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The Mortal Instruments Boxed Set: City of Bones; City of Ashes; City of Glass chapter 1 The Mortal Instruments Boxed Set: City of Bones; City of Ashes; City of Glass, meaning The Mortal Instruments Boxed Set: City of Bones; City of Ashes; City of Glass, genre The Mortal Instruments Boxed Set: City of Bones; City of Ashes; City of Glass, book cover The Mortal Instruments Boxed Set: City of Bones; City of Ashes; City of Glass, flies The Mortal Instruments Boxed Set: City of Bones; City of Ashes; City of Glass, The Mortal Instruments Boxed Set: City of Bones; City of Ashes; City of Glass 41b391c1f133b In City Of Bones, Fifteen Year Old Clary Fray Is Introduced To The World Of The Shadowhunters, A Secret Cadre Of Warriors Dedicated To Driving Demons Out Of Our World And She S Introduced With A Vengeance, When Clary S Mother Disappears And Clary Herself Is Almost Killed By A Grotesque Monster Sent By The Evil And Powerful Shadowhunter, Valentine How Could A Mere Human Survive Such An Attack In The Second Novel, City Of Ashes, Clary Just Wants Her Life To Go Back To Normal But That Turns Out To Be Impossible For One Thing, Her Mother Is Still In The Hospital, In A Mysterious Coma For Another, She And Her Newfound Brother Jace Have Fallen Under A Cloud Of Suspicion Now That The Shadowhunter World Knows That Valentine Is Still Alive And That Jace And Clary Are His Son And Daughter Then Clary S Best Friend Simon Is Turned Into A Vampire And Kidnapped By Valentine, Who Intends To Sacrifice Him As Part Of A Bloody Ritual That Will Make The Mortal Instruments Valentine S Forever In Book Three, City Of Glass, Clary Has To Use All Her Ingenuity And Newfound Magical Skills To Get Herself To The Glass City In Idris, The Secretive Shadowhunters Home Country, Where She Is Forbidden To Go For It Is Only There That She Can Find The Cure To The Enchanted Sleeping Sickness To Which Her Mother Has Succumbed When Valentine Attacks The City And Destroys The Demon Towers, Clary And Her Allies Are All That Stand Between Him And The Total Annihilation Of All Shadowhunters Love Is A Mortal Sin And The Past Tangles Inextricably With The Present As Clary And Jace Face Down Their Father In The Final Installment Of The Mortal Instruments Series About The AuthorCassandra Clare Made Her Fiction Debut With The Mortal Instruments Series, Which Has Been On Many Bestseller Lists

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    I have to say I ve heard mixed reviews about this book series, many saying the writing and characters are feeble attempts at creating a good story and whatnot All I can say is screw those people because I enjoyed this series than I could ever describe in words I d gotten all three books in one swing to the bookstore which I admit could ve been stupid of me if I hadn t liked it, but of course it didn t turn out that way and even with the second book s summary spoiler I was gaping all during the City of Bones It s seriously written in such a way that even if you re told about every event and spoiler throughout any of the books, you will still be amazed at how those happenings come about Cassandra Clare places twists into the story that you wouldn t have ever thought of no matter how much you ponder, and I very much enjoyed the sarcasm and humour throughout all the books All the major events are well woven together in a way where you really don t know what will happen and Cassandra Clare is very creative with her ideas of the several different supernatural races in the story as well as her own principles of Shadowhunters and their world The characters are interesting and definitely not boring, they re thoughts and actions frustrated me sometimes, but it makes it all the better and suspenseful to read The descriptions gave me a clear image in my mind of what was happening, and I often found myself pulled into the world and politics of the Shadowhunters Quite plainly I love it The building feelings and love between the main characters, Clary and Jace, along with the action and adventure are thrilling and enticing I personally can t get enough of this series

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    5 stelle a tutti e tre i libri della prima trilogia Ho adorato il mondo Shadowhunters da subito, e mi pento di non aver iniziato a leggere questi libri prima colpa della serie TV che fa veramente schifo Non vedo l ora di andare avanti ClaryJace

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    where to begin with this book Jace Wayland is supposed to be a hot, snarky bad boy with a heart of gold, and hair of gold he snarks the shit out of everything as soon as the opportunity arises, and even when the opportunity doesn t arise.but Jace does not have a heart of gold, no matter how much Clary and Clare try to convince you at the end of the book, Isabelle tells Clary that she brings out the kindness that s inside of Jace we re supposed to believe that Clary changed Jace and made him a good person this idea is shoved down your throat and paraded through the whole series.but there is never an instance when Jace is than just a whiny little bitch.he has the air of someone who wears Ed Hardy tee shirts and purposely messes up their hair and has strategically untied shoelaces, and talks about how hard it is living on the streets when they live in their parents Beverly Hills mansion you know the type they talk about how much they hate mainstream music and sellouts and say they shop at thrift stores they make jokes about women getting in the kitchen and making them sandwiches and say cool story bro Jace does none of these things, except the last one there s an actual joke about that in City of Ashes but he has the air of someone who does he s that guy he s that douchebag playing music loudly on his cell phone even though he has headphones in his bag.

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    This has got to be one of the most overrated series of all time.I have individual reviews somewhere but safe to say that overall I was pretty underwhelmed.It was all a bit ridiculous and angsty and I just am not a huge fan of supernatural monsters being turned into heart throbs.

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    This is a book series I would love to live in If you are looking to take a vacation and get away from your life for a while, I would most definitely recommend you take a trip through The Mortal Instruments The world that Cassandra Clare has created is one where the reader will find themselves immersed in fantasy and adventure Just when you think you ve found that perfect spot to stop and come back to reality from, you will get swept up back into the Shadowhunter s world of triumph and chaos Clary, Jace, Isabelle, Alec, Simon, and all the other characters within the series will keep you mesmerized and intrigued When you finish, they feel as though they are a part of you You will laugh, cry, cheer, struggle and ache for them page after page Each book builds upon the prior one, and leaves you wanting for I know that all series must come to an end eventually, but until then I am anxiously awaiting each page of the books to come Cassandra Clare is an amazingly talented author, and I know when I see her name on a book that I am going to fall in love with it.

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    Well, where to begin These books are absolutley amazing I love the way Cassandra Clare writes about her charecters She gives them a soul I feel like i ve known them forever I was captivated and addicted by the time i read the first chapter I love the passion and fire clare writes with She Is an intelligent woman and writer I just can t get enough I ve never been so impressed with a series in my life and believe me i have read MANY I love how she brings the Fey, the vamps, the weres, the demons, the wizards, and the mundanes all togetherin a series that has blown my mind I am so dissapointed about the casting of this movie The City Of Bones , Lily Collins for Clary I can get that Jonathan Rhys Myers for Valentine was an awesome choice The charecter that plays Magnus Bane fits really wellas does Luke and Jocelynbut OMG WTF was the casting people thinkingwhen they casted Jace Herondale Jamie Campbel Bower for jace, it brings the Jace Herondale of The Mortal Instraments to shame Jace is suppost to be the most beautiful Nephilim ever created Anyways I could go on and on about how wonderful this series is I have read a lot of other series since and nonecompare, not even a little If you have never read this series you are truly missing out.

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    Oh, how I love love love this trilogy, let me count the ways I enjoy books 4 5 in the series as well, but not as much as I do these ones I d say it was my ultimate guilty pleasure except I refuse to feel guilty Yummily dramatic Yes Delightfully angsty Yes With an entertaining worldbuilding, great secondary characters, and delightful quips Yes But I am in it for Jace and Clary, arguably the most deliciously tortured and passionate and dysfunctional soulmatey soulmate OTP that I have come across in the entirety of YA Clary is a fun heroine tough and resilient, and Jace is the combo of snarky gorgeousness, edgy vulnerability, and bad luck than a houseful of black cats, but it s together that they get to me They turn me from a reasonable adult to a squealing 15 year old if I were 15 this would be my favorite set of books and I d want to be Clary so badly As it is, I couldn t resist them anyway These books gave me that delightful feeling that I haven t felt in a really long time that impatience to turn the next page, the need to know what next, and above all that delicious fact in the back of your mind at all time the knowledge the book is in your bag and you will soon get to read that anticipation is almost sweeter than the act of reading itself Too many favorite things view spoiler I mean, this series has angsty messed up unworthiness feeling guys He totally always blames himself for everything because he believes he destroys those he loves, everything is his fault, etc etc clearly being brought up by Evil Overlord is bad for you with deadly combat skills willing to do anything to protect their smart, magically gifted younger sisters who they are madly and mututally in forbidden love with Even Evil Overlord fathers aside, the angst Jace and Clary have because they believe they are siblings is like a really really yummy TIRAMISU sluuuuuuurp Also, the hurt comfort is insane and so good CC clearly believes that a day spent by Jace without being horribly mistreated is a wasted day A MEN.Some of my favorite scenes include Jace smashing up his window so his hands will get cut As a sort of self devised punishment for hurting Clary out of necessity and accidentally getting Simon trapped or the OTP almost having sex in the ruins of his house and they only stop because Clary has common sense and insists they do not proceed until he is clear that this isn t part of Jace s self loathing party hide spoiler

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    Hmmm Where to start with these books These are kind of a mix between Twilight and Harry Potter, though I didn t think they were as good as either Now that I ve finished all of them, I like them a lot in retrospect than I did while reading them The plot is compelling and interesting, but I really hated most of the characters for the first part of the trilogy I also don t think these are appropriate for young teens since there are some references to sex, pornography, homosexuality, and some very graphic violence It s surprising to me how prevalent this stuff is in YA literature.I think what really kept me from truly enjoying these books was the writing style The author had some great ideas, if not completely original, but the first half of all three books dragged The author is too descriptive in areas that do not warrant it, and the prose is very purple I found myself just skimming a lot of the descriptive stuff Also, some things are just completely overdone I got tired of reading descriptions of Jace s golden eyes and angel face Also, how many times do we have to read about people tasting blood for various reasons SPOILER I also had a hard time with the romance There was decent tension between Clary and Jace, but after the first book, you feel torn between wanting them together and being completely disgusted by the whole incest angle Even though I knew they would somehow work it out for them to not be siblings, it was disturbing to watch them want each other when THEY didn t know they were going to end up not being siblings It made me think about what it would be like to have feelings like that for my brother, and, well, UUGGHH

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    Just to be clear I had fun reading these books To me these books are the literary equivalent to pop music or the mindless summer romantic comedy It is easy to turn your brain off and just enjoy them for what they are Much like the aforementioned forms of media the Mortal Instruments trilogy is highly predictable, there are no twists that you won t see coming chapters even books in advance At its core the Mortal Instruments trilogy is a love story Forbidden love created by the questionable literary device of incest is at the forefront of the love story That is not say that the books don t make an attempt at heady topics i.e., racism, imperialism, to name just a couple The weight given to these topics is barely felt which in turn makes the reader feeling somewhat empty at the end when all conflicts are wrapped up neatly There are many other complaints I had with this series, but in the end I enjoyed the opportunity to turn off my brain and just read the books and enjoy them for what they were.

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    And now What am I supposed to do with my life

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