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    Undoubtedly, Asimov s Robot stories set the standard for science fiction short stories around the literary world His Three laws of Robotics are celebrated and debated even decades after its inception and his Robot stories are still described as visionary This anthology collects almost every Robot short stories written by Asimov in his lifetime Only six Robot short stories are left out, and 31 of his coolest and sharpest stories can be found in this collection, organized by Asimov himself to give the best flow possible.The beauty of Asimov s tales is the verity of themes and unique problems he incorporated in his stories His Robot stories are not mere tidbits, but it s a warning for humanity to be careful with its invention, yet reminding us that the answers can only be found with the help of science These stories play with our logic, questions morality, and showcases the unpredictable nature of the undefined.It s tough to pick favorites when it comes to these stories After much deliberation, these are my top five Runaround 1941 42 Runaround is the spectacular story which explicitly introduced the three laws of Robotics, the recurring element which became the cornerstone of Robot stories The story features Asimov s recurring characters, Powell and Donovon who are working on Planet Mercury when a Robot starts acting weird The smartness of this problem presented by Asimov in the tale and the final solution is why I love this story Reason 1941 Another Powell and Donovon story, set on a space station This story follows a Robot who does not believe he was created by humans because the Robots are much superior to its creator This spectacular premise and excellent execution make it one helluva story Galley Slave 1957 I love courtroom dramas This one features a case where a human accuses Robot of wrongdoing Also features brilliant Susan Calvin, another Asimov s recurring character Mirror Image 1972 This story reunites the reader with Daniel R and officer Elijah Baley from Robot novels It tells the tale of a fascinating crime involving plagiarism, reputation, robots, and the three damned laws of robotics Get ready to brainstorm The Bicentennial Man 1976 Asimov calls The Bicentennial Man as his best Robot story, and he is not wrong on that matter The scope and the themes featured in this story is vast and fascinating The beauty of the story is its beating heart and the emotions it carries The story tells the story of Andrew, a unique robot, and his life through generations.My selections here are entirely subjective, as my love for pure logic precedes emotional and pulpy robot stories A must read collection if you are a Sci Fi fan

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    This happens to be a re read because I happened to have forgotten that I read the complete short stories of Asimov when I was much younger That being said, I enjoyed them the second time around too.The three laws of robotics were obviously in play but what sticks most in my mind is the light professional tone of Asimov throughout every single story They weren t uncomplicated, but they were definitely studies of stark spotlight stories that always had definite points to be made.They might not be extremely good points, such as turning a robot into something that has feminine intuition but turning her into a Greek Oracle was funny And then little charmers like murderous buses are always a grand treat The dryer closed room mysteries involving robots, including the one that set out to prove a local politician as a robot, are all lightly amusing and clever, but by today s standards, they re rather short on depth That s fine These are classics of the 30 s after all There is still an element of universality at least Some things I don t like the underlying arguments that robots should be slaves I know that we can make a very good argument that Asimov has plenty of stories trying to free robots, such as Centennial Man and of course the end of his Robot novels with Olivaw, but for the most part, no one questions it, and no one cares.It s a case of too little notice, in my opinion, but at least some of it is there.And then there are the cultural assumptions, despite the author s naysaying it, that women are inferior which grates on me But it s far and away the lightest and least noticeable out of Classic SF in general I can think of 75% other classic novels that are much worse, and they re not even SF All told, though, these were very enjoyable.

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    Ova zbirka prica je prosto odlicna Asimov ima originalne ideje i svaka prica za sebe se bavi nekim, moje je laicko misljenje, potpuno logicnim i stvarnim problemom sa kojima bi se susretala vestacka inteligencija, roboti, u dodiru sa nasim ljudskim svetom i vrednostima koje gajmo Nesto tako delikatno kao sto je robot sposoban da obavlja najistancanije radnje i pokusava da se ponasa kao ljudsko bice zaista zahteva podrobnu analizu u svakom segmentu Ono sto Asimova cini tako velikim piscem SFa jeste taj njegov upliv, kao sto to i u imenu zanra pise, fantasticnih motiva Sve je tako logicno i sa razlogom napisano a opet veze se za fantastiku i na momente deluje da ljudi zaista imaju kapacitet da stignu do zvezda a u isto vreme stvore jedan moralan i vise nego funkcionalan svet za sebe uz veliku pomoc masina, Asimovljevih robota.

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    Strong Opinions a Susan Calvin storyWeems landed his helijet neatly, and congratulated himself on his early start When he managed to get the coveted parking spot closest to the front gate of U.S Robots, he always felt that the rest of the day would be a success too He flashed his badge at the security guard, and took the fast pediwalk to his office Now he would get half an hour to work undisturbed But he had barely hung up his hat before the visiphone buzzed I m sorry, sir, said his secretary, but it s a Mr Plot Device from Clunky Exposition Weekly He wants to interview you about your new project Claims he has a press deadline The rest of this review is available elsewhere the location cannot be given for Goodreads policy reasons

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    Asimov , Asimov , , .

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    Isaac Asimov, all unanimit , l autore pi rappresentativo della fantascienza mondiale, qui raccoglie tutti i racconti a tema robot, della sua sconfinata produzione letteraria.Robot, derivato da una parola slava che significa lavoro dipendente non fa venire un po i brividi , viene inventato da Asimov agli albori della sua carriera, nel 1940 con il racconto Robbie , tra i pi belli in assoluto della raccolta, fino al 1977 un anno prima scriver un altra pietra miliare sui robot L uomo bicentenario E molto difficile dare una votazione su una raccolta di racconti, qui ancora di pi , perch l argomentazione unica, appunto i robot, e questo potrebbe creare una qualche problematica data dal fatto che ci si potrebbe annoiare Infatti alcuni racconti non sono stati il massimo, pi che altro quelli ad argomentazione Susan Calvin , alcuni un po ripetitivi, ma comunque sempre molto riflessivi sulla storia dei robot dell umanit.La scrittura di Asimov sempre splendida, affascinante, straordinaria, piena di spunti di riflessione, di una delicatezza rara, di una poeticit unica ed inimitabile Ogni racconto un monito alla riflessione su ci che facciamo La tecnologia ci sta assorbendo ormai 2018 Asimov lo aveva previsto 70 anni fa e se i cervelli positronici non esistono ancora , tutto quello che ci racconta ora all ordine del giorno civilt meccanizzata, elettrodomestici robot , metropolitana senza conducente eccInsomma Asi, sei un mito

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    This one took some time.Not because it was hard to read, or because it was bad I was actually saving it I didn t enjoy binge reading the short stories They went too fast I ended up reading one or two between each other book I read I read one and sort of ruminated on it for a while It was the way I could enjoy the stories the most, I figured.I enjoyed the various stories differently Sometimes the puzzle conflict it presented was the part I enjoyed the most, sometimes the way the characters interacted with each other and the robots was the best part, sometimes it was the way some of the thought provoking endings made me think back on them for days I didn t feel the book was too dated The lack of computers showed sometimes, but I feel that the robots and general technology most of the time was there to support a plot or conflict inherently human The Robot was not the issue, the way the humans dealt with it was And that was what made the stories so good.I feel going through almost forty stories is rather silly so, suffice to say that there are a lot of great stories in the book A bunch of excellent ones too And several good ones There was not a single bad one, in my opinion Accommodating to Goodreads rate system, there were a myriad of five, four and three stars stories I was ready to give a round four star rating to the collection as a whole.Then I read the last story The Bicentennial Man Conforming to Goodreads rate system, that one warrants some seven stars At least.That messed the average a bit.

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    Eccomi di nuovo di fronte al grande Isaac ed ai suoi robot, dopo una separazione che risale addirittura alla mia adolescenza Per i sedicenni degli anni 90 Asimov era senza dubbio un mito il suo visionario mondo del futuro ancora non era stato intaccato dall avvento delle tecnologie del ventuinesimo secolo, e legioni di studenti universitari dividevano il loro tempo tra lo studio e le avventure del ciclo dei Robot o della Fondazione.Col tempo ho smesso di leggere fantascienza, ma aver reincontrato la robotica di Asimov quando alla fine gli anni a cui pensava sono giunti, permette di fare il punto Isaac Asimov uno scrittore del Novecento, forse addirittura tardo ottocentesco nel suo feroce materialismo anche se Mondadori gli paga un giusto tributo ponendo una sua raccolta di racconti tra i classici, non si pu non pensare che in realt la sua opera invecchia Come molti altri scrittori di fantascienza ma anche grandi divulgatori del suo tempo, Asimov non stato in grado di intuire completamente come la tecnologia avrebbe cambiatro la vita del secolo ventuno Gli anni Duemila dei racconti di robot sono poco altro che i novecento con qualche astronave e qualche robot in pi Non c traccia della globalizzazione il mondo del futuro in questo libro ancora un mondo diviso a blocchi anche se non si nomina mai MAI il comunismo , del disastro climatico, dell avvento della miniaturizzazione e soprattutto di Internet e della superconnessione che hanno invece cambiato cos tanto e forse non in meglio il nostro modo di vivere.Per altro su quest ultimo punto lascia storditi quanto invece su altre opere il Sole nudo, i robot dell alba il grande scrittore di Petrovicy abbia dimostrato grande consapevolezza del pericolo legato all attenuamento dei rapporto con gli altri e del feroce isolazionismo che la superconnessione avrebbe provocato.E i robot Quello dell intelligenza artificiale un tema centrale del mondo di Asimov ma si potrebbe dire di tutta la scienza della seconda met del Novecento Il tentativo forsennato di ricondurre il paradossale comportamento umano ad equazioni matematiche ha impegnato generazioni di scienziati tutto il lavoro conseguente al primo teorema di Godel ne un esempio ed difficile non pensare che la mitica Robotica con le sue tre Leggi non sia altro che la trasposizione sul piano fantascientifico del sogno di razionale completamente l umano, di ridurre l uomo a macchina.Tra gli uomini ed i robot, Suan Calvin ma anche il suo creatore Asimov preferiscono i robot, non c dubbio Fortunatamente per noi, alla fine parrebbe che non siamo macchine, ed il pensiero scientifico ha rinunciato a questa vocazione demiurgica Nel mondo dei microprocessori e delle CPU a centinaia di uscite che mandano avanti fabbriche intere, le macchine restano solo questo macchine Cosa resta allora dopo questa duplice sconfitta, sia sul piano scientifico la scienza non sta cercando di meccanicizzare l uomo che su quello fantascientifico il mondo del ventunesimo secolo MOLTO diverso da quello che gli scrittori dell et d oro della SCI FI avevano immaginato Resta un libro bello che fa immaginare a tinte forti, molto ben scritto con una prosa chiara, lineare e piana, e resta comunque la domanda di fondo Se per miracolo o per ricerca scientifica fossimo in grado di generare accanto all Homo Sapiens un Homo Rationalis, ragionevole, potente ma innocuo, libero da ogni pulsione passionale maligna, col solo scopo di servire, siamo poi cos sicuri che siamo in grado di rispondere con tanta sicurezza su chi sarebbe migliore Forse il male esiste per un motivo.

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    Just finished reading The Complete Robot by Isaac Asimov, if you all haven t read it you should do so It contains all the stories from I, Robot as well, not the Will Smith paff though, it is completely different Here is a run down of the stories.A Boy s Best Friend A boy and his dog on the moon but the dog is a robot, what happened when his parents want to give him a real dog and what makes you love something Sally Only cars that have positronic brains are allowed on the highways and when they are retired where do they go This is a story about a man who loves cars and owns a Car farm where cars live out their retirement.Someday A Bard is an electronic device that tells children stories using a massive file of plots and twists What happens when a toy is no longer appreciated, how does it feel Point of View A short story about how children, their parents and the Multivac all think differently I feel this is one of the weakest stories in the book.Think Interesting story about computers and telepathy has some interesting thoughts and twists but again is not that gripping True Love Now this one was good, if you program a computer to think and feel like you what will it do The main character is looking for a girlfriend and uses the main computer to look for her based on his likes and dislikes that soon become the computers too.Robot AL 76 Goes Astray Another good one about a robot that gets misplaced in rural Virginia where everyone is terrified of it, what can it do and how does it feel when it thinks it is already on the Moon A very funny story which had me laughing at many points, this is very much like the plot of the movie Short Circuit in a way.Victory Unintentional The best story in my opinion which had me rolling on the floor I kept picturing the Jovian s as Man Utd fans, if you read it you will understand what I mean Stranger in Paradise One of the human focused stories here, about two brothers in a Society were brothers are not common It seems in the future that there is no marriage and people just meet to have babies then go their separate ways Having two people from the same parents in an unknown factor and it affects the characters as they together try to create a robot to survive on Mercury.Light Verse Is okay it is about a rich older lady who loves her robots and light sculptures and she is famous for her light sculptures until a horrible thing happens to one of her robots.Segregationist Another bland one here devoted to the exploration of any racism when dealing with robots and how close we are becoming physically and anatomically Let s Get Together An interesting one from when Cold War paranoia was at its height What happens when your enemy is better at making robots than you and to what lengths will they go to win a war Well anyway it is a quick read due to the fact that it is a bunch of short stories so you can power through them easily Give it a try you won t be disappointed at all.

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    Robot Stories Old and New 2 June 2019 I should point out that I read less than half of this book, but that was because most of the stories that were contained therein were also contained in some of his other collections, such as the two robot collections that I only just read However, as is obvious from the above sentence, there were also stories in here that weren t included and Asimov cheekily blames his publisher for that, namely because it would encourage sales due to the fact that there were some unpublished stories therein Interestingly, a lot of these unpublished stories or I should say stories that weren t published in I, Robot and Rest of the Robots because there were written in his second iteration of science fiction writing The thing was that Asimov pretty much wrote about anything and everything, and after he was exhausted from his fiction writing he decided to go and start writing non fiction, and apparently there is very little that he didn t actually write about that is what really impresses me about the guy Hey, he even wrote two volumes on the Bible So, the problem lies in the fact that his second iteration of stories, well, weren t as good as the first That doesn t mean that they were bad, it just means that they where, well, just not as good Still, many of them were quite enjoyable to read, and he even has an Elijah Bailey and Daneel story included, which his fans all wanted him to write, and were somewhat disappointed because, well, they wanted him to actually write a novel, not a short story The book though is quite interesting in how the stories are laid out, and finishes with Bicentennial Man, a story of a robot s desire to become human In fact, as we move through the book the common theme seems to be the movement of robots going from machines to pretty much becoming indistinguishable from humans Of course there is one problem, and that they are functionally immortal it does not matter how many parts of a human body is replaced, the fact that one cannot prevent the death of brain cells as Asimov suggests is one of the conclusions that is reached as to why humans and robots differ, and why humans are quite resistant to robots becoming humanlike There are a number of interesting stories though, and all of them seem to be thought experiments around the idea of robots, and the concept of the three laws For instance, there is one story where prosthetics get to a point where the question is then raised as to whether we are dealing with a human or an artificial construction, and as such where is the line between a robot and a human drawn This question is explored much further in Bicentennial Man, which is quite interesting itself, especially since the robot is definitely playing a long game Another idea that is explored is the limits of the second law, but then as another reviewer points out, Asimov creates these laws, and then goes to the absolute extremes to test their limits For instance, what if two humans give orders to a robot that conflict with each other which human does the robot obey, and how does the robot determine which human to obey Does the robot then need to determine whether the humans are of sound mind and body, and if not, does the robot then escape the second law As I said, the book was actually quite good, and rather enjoyable, though the problem is that a lot of Asimov s later writings have sort of lost the spark that a lot of his earlier writings have The problem is though that a lot of the stories are reprints, so you might find yourself skipping over quite a few that you have already read, only to get to the ones that you have yet to read.

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