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    These are golden oldies, but all were worth listening to amazingly well read Congrats thanks to all the narrators at Librivox who donated their time wonderful voices to reading these so many others 1 The 4D DoodlerBy Graph Waldeyer Read by ElanorShades of Flatland A Romance of Many Dimensions2 Bread OverheadBy Fritz Leiber Read by Mark F SmithThere was a struggle for a lighter bread, although I doubt many remember the Wonderbread ads any I found it funny, though.3 Image Of The GodsBy Alan E Nourse Read by Jodi KrangleMore than a colonization story Pretty good.4 Martian V F W.By G.L Vandenburg Read by QhaliDidn t do a lot for me save remind me that our fascination with parades is fading.5 One ShotBy James Blish Read by Reynard T FoxWell read, but in a British accent that really didn t do the story any favors since it was set in NYC Very timely given the terrorism today Amazingly timely plain scary since it s probably all too close to the truth.6 Out Around RigelBy Robert H Wilson Read by AntonAn space opera lesson in relativity complete with swords.7 Pygmalion s SpectaclesBy Stanley G Weinbaum Read by Chrystal LaytonAnother amazingly timely story about VR.8 The RepairmanBy Harry Harrison Read by AntonNot a bad story, but the best line is one that doesn t appear in my anthology of Harrison s 50 stories Being an Interstellar troubleshooter wouldn t be so bad if I could shoot the trouble I ll have to remember that one since I m a computer troubleshooter have often felt the same way.9 Toy ShopBy Harry Harrison Read by Cori SamuelPossibly the best story in the collection Have a problem view spoiler that needs RD for something you can t get Big Money interested in hide spoiler

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    I m getting ready to listen to all 60 odd of these volumes on LibriVox Wish me luck

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    Ye Olde Sci Fie stories.They re old fashioned with misogyny all over the place, thinly veiled Cold War references and really sketchy science But all the stories are entertaining and a good listen for a commute or while doing chores.The quality of the readers as per usual with Librivox is top notch.

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    Audiobook by LibriVox

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    See individual story reviews.

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    This is a collection of short sci fi stories in the public domain and, therefore, written many years ago which are amusing mainly for the ideas about future technology lots of photo cells, homing beacons, and space travel, but none of them predicted the internet , in a world in which every woman is called a girl even the female robot and one is admired for her trim ankles The stories are as follows The 4D Doodler a Wrinkle in Time did it better.Bread Overhead My favorite of the collection, featuring, yes, flying bread.Image of the Gods Avatar and Pocahontas did it better.Martian VFW the ending was predictable, but at least it wasn t predictably happy.One Shot not terribly sciency.Out Around Rigel If this guy had read pretty much any story involving space travel, he would have known.Pygmalion s Spectacles I rolled my eyes through most of it, but the ending made me smile.The Repairman My second favorite in this collection I kept thinking there would be a surprise ending, like the guy visiting a far away planet to repair an ancient beacon turns out to be visiting Earth thousands of years in the future It doesn t But it s kinda funny and interesting.The Toy Shop forgetable.Warning from the Stars I listened to this 3 times and when I went to write this review, I still couldn t remember what it was about Turns out, it s about extraterrestrials trying to prevent the Cold War.

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    This collection is REALLY mediochre Not terrible, but not particularly exciting or full of depth It was fine for playing in the background while I was working, but I wouldn t invest much effort into truly listening to the stories.

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Short Science Fiction Collection 001 download Short Science Fiction Collection 001 , read online Short Science Fiction Collection 001 , kindle ebook Short Science Fiction Collection 001 , Short Science Fiction Collection 001 7e4c6cf17640 Science Fiction Abbreviated SF Or Sci Fi With Varying Punctuation And Case Is A Broad Genre Of Fiction That Often Involves Sociological And Technical Speculations Based On Current Or Future Science Or Technology This Is A Reader Selected Collection Of Short Stories Originally Published Between And , That Entered The US Public Domain When Their Copyright Was Not Renewed The D DoodlerBy Graph Waldeyer Read By Elanor Bread OverheadBy Fritz Leiber Read By Mark F Smith Image Of The GodsBy Alan E Nourse Read By Jodi Krangle Martian V F WBy GL Vandenburg Read By Qhali One ShotBy James Blish Read By Reynard T Fox Out Around RigelBy Robert H Wilson Read By Anton Pygmalion S SpectaclesBy Stanley G Weinbaum Read By Chrystal Layton The RepairmanBy Harry Harrison Read By Anton Toy ShopBy Harry Harrison Read By Cori Samuel Warning From The StarsBy Ron Cocking Read By Rowdy Delany