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    You know those tedious shows where they tell you to imagine you ve been sent to a desert island, and what will you bring with you For example, which book As it happens, I have direct information to supply here When I was about 9, we went off on an extended visit to Italy My mother is Italian, but, for various complicated reasons, I have never learned to speak the language, even though it would probably have been the easiest thing in the world So, I was already a book addict, and I was going to spend several months in a place where English books were almost impossible to find.My well meaning parents reminded me that I should pack plenty of reading material But, with somewhat unfortunate timing, I had just discovered Isaac Asimov Specifically, I had just discovered Fantastic Voyage I was a geeky, junior scientist kind of 9 year old, and I thought this book was the most amazing thing I had ever read I mean, they wow they, like, shrink this submarine down to the size of a blood corpuscle and they inject it into this guy s bloodstream and they have to get into his brain and zap the clot with a laser lasers had just been invented before it kills him, but they take a wrong turn and need to go though his heart and then his lungs and then Anyway, you probably don t want all the details, but there s even a hot chick in there I had recently noticed that the world, among many other interesting things, contained hot chicks, and Cora, who s quite appropriately played by Raquel Welch in the movie, made the book completely perfect I decided that I was only going to take Fantastic Voyage with me No other book was necessary I could never get tired of this masterpiece.Alas I m afraid to say I was wrong Wonderful though it was, on the third re reading I no longer liked it as much, and I don t think I even finished it the fifth time around So, first of all, if you re being sent to a desert island, try and bribe someone to let you bring at least half a dozen books But, second, if you have a geeky 9 year old kid and you re stuck for birthday present ideas, consider giving them a copy of Fantastic Voyage Even though they ll probably change their mind after a while, they may think it s the greatest book they ve ever read for at least a month.

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    Fantastic Voyage, Isaac Asimov Fantastic Voyage is a 1966 American science fiction film directed by Richard Fleischer and written by Harry Kleiner Bantam Books obtained the rights for a paperback novelization based on the screenplay and approached Isaac Asimov to write it Because the novelization was released six months before the movie, many people mistakenly believed the film was based on Asimov s book.Four men and one woman reduced to a microscopic fraction of their original size, boarding a miniaturized atomic sub and being injected into a dying man s carotid artery Passing through the heart, entering the inner ear where even the slightest sound would destroy them, battling relentlessy into the cranium Their objectiveto reach a blood clot and destroy it with the piercing rays os a laser At stakethe fate of the entire world 1992 1363 1368 386 1371

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    You don t have to prove anything to me, Asimov I m willing to give authors like you unlimited B.S license I can enjoy a well written, well structured, well pondered and absolutely ludicrous sci fi novel.But I didn t get that I got conversations like this Paraphrased, okay, as the Proteus moves through the lungs OWENS Oh crap, we re losing air.MICHAELS Did we just kill Benes I mean, when that air de miniaturizes there ll be like big boils appearing on his chest and rending his organsOWENS No, because sciencey nonsense We need the air, though Otherwise, we suffocate.GRANT Well, we re in a lung Why not just surface CORA Great idea, Grant OWENS No, that wouldn t work Everybody glares Think about how big the atoms are at our current size It d be like trying to breathe sand.GRANT Well, does this ship have a miniaturizer OWENS Yes it does We can shrink the air down to our level MICHAELS And how are we then getting it into the sub OWENS We can suck it in using this tube I just found.MICHAELS You expect air to go through that Objectively speaking, that tube is about as wide around as an antibody molecule Ever heard of surface tension OWENS sciencey nonsense DUVAL Excuse me, but do you have a moment to discuss our Lord and Savior MICHAELS That s it Duval s the traitor Everygody gawks at Michaels.DUVAL What MICHAELS I m not suggesting anything.CORA I just want to mention that I don t want anybody to be treating me differently on account of my sex.GRANT Hold on This isn t going to work Even if we could somehow capture and shrink all the air in Benes lungs structures about the size of Vermont and New Hampshire, respectively we d have and let me do some calculations here 2 lungfuls of air Is anyone listening And so on.The constant scientific excuses in this book just make the premise silly, and distract from its promise cell fighting action and spectacular imagery.Yes, I know it s dark in my body Yes, I know that light waves would have a hard time reflecting properly in tiny eyes like these I still wanna see some giant red blood cells, dammit But no They ve gotta be straw colored, or even blue Why, do you ask Not because blood is blue and turns red when it reaches the air that s a myth that was likely started after this book was written Apparently, radiation wavelength increases as you grow smaller in relation the objects from which it emanates.Well, okay That makes sense Except for that, y know, these people shrank to like a millionth their original size Let s take a quick look at the wavelengths of visible light Yellow 590 nmBlue 480 nmRed about 700 nmBy this logic, the passengers of the Proteus would have experienced the kinds of color changes described if they had shrunk to 84% their original size or 68% original size, for the blue effect If light expanded relative to them at the rate at which they shrunk, those cells would be the color of and let me do some calculations here radio waves FM to be exact.Let s not even talk about the radiation the scientists use to track the Proteus across the body also, nuclear subs in the bloodstream are kinda harmful , the laser that slices up the blood clot how d they get that thing to work underwater, anyway , the radio waves keeping the clock in sync with the full size world s time only explanation I know for the clock slowing down even though it shrank with the rest of the ship.Okay Calm down I promised unlimited license to bullshit, didn t I Well, here s the real problem with these straw colored blood cells They re silly They re too abstract I think most of us who picked up this book have a certain image in our head when we think red blood cells those of us who didn t could have looked at the flippin cover , and that vision involves them being, well, red Take away that essential feature, and what s in your mind s eye What s a straw colored blood cell I don t know I m floating in a sea of words with no images to guide me Asimov could theoretically have overcome this with some arresting descriptive language, but he didn t He doesn t bother to describe at all Instead, he fills a huge amount of this work huge at least for a book called Fantastic Voyage with dialogue And some of this dialogue is interesting Grant and Michaels musing over the identity of the traitor, Grant s early attempts to woo Cora but it all gets tedious.What this books suffers from is a lack of the sense of wonder necessary to deliver this kind of premise What it scores in is characters Clich d as they are, Cora, Grant, Duval and Michaels are lovable, and so is Owens, in a no real personality sort of way Ditto Carter and the other guys in normal size land.And I have to give Harry Kleiner credit, for being able to push these guys into every part of the human body when a trip from the neck to the brain was their original plan He was a man with true inventiveness and manipulative skill.He sent these characters on the scenic route Only problem is, we re not there with them they re telling us about it, some time later, and they don t have any pictures to show us.

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    I actually ended up liking this than I thought I would The book sometimes feels its age with its Cold War undertones and occasionally clumsy dialogue but, nevertheless, I was genuinely caught up in the misadventures of the Proteus crew as they journeyed into the human body.

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    Fantastic Voyage by Isaac Asimov was actually a re read for me But it has been many moons since I was in my hard core science fiction phase like 30 years or so and so I couldn t resist adding this one to the list when I saw that it would fit into the Birth Year Challenge that I m doing.Fantastic Voyage is not an original Asimov story That tells just a bit It is a novelization of the movie and it involves the minaturization of a crew of scientists and doctors in an atomic sub who are then injected into a dying man s carotid artery They make a dangerous journey through the heart and lungs and even the inner ear where the slightest sound may be enough to destroy them It s not enough that they have to make this journey battling against the defenses of the man s bodybut there seems to be within their midst a traitor Equipment begins to fail and there are a string of accidents is it just coincidence or is there someone who would prefer that the mission fail Forstanding in the balance is not just one man s life.but possibly the fate of the world The dying man is a great scientist who has defected from The Other Side of the Cold War it s amazing how Russia is never named and who holds a great secret in his brain The crew s mission is to operate on a blood clot that threatens that secret a blood clot that cannot be reached from the outside.There is plenty of action and a little bit of romance between the token female and the hero feminists might have a problem with some of the dialogue and action, but one would do well to remember that it is a product of its time The identity of the possible traitor is a well kept secret until the end and the reader is left to guess until then And, if one didn t know that this was written during a time of happy endings, one might even wonder if the mission were going to be successful.Asimov rarely disappoints particularly when the material is all his and has not done so here Even though I can tell that this is not pure Asimov, it is still a very good story and a fun and exciting read I gave it four stars when I read it beforethree and a half now.This review was first posted on my blog My Reader s Block Please request permission before reposting Thanks.

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    Isaac Asimov agreed to write the novelization of Fantastic Voyage on the condition that he be allowed to make it as scientifically accurate as possible He successfully achieves this, while preserving nay, magnifying the sexual tension between our hero, Hunk Heartthrob, and the Frigid Highly Professional but Properly Subordinate Beautiful Assistant to the Temperamental Genius Moreover, Dr Asimov sews up several glaring plot holes and answers many of the crucial questions the movie leaves open, such as What s the name of the structure in the inner ear that holds the sensory hair cells Spoiler it s the organ of Corti An intriguing mix of Asimov, the pedantic scientist and Asimov, the horny old goat, this story will earn you two credits of human anatomy at your local college, yet will still warm your heart, just as H.H finally warms Beautiful Assistant s, uh, heart Oops another spoiler, but only if you haven t seen the movie.

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    Caro Asimov, questo non me lo dovevi fare, si vede lontano un miglio che questo romanzo non tuo, non c empatia verso i personaggi, non c quell atmosfera particolare che solo tu puoi ricreare e poi non posso credere che un grande scrittore, quale tu eri, ti sia fatto convincere a scrivere un romanzo su una sceneggiatura di un film, non ci credo Comunque sia ne sono rimasto delusissimo, troppi dialoghi ed anche, per la maggior parte, banali, caratterizzazione dei personaggi carente.Per , ho letto che ne sei rimasto insoddisfatto del risultato finale e come non potevi e hai deciso, dopo 20 anni, di scriverne uno tutto tuo, sullo stesso argomento Destinazione cervello , l che mi attende e so che non mi deluderai lo spero D

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    VOTO 4Opera di Asimov divertente, originale e godibilissima, sebbene estremamente ingenua sotto il profilo dell anatomia e della biologia umana Ma non trattandosi di un saggio scientifico la cosa ampiamente giustificabile.

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    Il mio primo Asimov risale a pi di dieci anni fa e a un estate calda e pigra era un tomo rigido tutto nero e oro in cui erano raccolti i quattro libri del ciclo della Fondazione Era immenso, sembrava un ostacolo insormontabile ed stato un ottimo compagno nelle mie giornate estive.Il bello di Isaac Asimov che parla di cose apparentemente complicatissime in modo semplice, chiaro, pulito e cos ti trascina con s nel suo mondo, qualunque esso sia Asimov uno di quegli autori che spesso vengono etichettati e racchiusi in una categoria e in questo caso, la categoria fantascienza, noiosa e complicata, roba da nerd E sorvolando sul fatto che la roba da nerd sia in realt qualcosa di spettacolare Asimov non solo viaggi spaziali e macchine robotiche Asimov era un biochimico, un divulgatore scientifico prolifico, un appassionato dello studio del corpo umano.Tra i suoi libri dedicati al corpo umano c Il cervello umano , un saggio di fisiologia pazzesco, e Il corpo umano, che sto cercando in ogni libreria dell usato che mi capita a tiro E c anche uno dei suoi romanzi pi famosi Viaggio allucinante.Viaggio allucinante la storia di un mondo in guerra, diviso tra noi e loro e la storia di un mondo che si contende una scoperta scientifica che pu rivoluzionare tutto, che pu salvare o rovinare il mondo stesso Un famoso scienziato il custode di questa scoperta scientifica incredibile ma durante un attentato viene ferito e sviluppa un embolo al cervello.Non c modo di operare il famoso scienziato senza rischiare di comprometterne l intelletto e non si pu rischiare di perdere per sempre la scoperta che pu rivoluzionare il mondo Per questo motivo si decide di compiere qualcosa mai sperimentato prima miniaturizzare un sottomarino e raggiungere l embolo tramite i vasi sanguigni.Cinque persone salgono a bordo del sottomarino un fisiologo, esperto del sistema circolatorio un ingegnere, progettista del sottomarino un neurochirurgo, che dovr rimuovere l embolo l assistente del neurochirurgo, per garantire un minimo di quota rosa in questo team e un agente segreto, il cui compito sorvegliare gli altri membri dell equipaggio per prevenire ogni possibile tentativo di sabotaggio.Affascinante seguire le vicende per capire chi sia il traditore a bordo della navicella ma ancora pi affascinante vedere il corpo umano dall interno, nelle descrizioni di Asimov il circolo sanguigno, gli alveoli polmonari, il circolo linfatico, il tessuto nervoso non sono pi semplici cellule sdraiate su un vetrino, ma diventano lo sfondo delle vicende di questo libro E sebbene sia uno dei libri meno riusciti di Asimov a detta dello scrittore stesso, che lo ha scritto su commissione seguendo la sceneggiatura del film omonimo , Viaggio allucinante stato per me una piacevolissima lettura e credo sia un ottimo punto di partenza per incuriosirsi verso il corpo umano, o verso le opere di Asimov Trovi altre mie letture su Escherichia libri

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    Needed a sci fi book for summer reading program Caught my eye on shelf I must have seen this movie half dozen times on tv on the Saturday afternoon matinee It read exactly like the movie as book was written after as tie in to original story and movie, from what I understand The library copy was even an original old hardcover.

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