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    Ah the temptation of reading Asimov short stories is always a hard one to resist This is another classic collection which for me I think sums up a lot of what made Asimov and his Robots so famous the title story I think sums it all up Asimov was determined to make the machines that think than tools and less a monster and I think although we have a long way still to go he certainly has helped us along the way.But this book is not all about robots, there is spread of all sorts from mystery to pure science fiction That I think adds to the appeal of Asimov you just do not know what the next story is about just you will get the same quality of story telling.And finally there is the Chris Foss cover it was these books with his covers that really drew me in science fiction and even to this day I will read these books purely because of the covers shallow I know but it gave my growing mind something to fixate on even if they had no relevance to the contents of the book.

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    Isaac Asimov is now my favorite author, period I would say I devoured this book, but that implies that I failed to give each short story the post reading consideration it deserved, which is entirely untrue.Every sing story was of such enormous quality writing style, characterization, plot I simply do not have the vocabulary to convey how well crafted and enjoyable every story was.Asimov s introductions, giving each story its context, were the icing on the cake So, so good Immediately searching for of his books and very tempted to subscribe to the sci fi magazine he founded for the current equivalent of his masterpieces

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    Prior to reading this book, I d only ever read one Asimov work It was the short story version of Nightfall and I very much enjoyed it, but I still didn t consider myself an Asimov fan because I knew him as the robot space opera guy and I ve never particularly enjoyed robots or space opera sci fi.As it turns out, it seems I only don t particularly enjoy robots and space opera sci fi when it s not written by Asimov This book contains twelve pieces eleven short stories and a poem and there wasn t a single one that I disliked I think what appeals to me the most about Asimov s stories is the way he ends them They are, without a doubt, complete stories But they almost all end on a note that leaves you with a serious question or two to consider It s like each story delivers a little gift, but not one that s wrapped up nicely with a finished bow on top.My favorite story in this collection is The Winnowing, hands down I think it may be in my list of favorite short stories of all time It caused some serious thought and introspection for me Even after hours of contemplation, I still haven t come to solid conclusions about the issues the story raises I don t know that I ever will I think this piece is one of those like The Lottery and The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas that will be active topics in my mind for the rest of my life.

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    The Bicentennial Man is a story much like The Twilight Zone s episode I Sing the Body Electric , in that it gives us a robot beyond the usual cold, sterile view of technology, a robot that becomes a member of the family All of the stories in this anthology were amazing, each one speculating yet eerily plausible at the same time.

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    This was my first Asimov book I especially loved the title story I don t remember much of the rest.

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    The Three Laws of Robotics 1 A robot may not injure may not injure a human being, or through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.2 A robot must obey the orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.3 A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law Asimov 491 Robots are made for the purpose of serving humans and following their orders From the start, Andrew Martin was never a normal robot When first being brought to live with the Martin family, he began to carve one of a kind creations out of wood Not only is Andrew the most creative robot ever made, but when he was ordered to explain the reason behind his woodworks, he stated I enjoy doing themI have heardthe word enjoy and it fits the way I feel Asimov 495 At this point, any other family would ve sent Andrew to be reprogrammed, as robots were not designed to have preferences or feelings of any sort However, Gerald Martin and the rest of the Martin family decided to let Andrew be, allowing Andrew s curiosity and feelings to be existent Over time, Andrew received a few privileges than the average robot, such as earning his own money and being able to put it into his own bank account Years pass, and Andrew, being able to spend his money however he wants, confronts Gerald Martin and asks to buy his freedom, for he is restricted to following human s orders and nothing , Gerald s daughter takes the case to court, willing to defend Andrew s right to be treated as free, even though no other robot in history has taken a step this far before In result, the judge decided There is no right to deny freedom to any object with a mind advanced enough to grasp and desire the state Asimov 500 , making Andrew the first free robot Andrew proceeded to use his freedom and creativity to make advancements to his body using research in robotics, chemistry, and biology Andrew Martin spent the next few generations persuading and convincing U.S Robots to let him have his brain be transferred to an android body and to get installed a system allowing him to get energy from the combustion of hydrocarbon which he designed himself , making it possible for him to have to similar bodily functions as humans as well After 150 years of existence, Andrew gained the ability to think freely, have feelings, speak with an expanded vocabulary, look like a human, wear clothes, breathe, eat, and excrete Yet, after his desperate attempts to be seen as a man, he is coined the Sesquicentennial Robot If Andrew has attained all these abilities, should he still be considered a robot In the next fifty years, what decision will he make to prove a Bicentennial Man Issac Asimov s novelette described the story of Andrew Martin while carrying out the theme of a desire for humanity, which is Andrew s motivation throughout the whole story More importantly, Asimov used this work to spark thought Throughout Andrew s heartwarming tale, the reader is urged to think about what freedom really is, who deserves it, and what qualities one must have to be truly human.

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    This is quite possibly the best science fiction short story I have ever read Even though I already knew the main beats of the story from the movie, I enjoyed it immensely and I would recommend it to anyone I have often defended the virtues of the film, considering it underrated, but now that I have read the wonderful source it came from, I realize the cinematic adaptation doesn t really do it justice.

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    It s a splendid short collection In it the theme short story has identity of androids Recently in Australia one android has citizenship 2017 For near the future human being must think citizenship and rights of androids

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    This book is incredible and is truly a testament to Asimov s genius I was eager to read this book after watching the film Bicentennial Man , which became one of my favourite movies The book is very different from the film in many ways, but both tellings of this story are exceptional The other stories within this book are also excellent, but I really must emphasize that Bicentennial Man is the best If you enjoy this collection, I also recommend Asimov s Buy Jupiter xx

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    Read for the 12 in 12 Challenge, and the Big Fun in a Little Package Novella Challenge.This story won the 1977 Hugo, Nebula and Locus for Best Novelette.Once again, Asimov proves his mastery of the medium of science fiction story He is perhaps not at his best in longer forms of fiction he can be pedantic but in shorter forms, he is amazing.This poignant tale is the story of a robot who wishes he were a man, and thus, redefines what qualifies as sentient life A must read for the discerning science fiction fan

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