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Marrying Stone chapter 1 Marrying Stone, meaning Marrying Stone, genre Marrying Stone, book cover Marrying Stone, flies Marrying Stone, Marrying Stone 93125e61002fa Meggie Was A Dreamer Who D Spent Her Entire Life In The Tiny Town Of Marrying Stone But Though Her Life Was Simple, She Was Always Sure That Someday Her Prince Would Come J Monroe Farley Arrived With His Edison Listening Box To Record The Traditional Music Of The Ozarks, Determined To Focus All His Attention On His Studies But There, In This Remote Mountain Hamlet, He Found Something He Never Expected The Princess Of His Dreams

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    J Monroe Roe Farley, an academic has come to the small town of Marrying Stone in the Ozark Mountains to study the traditional music of the region Born and bred in Marrying Stone, Meggie longs for the day when her prince will appear and sweep her off her feet Along with her brother, Jess and her father, Onery, Meggie lives in a small cabin on the mountain, deciding straight away with the appearance of Roe her wish has come true.Set in the Ozarks, at the turn of the 20th century this simple, sweet story is a favourite of mine Ms Morsi has written a novel that is full of charm, detailing the lives of the people of the Appalachians with real affection and delivering a gentle, humourous romance at the same time.Though the romance between Roe Meggie is simply lovely, it is almost overshadowed by the sweet relationship between Roe and Jess, Meggie s brother Though Jess is a bit slow mentally, he is the loveliest of people Jess gets his own story in Simple Jess one of the most different, wonderful and sweetest romances ever.There is such a honesty to Pamela Morsi s stories and a goodness to her characters She sweeps the reader back to a simpler, better time, despite the harsher conditions and the lack of modern conveniences Having recently read The Lovesick Cure which is Pamela Morsi s 2012 title, I realised how much I ve missed these types of romances The Lovesick Cure is set in contemporary times, referencing many of the characters you ll find in Marrying Stone and its sequel Simple Jess.Ms Morsi s Americana titles are simply extra ordinary stories For a different setting in a simpler time, and gentler type of romance, read Marrying Stone.Steam 2.5

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    Like some of the other reviews, I didn t go into this novel to read about Meggie and Roe, I went into it for Jesse I wanted to read the second book but some readers suggested reading the first as well I m glad I did, not because of the romance, but because of the friendship that blossomed between Roe and Jesse Hey, Meggie Jesse called out Come and meet Roe He s my frien Unable to move, Meggie merely stared as the two young men walked toward her He s lost his mule, Jesse continued I ne er had a frien afore, Meggie Can we keep him Jesse was adorable and I loved whenever he showed up on the page.Although the romance wasn t bad, I didn t feel particularly attached to it either There are a couple of times Roe mentions being with other women or desiring other women, so I did get annoyed with the constant mentions of that It definitely didn t help picturing a romance between Meggie and Roe when he mentions the few other women he s been with There s even a part where Jesse, who s a virgin, asks Roe to describe sex to him Although it s a great moment in a friendship bonding moment between the two, I didn t like it all that much when thinking about the romance He hasn t been with Meggie at this point, so his experiences that he s describing are with other women Though, tbh, it would be super creepy if he were to describe his sexual experience with Meggie to Meggie s brother And on the mention of creepyI don t know how old Meggie is, but I got really icked out at Roe mentioning her young body I don t think she s that much younger than him, but I was really not feeling it when he said or thought that I also got annoyed at how Roe constantly described the Ozarks as being primitive and backwoods He came off classist to me He got over it, sure, but I didn t like how he constantly looked down on the people of Marrying Stone simply because they d had a different and less privileged experience than him It s not that I expected him to be enlightened right off the bat, but throughout the book he s raised up as being smarter than the rest of these Ozarkers Except that might not be true The only reason he s viewed as being smarter is thanks to the polish he s gained because he s had the privilege of wealth and education.I was hoping this would come bite him in the ass or something, but it never does He s always writing in his journal about the primitive, backwoods people of Ozark I was hoping someone would find his journal and give him shit for it.The romance itself is pretty instalovey at least on Meggie s end and it s a lot of push pull between the two It was too much back and forth for me between them First Roe rejects her, with regular mentions of how he s going to leave the mountain eventually and go back to his life, and then Meggie rejects him than once It s not that I wanted her to capitulate as soon as he came around, but she just came off as stubborn rather than resolute It was like she was just rejecting him because that s what her mother had done with Onery rather than because she really wanted to.There was also some casual racism and mentions of Native Americans There s one part about how their folks run the Injuns out First, they re obviously using a slur for Native Americans And then second, I just hate reading casual references about how these white people stole the lands of the Native Americans Can we just not get mentions of them, please Unless some character s going to call them out on their shit, just don t mention it The Osage were real superstitious Indians, I guess They thought the rock had spiritual powers to change the world and they would come here to ask for changes She smiled warmly at him I guess us civilized folks are about as superstitious as the Indians, she admitted with a laugh.And then this part So the Indians are the uncivilized folks That s bad enough, but it s worse when you consider that it s Meggie saying this, not Roe The author already has Meggie and the Ozarks being viewed as backwoods and primitive so what the hell are the Indians considered in comparison to them, then Meggie calls her people the civilized folks in comparison to them.During both of these mentions, there s no wayward thought on the racism from Roe He s supposed to be the educated, smart one, right Enlightened and all This book was published in the 90s, so it s not like the author can blame it being a product of the times and use that as an excuse Besides, this book is taking place at the turn of the century, not in the thick of Native American conflicts.Anyway, I didn t care much for the romance If anything, if you re on the fence, I d say to read it for the friendship between the guys and for Jesse.

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    Monroe Roe Farley has traveled to the Ozarks with his ediphone to record local folk songs that he believes originated in Scotland and England He meets Jesse Best, a simpleminded man who claims Roe as his friend He also meets Jesse s sister, Meggie, a woman who has always dreamed that her prince would come and sweep her away When Meggie sees Roe, she believes her prince is finally here But when she nearly poisons him with her cooking, Roe decides to keep his distance.This is a thoroughly entertaining book with unique characters Meggie and Jesse live with their father on his rundown farm Onery Best is a simple farmer with very little education When Roe offers to pay him for room and board, Onery makes a deal with him to help out on the farm Roe may be Harvard educated, but he has a lot to learn about the people in Marrying Stone, Arkansas My rating 4 Stars.

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    MARRYING STONE by Pamela Morsi made me laugh and cry due to the heartfelt emotion at the end A captivating historical rendering of the Ozark people and their traditions, this short novel will win you over with characters who snag your heart.Why was it in Dorine s TBR I ve had this book since April of 2013 It landed in my Nook TBR along with SIMPLE JESS and THE LOVESICK CURE After researching this a bit further, I realized that Willaful had a hand in this buying spree, by helping me decide in a discussion on Jill s review of THE LOVESICK CURE at Goodreads Since this is a short three book series, it seemed doable within my limited reading time Apparently, I m a little slow because I m finally getting to them four years later This book suits the series catch up theme of Wendy s TBR Challenge, but I m starting a new series instead of catching up on a familiar one I generally stay away from series books just because I can t read them as fast as most authors write them I prefer to mix up my reading with various authors, mostly new to me, due to limited time and the need for an eclectic experience.In the NOOK digital version, this book is listed as 212 pages, which appealed to me for this challenge I can t seem to read anything longer during the summer and barely finished this one in time The paperback versions are listed as 326 to 427 pages, so I m not sure what s right It felt like a short novel to me, so I highly doubt if it was ever 427 pages unless it was large print or words were added significantly.The premise of a scholar going to a primitive section of the Ozarks to collect songs for their historical value appealed to me I m sure I ve seen a movie about this, and the first part of the book seemed vaguely familiar I never figured out the book or movie that may have triggered my memory, so maybe someone else can help me remember.In the beginning, the story moved slower and maybe it s because I kept thinking I ve heard this story before Even so, about one third into it the characters captured my attention Meggie is a simple gal with a huge heart, who has fairytale dreams of a prince coming to marry her Roe is a scholar who thinks highly of his knowledge and standing at Cambridge, but discovers quite quickly that book knowledge isn t always as wise as tradition or experience.I got frustrated with Meggie s resistance to Roe s charms, but by the end of the book, I understood her completely Every character is individually rendered in such a way that I grew to love them all, but Simple Jess stole the show I can t wait to read the rest of his story in SIMPLE JESS.It s rare that I buy a whole series before reading any of them in it, but I m so glad I have all three of MARRYING STONE so there s no reason to put off completing the series Some of the simple antidotes spoken by the characters about life and love are so touching I can t wait to discover what else will be revealed through their no nonsense approach to life I also enjoyed the historical detail that added some laughter It was a simpler time with many challenges but there wasn t a lack of joy.This book took a while to grab my emotion, but when it did I was all in I believed every word, even the lies, and my heart wailed for the injustice of it all The end was perfect, including the laugh out loud moments that made me love this book even MARRYING STONE is definitely a keeper and a treasure from the romance books written in the 1990s Thanks to my Goodreads friends for the recommendation Review by Dorine, courtesy of The Zest Quest Digital copy purchased Follow the TBR challenge discussion at my site.

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    2 stars for the first half4 stars for the second halfMonroe Farley has come to the Ozarks to record old folk songs from the British Isles that have been preserved due to the community s isolation He runs into Jesse Best, a kind but slow minded man, and the two become friends Roe meets Jesse s sister Meggie and she is immediately smitten with him thinking that he is the prince she always dreamed of come to whisk her away from the mountain However that illusion is quickly shattered, so the rest of the story is Meggie and Roe navigating their attraction to each other knowing that nothing could feasibly come of a relationship between them since he ll be leaving in a few months once his work is done.The first 40% of this book was so b o r i n g that I considered making it a DNF multiple times I can t even remember much of what happened because I was that bored It was mostly Roe and Jesse becoming friends and doing farm stuff, Meggie and Roe trying to ignore each other, and Meggie s father poking fun at her cooking non stop Like I get it already Meggie is a bad cook, and she knows that she s a bad cook These scenes aggravated me than they probably should have but they presented Meggie s father in a bad light and made it seem like he had very little respect for his daughter s feelings since it s obvious that she doesn t like the teasing.Things finally started happening once Meggie and Roe accidentally got married and we actually got to see Roe doing his work collecting folk songs, which I was excited about because I love that kind of stuff Language history and linguistics are my absolute jam, so read about it in a romance novel is just chef kiss lovely Meggie s brother Jesse really stole the show, though He is such a pure sweet character and I m looking forward to reading his story soon.

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    3 starsThis one is ok of a prelude to

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    2 stars Not a stand out romance but ok The best part is the friendship between two men, one of whom is mentally slow STORY BRIEF Harvard educated Roe is researching folk music He travels to a remote community in the Arkansas Ozark Mountains with a machine to record the locals singing and playing music He stays with Meggie, Jesse, and their father Their food is mostly from hunting, fishing, and whatever they grow on their small farm Meggie weaves cloth to make their clothes and cooks food over a fire Jesse suffered some brain damage at birth He s mentally slow but has a wonderful attitude and a great heart Jesse says he s never had a friend before and is excited that Roe is his new friend Meggie and Roe are attracted to each other, but they have issues, including his plans to leave at the end of the summer.REVIEWER S OPINION I picked the wrong week to read this book because I was distracted by fun and exciting events while I was traveling So my mind wandered too much But trying to be fair, here s what I see The story could be divided into three sections about equal time each 1 Jesse and Roe being friends and doing things together 2 Conflicts between Roe and Meggie, trying to stay apart from each other 3 Roe working on the farm, gathering music, and interacting with the locals It s not a draw for romance The Meggie romance was ok, but it didn t stand out The parts about the community, the way of life, and culture was interesting and nicely done The Jesse friendship was my favorite part Probably because Jesse is such a neat character And I loved his story in the sequel Simple Jess But overall I d say read Simple Jess first Then if you d like back story on him read this.There were three sex scenes Instead of passion, desire, or something special, they felt generic like the author was required to put them in.DATA Story length 326 pages Swearing language mild Sexual language none to mild Number of sex scenes 3 Total number of sex scene pages 8 Setting 1902 1907 mostly Arkansas with a little Boston, Massachusetts Copyright 1994 Genre rural american historical romance.

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    OK, so I read this one a little out of order It really is a nice prequel to Simple Jess Meggie and Roe really are a good couple together, even if neither one of them sees it Her stubborn resistance to marrying without love was a little trying to the patience, but Roe was definitely persistent Also, his viewpoint of his new home and family is quite that of a modern person s take on this small, isolated community I frequently found myself in agreement with his assessment of the Ozarks Also, I love Roe s relationship with Jess It was even better to me than his realtionship with Meggie because he and Jess spent the majority of the novel together and male bonding Almost like a historical bromance Definitely, a bromance.

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    This book is different than any other I have read It starts off a little slow and the events are odd I enjoy all the characters, but they are quirky I would rate the beginning as 3 stars However, the last 15% is 5 stars great so I balanced with a 4 star rating.I will definitely read the second book Simple Jess was one of my favorite characters throughout the story After the conclusion, there is no way I would miss reading it.

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    I really loved this Maybe it s because I am a Yankee who has had the life experience of knowing what mountain people are like to a smaller degree.Short intro summary It s 1902 and educated Roe Farley has come to the Ozarks from Cambridge Mass to research music and lyrcis of the mountain people, believing they are of ancient Scottish Irish Celtic origin.On his way up the mountain, Roe loses his mule and most of his belongings, now lost, luckily he runs into Jesse Best who leads him to his cabin and is introduced to the rest of Best family One being Meggie Best, a barefooted mountain lady who is a dreamer and a terrible cook.As you can guess the love story lies with Roe and Meggie 2 people from 2 different worlds, 2 different cultures To say anything will ruin the story for the reader.I will say this, I laughed, I cried, I loved The characters are wonderful, complex three dimesional There was apparently a lot of research done by the author, and although some readers may view the characters as being unrealistic, I would disagree totally Remember it s 1902 in the Ozarks.I truly loved this book, and will read it again and again Although this can be a standalone, I would recommend reading this series in order to get the full flavor.

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