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    Lucky Starr and the Rings of Saturn Lucky Starr, 6 , Isaac Asimov Lucky Starr and the Rings of Saturn is the final novel in the Lucky Starr series, six juvenile science fiction novels by Isaac Asimov that originally appeared under the pseudonym Paul French.

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    This is the last of the series and for me a far for filling read, there are actual politics and reasonings at work here as shown at the end of the book when the conference takes place go on read the book I am not giving anything away One thing that interests me after I finished it although I had my suspicions while reading it was that the book being written in the late 50s used astronomical knowledge of its time number of moons, physical dimensions were all correct at the time of writing but have since been corrected or added to As such scientific inaccuracies aside I think this really demonstrates what Asimov was trying to prove that the world of scientists is not a scary place but in fact one that is positive and productive for all another of Asimov s personal crusades was the elimination of the Frankenstein effect where people where pathologically terrified of robots, hence his creation of the 3 laws of Robotics For me the book will always be a juvenile read however as is the case with many of Asimov s books there is far thought and work gone in to their writing than many give him credit for.

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    Bigman said, You know, Lucky, it s nearly nine hundred million miles away The Sun, I mean I ve never been out this far Oh, Asimov How we love your dialogue Scientists totally talk like that And in Imperial.

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    Lucky Starr is always a fun read These are quick adventures of James Bond mixed with Star Wars I have to admit that the side kick is a little annoying, but it always pans out in the end.

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    The world of Isaac Asimov s Lucky Starr is a young science geek s wildest dream come true Imagine a thousand years from now, the solar system s secret agents and protectors of the weak arescientists Who don t mind showing off what they know Dr Asimov often lamented the pernicious and ever growing current of anti intellectualism in American society Was his series of young adult Lucky Starr novels merely the public expression of an escapist fantasy universe, or did he intend to win young, intelligent minds to scientific inquiry by showing just how cool science could be In the final story in the Lucky Starr series, we finally meet Earth s sinister enemies, the Sirians They have secretly built a military base on Saturn s largest satellite, Titan, and seek to legitimize their invasion of the Sol system before a conference of all the peoples of the galaxy Lucky and his sidekick, Bigman, are taken prisoner after a hair raising chase through the moons and rings of Saturn The Sirians plan to use Lucky s illegal penetration of the Saturnian system as the centerpiece of their case before the conference Lucky and the Council of Science, however, have their own ideas about the purpose of Lucky s voyage.While not the strongest story in the series I would give that award to Oceans of Venus , Rings of Saturn is both the most complex and most suspenseful Through most of the book, Lucky conducts a series of increasingly nonsensical and life threatening actions, which have the young reader convinced he s gone plumb loco, but in the end reveals springs an incredibly clever trap on Earth s longtime enemy, the Sirian Federation Dr Asimov also wove into the story a topical message of tolerance and the importance of human diversity.This story has held up well in terms of astronomy The most glaring scientific error is that the Cassini division is nowhere near as free of orbiting material as it appears from Earth and only the most serious outer space geeks among Asimov s target audience would know it.

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    Saturn s largest moon, Titan, has been claimed by invaders from the planet Sirius, the first of many extrasolar Earth colonies Over several generations, the Sirians and their allies on many of the outer worlds turned against their planet of origin, citing social, scientific, and military superiority after generations of ethnic cleansing Despite an intergalactic law stating that any planet in an inhabited solar system belongs to the people of that system, the Sirians have constructed a military base on Titan as their first step to attacking Earth The Council of Science, an organization sworn to protect Earth and its neighboring planets with minimal violence, fears that the Sirians have become too powerful to defeat.After a Sirian spy named Dorrance escapes Earth custody, Councilmen David Lucky Starr and and his tiny but mighty companion John Bigman Jones set off after him in their ship, the Shooting Starr along with several vessels from the Terrestial fleet They pursue Dorrance into Saturn s rings, where his vessel is destroyed However, a Sirian vessel contacts the Shooting Starr and orders it away from Saturn, informing him that the Sirians now occupy Titan and any aggression from Earth will be considered an act of war Starr retreats and orders the Terrestial fleet to do the same.Later, Starr, Bigman, and fellow councilman Ben Wessilewsky return to Saturn in an unauthorized expedition aboard the Shooting Starr to find a information capsule that Dorrance had stolen from Earth When Sirian ships again detect their ship and pursue, Starr crashes the Shooting Starr on Mimas, Saturn s closest moon There, he leaves Wessilewsky behind and takes off again with Bigman only to be captured by Sirian forces The leader of the Sirian base on Titan, an irascible tyrant named Devoure, attempts to coerce Starr into confessing to espionage and to testify against Earth at an upcoming peace conference on the asteroid Vesta Devoure offers to spare Bigman s life in exchange for Starr s compliance.Will Lucky Starr betray Earth at the conference and join the Sirians What of Councilman Wessilewsky on Mimas Will the other planets vote against Earth and allow the Sirians to occupy Titan as a prelude to war Lucky Starr and the Rings of Saturn is the final volume in a series of six Much like its predecessor, Moons of Jupiter, Rings of Saturn takes on a noticeably darker tone than the first four books I was forced to wonder if perhaps Asimov started off with the intention of creating a light hearted space adventure, but later allowed real world tensions of the time, such those between USA and the USSR, to inform his fiction The tension and stakes in Rings of Saturn are higher than they d been in the previous books, but it could also be construed that each story builds upon the last to culminate in this final confrontation between Earth and Sirius Though it s easy to see the potential for future adventures in this universe.

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    I would say that this series finished off well, it was left open but I think Asimov was pretty much done with SF for a while after being so prolific in the 1950s The story is OK but it is not too much of a challenge to figure out I am glad I am done with this series as they are all very short novels targeted at such a young audience With this I am going to keep my Asimov reading to a minimum in 2019 Perhaps, two maybe three books if I need a short break between the larger books I hope to get to this year As I finished this while still on vacation, I get to start Originals by Malcom Gladwell before resuming my nominal to read list.

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    The first book I recall ever reading I read this when I was 7 years old I became a lifelong fan of Science Fiction after reading this being my formative years, it defined my interest in the Sciences and I never looked back Imagine today finding out that Isaac Asimov wrote this under a pseudonym Paul French I recall the librarian thought the book would be over my head at that time, I didn t know what she was talking about This is the first time I looked up this book I ve always wanted to read it again now I can.

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    Nice conclusion to the seriesSPOILERS AHEAD During the whole series we only witness the Space Ranger once, and the unlikely use of the Sooting Starr once as well, although it was used several times in a likely way I was glad to meet the Sirians and also quite glad to see robots, but of course the main point was seeing Lucky save the Terrestrial Federation and avoid war, for now.

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    Liked this wrap up to this series

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Lucky Starr and the Rings of Saturn download Lucky Starr and the Rings of Saturn, read online Lucky Starr and the Rings of Saturn, kindle ebook Lucky Starr and the Rings of Saturn, Lucky Starr and the Rings of Saturn 9dd05118d360 Earth Officials Were Hard On The Heels Of The Mysterious Sirian Spy, Agent X, When He Blasted Off In A Stolen Spaceship But Before They Could Catch Him, The Master Spy Jettisoned The Capsule That Held His Report Into The Icy Rings Of Saturn In A Flash, Lucky Starr And Bigman Jones Found Themselves In A Race With The Sirian War Fleet To Recover ItWhen The Sirians Couldn T Find The Capsule, They Kidnapped Lucky And Bigman, Bringing Them To Their Secret Military Base On Titan There The Arrogant Sirian Commander Offered Lucky A Terrible Choice Turn Traitor To Earth Or Bigman Would Die It Was Not An Idle Threat