To Truly Love

  • Paperback
  • 448 pages
  • A Woman Scorned
  • Liz Carlyle
  • English
  • 01 March 2019
  • 9780671038267

About the Author: Liz Carlyle

Dear Readers, The awful truth about novelists is that we are mostly dull, introverted homebodies who only write in order to live our fantasies vicariously I came to writing rather late in life, and I m still amazed I can get paid for doing something I love, and that I get to stay home while I do it My favorite comedian Steve Martin once said, I believe entertainment can aspire to be art, and ca

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    Reviewed for THC Reviews A Woman Scorned is yet another worthy effort from Liz Carlyle, but in my opinion, not the strongest of her novels that I have read to date As with her other books, A Woman Scorned also contained an intriguing mystery element, this one involving the murder of the heroine s husband The mystery was a bit prominent in this story though, and consequently, I felt that it overshadowed the actual romance, in some ways Aside from a strong physical attraction and mutual loneliness, I found few reasons for Cole and Jonet to fall in love The author simply did not build the lovely friendship element or include the swoon worthy scenes that are often found in her other works While their love became evident toward the end of the story, I just did not find their feelings for one another earlier in the book to be entirely convincing I believe that the time devoted to the mystery simply left limited space for good relationship development which was a bit disappointing, since these two characters had absolutely sparkled as secondary characters in other books While I like a good mystery, this one did not hold my interest as much as it perhaps could have, due to the fact that I discerned the culprit very early on, though at least I was way off base on the character s motive and did not really figure that part out until the reveal In all fairness though, I went into this book having read a later book that ties in with it, and therefore already knew that a couple of the characters who had been set up as suspects could be eliminated Without that information, I doubt that I would have solved this part of the mystery so easily All in all, for this only being Ms Carlyle s second book, it was a still a good read.I thought that the characterizations of the hero and heroine were well done and full of interesting complexities Cole had held a variety of positions including that of scholar, tutor and military captain, in addition to being an ordained minister He is filled with guilt and regret over the death of his first wife with which he must come to terms On the surface, he seems very controlled and reserved, but inside he is seething with unfulfilled passion that just the right woman can unlock Cole is highly intelligent, regularly engaging in battles of wit with Jonet Although she could be very willful, he never let her get the best of him and always gave back as good as he got This made for some highly charged and amusing banter between these two characters Jonet was not a woman who was afraid to let her passions be know, but also carried a certain reserve due to fear over her sons safety in the wake of their father s murder I thought her devotion to her two sons as well as other characters in the story was highly commendable, and I also liked that she lived her life according to what she thought was right instead of what society dictated Once she began to trust Cole, she was very bold in her pursuit of him, even though he was below her in social status I found her boldness and directness to be admirable, as well as fun and sensuous, leading to a delightful, burning hot love scene near the end of the book that one might playfully characterize as Cole s taming of the shrew Also, both characters were very intuitive of the other s needs and feelings which I found quite endearing Even though the actual romance between these two could have had a stronger foundation and they were near polar opposites, it became obvious by the end of the story that Cole and Jonet were made for each other It was not difficult to imagine them living a long and happy life together with nary a dull moment, which is probably why they were such stand out characters in future novels.While I do enjoy introspection, I felt that a bit too much of it became a partial contributor to some pacing issues in the narrative of A Woman Scorned The other part I attributed to the lack of the spirited secondary characters that I so enjoyed in Ms Carlyle s other books There were no scene stealers like Kem or Bentley, and the supporting characters who were present just didn t quite have the same lively quality as some that had appeared in other stories Even if they were a bit reserved, there were a few notables David, Lord Delacourt was an enigma and I m sure I would have enjoyed his presence in this story much if I hadn t already known his secret from reading A Woman of Virtue in which he is the hero He also put in an appearance in No True Gentleman I found Stuart and Robert to be very charming children with opposite personalities, Stuart being rather shy and Robert being outgoing I thought that they were realistically rendered in that they often argued and misbehaved like young boys do, but yet they were never obnoxious Stuart and Robert though much grown up also appear in A Woman of Virtue and The Devil You Know Edmund Rowland was a rather distasteful character who also pops up in A Woman of Virtue, as does Lady Delacourt, and Charlotte Branthwaite, David s mother and sister respectively Just as she does in most of her books, Ms Carlyle also uses a few animal characters to good effect, helping to set the tone for the human characters and overall story.As one might guess from the overlapping characters, A Woman of Virtue is the book most closely related to A Woman Scorned actually picking up the story precisely where this one left off I personally, however, still recommend reading the books in chronological order to receive the full effect of all characters on the canvass, as I have come to the conclusion that Ms Carlyle used her first three books, My False Heart, A Woman Scorned, and Beauty Like the Night to create three separate family groups who are then intermingled freely in subsequent books Even though I didn t think it to be the author s best effort, I found A Woman Scorned to be a pleasant and enjoyable read Ms Carlyle remains one of my favorite authors and I look forward to continuing my exploration of her backlist.Note While none of Ms Carlyle s earlier books seem to be officially considered a series and each seems to stand well on it s own story wise, I would caution that reading her later books first may give away spoilers to her earlier books Such was the case when I skipped A Woman Scorned and was left wishing that I had read it first My suggestion for readers like myself who don t like any spoilers would be to begin with Ms Carlyle s first book, My False Heart, and continue reading them in the chronological order in which she wrote them It is also my opinion that the reading experience would be greatly enhanced by doing this, because Ms Carlyle s character web is so complex The entire backlist, in order, can be found on her website.

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    Originally reviewed January, 2011.I am actually re reading this book again which I find myself doing and with my bookshelf due to the economy and am enjoying it A Woman Scorned is considered a prequel to the Lorimer Family series and it is a very good beginning Update I finished this book, by one of my favorite authors, and found that Cole is one of my beloved heroes by Ms Carlyle I m not really into blonds, but he is an exception He is dashing and moral and has a sense of humor The love scenes with him were sensual.I disagree with some critiques of Jonet as a shrew I tried to imagine myself in her situation and believe she was, with good reason, terribly frightened Okay, yes, she has a temper But I have to ask myself, What would I have done, if my children were at risk The suspense is just right in this historical romance book, and the villain is a nice surprise Knowing the villain, having read the book, I actually felt the scenes, in which the antihero was dialoguing, were filled with a different tension of which I was not previously aware Well done Some GR reviewers wrote that Jonet should have told Cole about her secretbut it was not hers to tell and I respect that In the end, I could believe the HH could have their HEA Update 4 30 11 I don t usually like cliffhangers, and especially epilogues that are dedicated solely mostly to the characters that are to be the focus of the next book in the series I don t mind if an author puts the first chapter, or even the second chapter, of their new book at the end of the book I m enjoying Believe me, I ll read it However, please don t ruin a perfectly good epilogue trying to get me to purchase only setting up the next book I want to know what s happening to the central characters I fell in love with.That said, I do not really think the epilogue in this book qualifies as a cliffhanger, as some have complained Not a true cliffhanger, anyway I mean, Cole is a man of the cloth and it made me laugh that David was interrupting at such an inconvenient time, in the desperate need of a minister Why on earth To find out why, one would have to pick up the first in the Lorimer Family series, A Woman of Virtue.

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    22 Dec 2017 Probably the third or fourth time I ve read this book over a period of a few years It still stands up really well A lovely and deeply felt romance, as well as two intriguing mysteries wrapped up in the story As a repeat reader, it doesn t worry me that I already know the answer to the mysteries and I know whodunnit It s still an enjoyable read.Captain Cole Amherst, cavalry officer, scholar, cricketer and . a man of quiet integrity and intensity Somewhat against his will, he falls in love with Jonet Rowland, a widow with a shocking but undeserved reputation Jonet and her two sons are in danger from an unknown source, and she finds it difficult to trust anybody But she and Cole form a bond And the love and trust grow between them As well as some very hot sex Cole is one of Carlyle s best H s A really well drawn and appealing character The secondary characters are also excellent, including Jonet s arrogant friend Lord Delacourt who later gets his own book , the servants such as former soldier Charlie Donaldson , Cole s friends and acquaintances, and of course Jonet s two delightful sons, Stuart and Robert The depiction of their rambunctious antics, the sibling rivalry, the night fears, all ring true to life.This is a well written book showing a good knowledge of the historical setting, an understanding of human nature, and a lovely layer of background detail that underlies the well drawn plot.

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    Different coverIt s been a while since I ve read the other books in this series, somehow this book just escaped me at the time and it was recently that I realised I hadn t read Since I m a Carlyle fan I decided to pick it up asap Jonet Rowland, the Marchioness of Mercer is lovely, rich, and it is rud an unrepentant adulteress And when her philandering husband is murdered in his own bed, it s whispered that Jonet is a femme fatale in ways than one It will take a dashing and honorable soldier to get Jonet out of this one.When his scheming uncle begs Captain Cole Amherst to investigate the death of his brother, Lord Mercer, Cole flatly refuses But it is soon apparent that treachery stalks Lady Mercer s two innocent children A man of God and a scholar, Cole reluctantly plunges into the viper s pit that is Jonet Rowland s life, and finds that nothing could have prepared him for the lust she inspiresor the danger which surrounds them Jonet, the Marchioness of Mercer was once the toast of the ton but is now an outsider that most believe poisoned her husband Cole Amherst is asked by his uncle, Jonet s brother in law, to go and work as a tutor to Jonet s sons so he can be aware of what is going on in that house Wary at first he soon realises that someone is threatening them and that Jonet has been leaving with that fear for quite a while.I really enjoyed reading Cole and Jonet s story I think I liked Cole in the beginning but it s also true that we know about him and his thoughts than about Jonet Jonet is complex and tortured and guards some secrets They are both very attracted from the start but there s a lot of distrust between them and the tension slowly builds up Besides Cole not knowing if Jonet killed her husband and Jonet s conviction that Cole came to spy on her there are also the moral issues that Cole has to deal with since he is a Curate and the fact that Jonet has a powerful position in society The distrust between them goes on for most of the book even after they give in to temptation and make love I really enjoyed reading how they solve that and decide to be together despite their different backgrounds and personalities Cole is a wonderful hero in the sense that he is an intelligent, sensible and loving man who tries to be honest with his feelings.There s a mystery subplot about who really killed Jonet s first husband and who is trying to kill her and her children Although I had an immediately idea of the bad guy I wasn t really sure it was who I thought because I couldn t see the motive Fortunately this works to help with Jonet and Cole s relationship than to create a true mystery that might detract from the story.Grade A

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    It has been whispered that Jonet killed her husband in order to be with her younger lover Captain Cole Amherst has been ordered by his uncle to find out if it is indeed true that Jonet murdered her husband Instead what Cole finds is a beautiful woman pushed to the brink of sanity trying to keep her sons safe from an unknown evil Cole, on the verge of taken his vows to God, finds himself pushed to the brink himself as he fights his overwhelming attraction to Jonet For Jonet s part, no man or god is going to stop her from getting her hands on this tall, sexy, blond with the tiger s eyes This was an awesome read It had an emotional depth that put it in a different class than her usual books It was refreshing to come across a woman who knew what she wanted from her man and was fearless about going about it Poor Cole never had a chance.

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    THIS IS SO GOOD I NEED CAPS LOCK TO CONVEY HOW MUCH I LOVED IT LIZ CARLYLE IS A GENIUS AND WE ARE BLESSED TO HAVE THIS BOOK IN THE WORLD Where do I even start OK well there s the hero, Cole Amherst, oh my GOD He s the rational, intelligent, principled man I ve always wanted He was almost a theology scholar before he became a captain in the army and quit that, ending up as a vicar At one point he says he spends most of his free time at his club and Jonet asks which one expecting something cool like White s or Brooks s and Cole, the love of my life, my darling, goes, The United Service Club and the MCC I also belong to the London Society of Theologians, and the Philosophos Society And Jonet She s eminently likeable despite all the drama of being a scandalous woman, because Carlyle paints a portrait of a woman hardened but not damaged by the feather cuts of the haute ton, who loves her sons and who is suffering frankly quite terrible mental anguish but maintains a fierce determination to live life There s none of this I m scared to tell him how I feel because he might not love me back she just bloody does it Cole and Jonet s first meeting is hands down the greatest first meeting I have ever read in any romance novel ever The attraction The tiny fluctuations in mood and tone as they try to figure each other out The advances and recoils as they dance around the simmering sexual tension And then time chips away at their feelings towards each other until what is left is LOVE Sometimes in reviews I monologue about the nature of the central relationship to sell it as a great romance, but for A Woman Scorned I don t need to because Jonet does it herself.He made her a better person, and returned to the some small part of the innocent girl she longed to be again And she had dragged him from the shadows, to make him feel passion and anger and yes love again Oh, they were complete opposites in almost every way, but they made one another whole Did he not feel that metaphysical symmetry that bone deep sense of emotional completion as much as she did Metaphysical symmetry I m going to think about that phrase every time I read a romance now And also, the mystery excellent I like a villain with poignancy, which is exactly what this one had, and also I had a sense in my stomach of who it was, which made me feel really smart One tiny thing sideline characters think of Jonet as a master seductress, and certainly she s sexually confident when she goes about winning Cole But she never mentions actually having lovers, only receiving offers to have them So did she or did she not Because the geography of the novel is so small most of it is set in one house there s plenty of opportunity to understand the internal lives of the characters, and this works well for a romance that is built on an emotional connection rather than things in common But the sense of who these people are in the outside world, in society, is difficult to grasp at because they hardly venture into society.Still, that isn t enough to stop me from whacking a great big FIVE STAR rating onto this I m so excited that Cole and Jonet will feature in future books because if it wasn t already clear, I LOVE THEM The theologian and the marchioness The bespectacled vicar and the scandalous lady I live and die for a tale of opposites, and I was so into this one Five stars, without a doubt Oh my God Tell anyone who talks shit about romance novels to read this.

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    After rereading the book, my initial rating stands This is a solid 4 star book for me The relationship between Jonet and Cole was definitely what kept me interested while the mystery surrounding Jonet s husband s death was a bonus The mystery was not poorly done and was a good foundation for throwing the two characters together Cole was interesting for hero The fact that he took orders and was meant for the church was fascinating to me When Carlyle describes him slipping on his gold rimmed spectacles, I admit, I swooned a little There s something about a strong man who is also intelligent Jonet s background seemed a little typical other romance novels I ve read innocent woman thrust into society, becomes jaded, not as bad as she seems, etc There wasn t anything new about her character, but Carlyle s skillful writing kept her from being trite Jonet s inner monologue also kept her character interesting When she cried after making love with Cole, I almost wanted to cry with her There was a lot made of Jonet s scandalous behavior and past relationships, but nothing was ever explained After the reader finds out about her true relationship with Lord Delacourt, nothing else of her past was mentioned I had two reactions to this 1 I was glad it wasn t revealed that Jonet was in fact practically virginal So many times the floozy is revealed to be innocent and I liked that it wasn t the case this time On the other hand 2 I wanted to know about her past Did she have affairs How does Cole feel about this He seemed to really struggle with her behavior on a moral level, but at the same time he mentions his vast experience with women The double standard, while unfair, is not unexpected of the time period or the romance genre He seemed to accept her relationship with Delacourt and move on The epilogue was a good introduction into David s book, so I m looking forward to rereading that one too

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    A great sopho novel from Liz Carlyle Again, she flips the traditional emotions and roles of the romance novel hero and heroines Jonet Rowland, Marchioness of Mercer, is a feisty, temperamental, passionate woman who finds her perfect foil in the most unexpected place the cool, studious and serious Captain Cole Amherst Great secondary characters rounded out this book It was gratifying to have small children in the book who weren t cloyingly cute or obnoxiously precocious They read like real kids the type you might babysit on a random Thursday evening.The only flaw in this novel, as I read it, was the villain was a little too obvious Carlyle threw a few red herrings, but not enough to throw me of the scent.

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    Hmmm there s nothing wrong with this book but it s another favourite which lost its magic that would be the second Liz Carlyle in my re reading spree Still, I am glad I did reread so many of her books as she s such a marvelous author with a simply splendid writing style C

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    Jonet and Cole were amazing together I am sure I will be rereading this in the near future.

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