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The Dickens with Love summary The Dickens with Love, series The Dickens with Love, book The Dickens with Love, pdf The Dickens with Love, The Dickens with Love f6dd2db0ad A Quirky Holiday Romance About Faith, Hope, And Er Glow In The Dark Condoms Three Years Ago, A Scandal Cost Antiquarian Book Hunter James Winter Everything That Mattered To Him His Job, His Lover And His Self Respect But Now The Rich And Unscrupulous Mr Stephanopoulos Has A Proposition A Previously Unpublished Christmas Book By Charles Dickens Has Turned Up In The Hands Of An English Chemistry Professor By The Name Of Sedgwick Crisparkle Mr S Wants That Book At Any Price, And He Needs James To Get It For Him There S Just One Catch James Can T Tell The Nutty Professor Who The Buyer Is Actually, Two Catches The Nutty Professor Crisparkle Turns Out To Be Totally Gorgeous And On The Prowl Faster Than You Can Say, Old Saint Nick, James Is Mixing Business With Pleasure And In Real Danger Of Forgetting That This Is Just A Holiday Romance Just As They Re Well On The Way To Having Their Peppermint Sticks And Eating Them Too, Sedgwick Discovers The Truth James Has Been A Very Bad Boy And Any Chance Santa Will Bring Him What He Wants Most Is Disappearing Quicker Than The Jolly Old Elf S Sleigh

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    AND NOW IS THE TIME OF YEAR I FLOAT OLD CHRISTMAS REVIEWS TO COUNTDOWN TO BING BONG BING BONG make the yuletide gayaww, i thought this was such a sweet story.wildly implausible on so many levels, but it s christmas forget the unlikelihood of troo love occurring in three days, and the consequences of decisions requiring an unhealthy and absolute faith in the goodness of mankind and the most bizarre choice for love over duty this side of Bastard Out of Carolina.and forgetan ocelot nah, don t forget the ocelot this is l.a., after all.all joking aside, this book was not nearly as bad as an m m christmas novella with the word dickens in the title could have been in fact, i wanted it to be much worse i wanted a runaway freight train of dickens puns peppering every page no such luck.instead, it is a perfectly serviceable light romance, that managed to hit me in my particulars because this time of year, a character who works at a barnes and noble during the christmas season and says things like Ebenezer Scrooge would have learned a few things about the dark side of humanity if he d happened to work in a national chain bookstore three days before Christmas.The depressing fact is, no one reads any Most of the people collecting books don t even read them Book collecting is very hot, don t get me wrong In certain circles rare books are considered sexy and exotic But for the average person, books remind them of the bad old days of homework and report cards For these folks, books and bookstores are the last resort, the last desperate option for befuddled holiday makers who have run out of ideas for presents for people they don t know that well Books rank somewhere between a tie and a box of chocolates It s a book or go home empty handed and empty handed means again facing the stores and parking lots that one frightening day closer to Christmas.has me in his corner.tell me about it, brotherand, man, did this book ever make me want a sugar daddy, just for the meals there is so much food in this book i was totally turned on by the descriptions of the things they were putting in their mouths, than any of their intercourse in which other things were being put into mouths he was speaking around a mouthful of French toast that had been stuffed with ricotta, cream cheese and honey, saut ed then baked to plump and moist perfection. I avoided meeting his eyes by paying strict attention to a breakfast burrito stuffed with eggs, cheese, smoked chicken sausage, roasted peppers and chilies A white teapot, two gold rimmed china cups, a jar of honey, a small basket of muffins and nut breads, a bowl of fresh berries One plate offered eggs Benedict with shaved honey ham and what appeared to be an herbed Hollandaise sauce Another plate had thick round Belgian waffles, richly, sweetly scented of vanilla, cinnamon and topped with whipped cream, fresh strawberries and pecans.that made me so hot.but that doesn t mean that in between all the eating and sexing, the characters didn t have time to focus on the true meaning of christmas God hears all our prayers, but sometimes the answer is no religion and boning and you gotta love this character s priorities And if you weren t into Christmas what was there to do No bookstores were open No libraries Nothing useful was open.agreed on all counts a not at all painful selection from the RBRS i wonder if the christmas cat romance would have been as painless

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    it s a wee sheet of latex you put over a pussy before you put your mouth on it.too many extravagantly improbable turns of phrase, up to and including the conflation of fucking with smithing plus angels, for some reason.also way too PC.can t have it both ways can t be both escapist romanze fiction and a pamphlet on face cancer from our fun friends at the US centers for disease control.and yet seems like only people in mm romances and comically undersexed and or earnestly misinformed teenagers use rubbers for oral sex.only people in this book do that while calling the cock to be sucked a hooded angel not even my own physician can keep a straight face when she tells me, in the weak, thready voice of a MOTHERFUCKING LIAR, that dental dams and condoms are perfectly common accessories to a bit of cunnilingus or angel fellating.i wonder how many of my friends even know what a dental dam is.still.this world is huge.your mileage may yet however improbably vary.

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    WARNING RANT INCOMING Once again welcome to MLE s negative review of the book everyone else loved I m your host MLE.Let s begin shall we.I will start with the plot When I was first reading the synopsis the plot sounded intriguing, and I loved the idea of the disgraced book hunter, and the lost Dickens story, but for some reason it ended up not working for me I think that sex was introduced too early on, and was a distraction from what I liked about the idea of the book rather than something that added to the story I liked James for the most part, and was able to sympathize with his plight Losing the job he loved, and the security in his world must have been terrible, and, having worked retail, understand how frustrating, exhausting, and dehumanizing that can be Added to the stress of trying to make ends meet on part time work without any sort of benefits, it s no wonder why he does what he does Sedgwick, on the other hand, I never developed any affection for I found him to be blunt to a point beyond simple rudeness, and his excuses seemed liked those of a child rather than a 42 year old man who should be old enough to understand proper behavior, or at least how to make a sincere apology for his words I found his behavior, after he and James had a falling out, to be almost stalker like, and added to that he seems to almost bully James into hearing him out, and accepting his half hearted apology He is also described as having a full beard, which is not my thing, and with all the scenes of both men eating it me truly grossed out imagining all the crumbs it must collect this is not meant as a slight to any of my friends who have or enjoy beards, it s just not my thing For me the worst part of this book was the sex This book had some of the hands down worst written sex scenes I ve ever read, and let me tell you I have read some truly terrible sex scenes Let s go to the book for some examples shall we Like a suede glove grabbing me, stroking me..Like a hot black fist What the hell is that supposed to mean, and why a black fist The pump and pull was like a hammer striking the golden frames of angel wings, pounding them into shining, glinting pennons Perspiration sheened our bodies and our breath grew harsher as we bent our backs and worked the forge, and then the wings began to beat, trying to take flight, moving faster and faster, and we seemed to lift right off the ground, right off the pillows, and bedding, and hang there transfixed as warm, white Halle fricking lujah surged through.And then we dropped back to earth, wet, winded and weak Human again Seriously what in the name of pink plastic ponies did I just read I had to look up what a pennon was because I had no idea Merriam Webster was kind enough to tell me it a long usually triangular or swallow tailed streamer typically attached to the head of a lance as an ensign which only made the sentence even of a mystery to me because it sounded like the author was alluding to something that would be forged, like something made out of metal, say a sword, but the word he used meant something made of cloth Color me confused It s also some of the sappiest, most awkwardly written sex I ve even read, and that s including the het 80 s romance I read in high school Nothing about this works for me on any level, and that s not the only angel reference during sex there is It was like landing on a cloud with an angel on top of me An angel that tasted like cinnamon and chocolate and stardust Really, exactly how old are these characters supposed to be because it sounds like some child s fantasy of sex rather than real, adult sex Sedgwick has some sort of whipped chocolate cr me brulee body cream souffl that only adds to my impression of them as much younger than they really are My least favorite of the sex scenes has to be the one I included in my updates, but it bears repeating and it was sadly like a hood over the head of an angel, but better safe than sorry.The angel continued to blindly feel its way to the hot, candy slick center hovering tentatively above it There is nothing about that I find sexy, and candy slick I guess I don t find candy to be very slick I think of candy as sticky which makes this analogy all that less appealing to me.All right it s time for me to stop now In summary I will say I found the sappy, miracle ending to be the final straw If things had been toned down quite a bit, and the characters relationship developed at a natural pace I might have enjoyed this book Had the mystery of the Dickens story played a significant role, and the sex scenes cut back I would have happily given this at least three stars Alas this was not to be Thank you any of you who make it to the end of this rant END OF RANT

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    This week s Guest Dear Abby is mark monday, a public policy director and confirmed bachelor from San Francisco Mr monday will be answering your questions about the yuletide offering from Josh Lanyon entitled The Dickens with Love._________________________Dear Abby,You were assigned to read this and report on your thoughts quite a while ago Why are you always lagging behind Your review is overdue.Disappointed,RBRS Dear RBRS,my apologies well, here s the review i was surprised at how much i enjoyed this pleasant little novella the writing was swell several notches above my expectations actually the two lead characters were well developed, interesting, sympathetic i really liked how Lanyon wove God, an orphan, a love of literature, his clear knowledge of Dickens, an ocelot, some food hotel detail porn, and of course Christmas into the romantic mix not much really fell flat for me and all the different elements were smoothly and naturally incorporated my only real caveat is that i didn t particularly care for the very ending specifically the gift really just like that and the apparent tossing aside of a remarkable goal for that gift really just like that but other than that, overall this was a pleasant and diverting although very brief affair i will attempt to make this review approximately ten times as long as the reviewed book in question why not i have nothing to do for at least a couple hours._________________________Dear Abby,I also found Dickens to be diverting, frothy in fact But I am concerned that the use of the one night stand in a gay m m romance may be substituting one negative generalization a woman who has one night stands is a slut with another those gay men are always having one night stands and it is no big deal I also had some issues with the tone, which veered from absurd ocelot attack to perhaps overly prosaic and maudlin orphan protagonist who hates his job Am I wrong Perplexed,Ceridwen Dear Ceridwen,first of all, no you are not wrong don t play the blame game on yourself and yet, well, i feel you are wrong the idea of the easy one night stand in the gay world, the ease of sex in general, the lack of judgment around brief encounters well, if i may be so bold as to make a broad generalization on behalf of my peers as far as attitudes towards sex goes, it is just different for most of those who live in Gay World and by different , i actually mean better very few tedious hang ups and self hate around sexual connections sex is a big thing and it is not a big thing it ain t no thing there are many monogomous or open but committed relationships as well, of course but having a hook up in Gay World isn t the tremendous mind fuck that it can be for the denizens of Straight World poor Straight World however, there are obvious downsides to this, including high rates of STDs, HIV infection, an obsession with sex, a potential of losing yourself in perpetual tricking instead of trying to develop meaningful relationships both romantic or platonic so perhaps better isn t the right word after all so let s stick with different.as far as your second point isn t that randomness a part of life can t a fellow suffer a surprise ocelot attack in some cheesy champagne bar also be a guy with a lot of angst about being cast out, an orphan, working at a job he doesn t like i appreciate that mixture of tones if this was just a dippy book featuring lots of ocelot attacks the like, i would have been annoyed the protagonist s personal story, his angsty bits, sorta anchored the tale for me._________________________Dear Abby,I did not enjoy the mix of tones either I wanted frothy romance trash and there were various comments that annoyed me For example, I did not appreciate the attempts at so called deepness from a character that I see merely as jolly old saint condom clause It particularly irritated me when comments that I found to be sentimental claptrap were noted as popular highlights by other readers And I hated when they brought God in between the sheets I was really just looking for some funny lines to laugh at, and well I suppose I found some here and there But overall, the experience just rather bugged Am I wrong to feel this way Annoyed,Jen Dear Jen,first of all no, you are not wrong we all have our own truth we are all right and we are all wrong that is the nature of the human condition but actually, in this case, i do think you are wrong doesn t the inclusion of jarringly deep although, admittedly, a rather hackneyed and cliched version of deep comments actually make the character a bit than a jolly old santa condom clause why did you merely see him as a jolly old santa condom clause when he is clearly a character who has been fairly well developed, at least for a novella of this scope i think this is a case of missed expectations rather than any flaw of the writing and didn t you find the inclusion of God at various points to be an interesting surprise it was certainly an unusual and striking decision on the author s part, particularly in what is clearly designed to be a disposable bit of fluff the straightforward and non condescending inclusion of spiritual discussions sort of sets this bit of fluff apart it makes it a bit less fluffy i think that is a good thing _________________________Dear Abby,I appreciated the use of condoms I thought this book was adequate Am I wrong Didn t Laugh Myself Sick,Miriam Dear Miriam,first of all no, you are not wrong what is wrong anyway, and what is right they are both merely constructs, figments of imagination that this poor human race enjoys obsessing over back home on Robot Planet, we laugh at these silly human delusions and we ll still be laughing when my people come to join me here on Earth, to colonize and to turn you humans into our silly meat based workforce ha i dare say you all will no longer have the time to worry about what is right or wrong i do have to add that i also appreciated the condom use but a condom for oral sex that felt strange i know that that must happen, and it is certainly encouraged in safer sex messages, but my experience has been that this is rare very rare and yet it was so nonchalantly depicted in Dickens hmmm, well perhaps it was needed, if only to offer of the colored condom jokes that i felt were a bit too present in the novella._________________________Dear Abby,I liked this book It surprised me I liked the protagonist, the food porn, the God, the boning Given the season, this hit the spot Am I wrong Besides Myself In Worry Anticipation of Your Response,Karen Dear Karen,first of all no, you are not wrong you are actually never wrong that is why you are the 1 reviewer._________________________Dear Abby,I also liked this book It sure had some come in it Or should that be cum Whatever, I wrote a poem about it to get it off of my chest So to speak Was I wrong to do that Ecstatic,Caris Dear Caris,first of all yes, you are wrong there was a surprising lack of sperm in this book however, that was a splendid poem that you wrote i really enjoyed it you are a talented young man you should write a book __________________________Dear Abby,I thought this novella was cute for what it was However i was reminded of several things that disturb me, among them female representation in the media and the female audience female writers of slash fiction But does this have anything to do with Dickens or its male author I also had issues with the realism of the ocelot attack Am I wrong Increasingly Agitated But Not Really,Kat Dear Kat,first of all no, you are not wrong the world is wrong stupid, stupid world an ocelot attack, as if feh but you make some excellent points, points to consider i am actually unsure about Dickens place in this discussion of female representation because the idea that Dickens was written for a female audience is news to me the novella seemed tailored to the gay male audience although it was certainly a lot less sex tastic than other sorts of romantic gay novels, with deeper characterization and realistic behavior in general perhaps therein lies the appeal to the female audience i don t know well, actually, from my limited experience with romantic novels, i don t think so but the idea is very interesting to me ever since i first learned of it in college, and in many conversations since then, i have always been fascinated and continually surprised by female interest in m m romance and even gay porn both straight and queer women i just have never figured that one out some might say it is due to the idea of reclaiming roles, and or of putting yourself a woman into a role a gay male that perhaps has less automatic and less queasy issues around power and control or maybe some ladies just like to imagine themselves as dudes because it is not just transgressive, it is fun, it is freeing i dunno food for thought._________________________Dear Abby,I thought this was okay Blessedly brief The sex scenes were odd but okay, and fortunately did not work for me My ass shall remain unscathed Exit Only Am I wrong Fearful of Lasting Damage,Eh Eh Dear Eh Eh ,first of all no, you are not wrong much like choosing a faith, a career path, or a life partner the decision of whether to have or not to have ass adventures is a very personal decision that we all must eventually make in our lifetime but yes, actually, you are wrong c mon, it s the bomb don t let Dickens scare you away i say Go For It it s what all the cool kids are doing these days._________________________Dear Abby,So none of your little jokes, okay I do have a serious issue Reading this novella, commenting on it, writing reviews for a book group, and thinking of the community that Dickens was intended for well, after considering it all, it makes me uncomfortable Am I somehow fetishizing this community, am I guilty of being a kind of leering, voyeuristic, mocking Outsider Looking In, oh look at this silly community, let s all laugh at it now That is not who I am I am reminded of the many ways that women are fetishized and objectified, and the comparison is unsettling Am I wrong Concerned,Elizabeth Dear Elizabeth,first of all, you are not wrong i do think that RBRS skirted this uncomfortable issue, and as a queer man, i have to admit to feeling a little anxious, a little am i going to get pissed off about this but in the end, i felt the reviews didn t turn out to be a problem, at least not for me hell, i m not even sure if you were talking about the m m audience for romantic fiction, or for the female audience who appreciates m m fiction well, either way, i really appreciate your sensitivity it is so easy to mock and condescend to things, as an outsider looking in your mining of your own reactions, your uneasy contemplation of the gap between the goals of critical or even just plain snarky reviews and the goals of the community who enjoys novels like Dickens impressive i understand your discomfort it is something i ve struggled with as well when reading various genres i really just loved your review and your perspective.____________________Dear Abby,BUT WHAT ABOUT THE SEX SCENES MY GOD, ENOUGH ABOUT GOD BEING WRONG BEING SENSITIVE TO OUTSIDER COMMUNITIES ALL THAT BLITHER BLATHER WHAT ABOUT THE SEX About to Shoot Off Here Unless You Answer This Very Important Question,Josh Lanyon s Editor Dear Josh s Editor,well, they were okay for the most part, well done they didn t particularly amaze me, nothing to add to my personal spank bank, you know but they felt real and they weren t corny, so good job except maybe in the future, avoid the oddball metaphors please for example, semen should never never never be referred to as starfire please, never allow that to happen again.

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    Email To Mr Mrs CrisparkleEmail from Sedgewick CrisparkleDear mother and father,How are you enjoying Christmas there at home in sunny ha England Is father s vicarage going well Look, to put it plainly, I understand that I have only recently confessed to you that I am a gay man and that you are coming to grips with this Which is why I feel it is necessary to explain to you what happened to our precious family artifact as soon as possible Our treasured, undiscovered Christmas book by Dickens truly was a proud heirloom in our family and an excellent tradition that we have upheld all this time I m so grateful it was bequeathed to me so that I could sell it in order to finance my lifelong dream.However, a little while ago I met a man Three days ago to be exact We are in love Now, I understand you might be concerned about the fact that he has an extraordinarily sordid history with artifacts and that he spent two of our precious three days together lying and scheming to get our book However, he is a man of great character I presume I am positively hopeful that he actually did love me and is a good person on the inside despite his actions shown for the vast majority of our courtship He slept with me on the understanding that I would at least show him the book and thus, by my calculations, he would be willing to spend the rest of his life with me if I just give it to him I see this as perfectly justifiable and I m sure you will too once you actually meet him I m not sure when that will be since the future is currently hazy for us We have yet to discuss any permanent plans past me giving him this priceless and irreplaceable artifact and sex but I don t think you re ready to hear about that but I m sure we ll work that out in a satisfactory matter Once he comes back from getting us some milk Does milk take a long time to retrieve in LA I m sure nothing will happen to make me come to regret this decision.Your son,Sedgewick

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    2.5 stars This book had a ton of potential for me I really liked the concept of this story and the kind of nerdy, bookish main characters I even enjoyed the writing style in all of its over thesaurused glory And I love a sappy, lovey holiday story as much as the next gal, so bonus points for sap a tude However, there were a few issues that I had with this one that I can t overlook.First of all, the sex scenes What The Eff Cheesiness overload That pump and pull was like a hammer striking the golden frames of angel wings, pounding them into shining, glinting, pennons.I actually had to block out the writing during the sex scenes so I could enjoy the rest of the book And enjoy the book I did it is a mighty cute little story until the end, where Lanyon blew it view spoiler There is NO WAY Sedge would give a guy that he just met a 2 million dollar book and throw away his dreams of creating a school for needy children I mean, give me a break That is crazy talk And what was with the I ve been waiting for you forever and I love you stuff coming out of the blue They were barely on speaking terms like a moment before that I m not buying it Nope, na ah hide spoiler

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    There are dicks in this books And fucking A Christmas miracle Dicks Fuck Not a throbbing manhood in sight, no disturbing portrayals of sex as an out of body mystical experience, and a blessed absence of euphemisms Why aren t sex scenes written in everyday language instead of vulvas flowering like tropical orchids purple prose I mean, it still wasn t interesting, but at least I didn t laugh myself sick and feel embarrassed for the author Bonus points for including condoms and a sensible decision to not put food products in orifices Brandy, sodomy, and ocelots aside, this was a fairly straightforward story of a lonely rare book dealer who falls for a visiting British chemistry professor who has an unknown Dickens manuscript to sell Lanyon does an adequate job of establishing the attraction between the two characters, although since it takes place over only a few days their Love is hard to credit James passion for books was convincing as is the author s Plenty of allusions and puns here for booklovers.

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    That s it I can read no further Xmas stories this year as that is the most perfect Xmas story ever Melting true love and sticky waffles I say it every time, but godddamn Josh Lanyon can string words together and make something than the sum of the parts.

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    I think I did my part to dilute the importance found in underlining meaningful passages on this kindle edition For example, click on Popular Highlights for this book on kindle and you will find Bravery isn t the absence of fear, it s how you deal with being afraid Well That s very nice I m glad so many other people found this line really meaningful to them But I can get that kind of encouragement from watching a documentary on Patton or something It s hardly the kind of life lesson I really believe from a guy that I remember as the jolly old saint condom claus Also, other readers found this inspiring God hears all our prayers, but sometimes the answer is no I have no idea who these other underliners are, reading this on their kindles, but I ve got to say that God here was an interesting topic to bring up between the bedcovers and body souffle Here s a sample of what I chose to underline view spoiler Amused and horny not a bad state in which to find yourself when you re about to fuck with a handsome stranger I could feel my nutty professor smiling as he wrapped one long fingered hand around the base of my penis as though I were a peppermint stick and he was about to snack That pump and pull was like a hammer striking the golden frames of angel wings, pounding them into shining, glinting pennonswe bent our backs and worked this forge hide spoiler

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    RBRS lost trackBlessedly short Surprisingly prosaic plot with a mysterious past, dastardly villain, a misunderstanding, and two hot people hooking up Instead of a sassy gay friend, there is a dumpy hetero friend There was a lot stuffed into this small story Twss, with chocolate creme brulee body cream.The secksy scenes used some odd metaphors They were also blessedly brief TMI, but I was kind of relieved that none of them worked for me Exit only This is a text in wish fulfillment and immediate gratification Despite the thrust of the relationship, no pun intended, the omnipotent viewpoint described the feelings as being of the enduring kind Sadly, I don t think this pair would last beyond the holidays.

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