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In Memory Yet Green: The Autobiography of Isaac Asimov, 1920-1954 pdf In Memory Yet Green: The Autobiography of Isaac Asimov, 1920-1954, ebook In Memory Yet Green: The Autobiography of Isaac Asimov, 1920-1954, epub In Memory Yet Green: The Autobiography of Isaac Asimov, 1920-1954, doc In Memory Yet Green: The Autobiography of Isaac Asimov, 1920-1954, e-pub In Memory Yet Green: The Autobiography of Isaac Asimov, 1920-1954, In Memory Yet Green: The Autobiography of Isaac Asimov, 1920-1954 1b06a6990a4 The Good Doctor S Two Hundredth Book The Amazing Isaac Asimov Has Once Taken Pen In Hand To Tackle His Most Fascinating Subject To Date Himself In This First Volume Of His Autobiography He Recounts In His Candid And Inimitable Manner His Life S Work In Science, Science Fiction, And Practically Everything ElseBeginning In The Beginning, Asimov Tells Of His Family S Emigration From Russia When He Was Only Three We See The Young Isaac, Barely Than A Toddler, Determined To Decipher Brooklynese Intrigued By Signs In The New Language, He Taught Himself To Read And Whizzed Through School As A Child Prodigy, Without Modesty, Getting A S In Everything Except Deportment In His Early Years At School He Befriended A Talkative Little Boy Who Held Isaac Spellbound With His Stories This Was Isaac S First Introduction To Fiction, And Soon Afterward He Began To Borrow Science Fiction Magazines From The Rack In His Father S Candy Store, Reading Them In Secret, And Returning Them Still Looking Like NewEntering College At The Age Of Fifteen, He Emerged With A Doctorate In Chemistry From Columbia University Then There Were His Stints At The Navy Yard In Philadelphia During World War II And In The Army For Once The Military Couldn T Fail To Recognize A Genius , His First Marriage, And His Years Teaching Biochemistry To Standing Ovations From His Classes At Boston University Medical School All This Time He Was Rising To Prominence As A Storyteller, Author Of The Foundation Trilogy And Nightfall, And Laying The Groundwork For His Future As Our Most Outstanding Diverse Science WriterIn Short, This Is A Book Where The Man Who Has Been Called A National Resource And A Natural Wonder Tells How He Got To Be That Way A Treasure Trove For Asimov Fans Of All Ages, All Walks Of Life

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    Re read just as tremendous as I remembered The page where he describes, at age 21, hitting his home run My status on that evening of March 18 was as nothing than a steady and perhaps hopeful third rater The Golden Age was in full swing and it contained, already, such brilliant stars as Heinlein and Van Voigt Surely no one could possibly have thought I would ever be considered comparable to these With that background, I put a piece of paper in the typewriter, typed the title, which Campbell and I had agreed should be Nightfall then began the story Did I have any notion that after thirty one stories ranging from impossibly bad to mildly good, I was going to write the best science fiction story of all time How could I Yet some people think exactly that of Nightfall Thirty years later, when a poll was conducted of the members of the Science Fiction Writers of America, Nightfall finished in first place by a healthy margin Other polls, under other conditions, also put it in first place Yet, I swear he added a paragraph to this addition grumbling about blood transfusions This only would make sense had Asimov revised this work on his deathbed for I believe he was among the first to die of AIDS from contaminated blood.

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    When Isaac Asimov gets going on a subject, he can write extensively on it This is Volume I of his autobiography, over 1,000 pages.When his publisher first proposed this, he mentioned nothing ever happened to him He tells the joke on himself, when he shows up with this huge manuscript, the publisher wonders aloud what it would be like if something HAD happened to him But it is not just about Asimov It tells a lot about the history and customs in the US from 1920 to 1954 It contains lots of information on the pulp indstry and publishing in the 1920 s and 1930 s It contains a large number of personal anecdotes some funny, some sad.If you like Isaac Asimov and I do ,a lot this autobiography contains a great deal of interest I have always found Asimov a good story teller, and this is a good story.Recommended for fans of autobiographies fans of SF, and especailly fans of Isaac Asimov.

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    Perhaps the most salient thing I gleaned from In Memory Yet Green The Autobiography of Isaac Asimov, 1920 1954 was that Isaac Asimov had a major case of Asperger s going, even if no one had identified the syndrome yet at the time he wrote this first extensive volume of his autobiography From his often particular memories of even the most trivial events, to his clearly well above average intelligence coupled with his resistance to conventional education, as well as his frequent social awkwardness and cluelessness and his obvious ability to go on at length about one favorite subject, Asimov is almost a textbook case of an Aspie Note I am not a clinician, but I do have Asperger s, and the signs are unmistakeable to a fellow Aspie That Asimov so obviously succeeded beyond his wildest expectations, both professionally and literarily although the bulk of that is left to In Joy Still Felt The Autobiography of Isaac Asimov, 1954 1978, the second volume of his autobiography , should inspire Aspies, both newly diagnosed and old hats, that they can excel also.It s equally clear that, for all his early self questioning, Asimov s sense of his own ego was, shall we say, healthy The man loved to talk about himself, as is obvious from over 1400 pages of memoirs, when he still had a full twelve years of career left before his death, but what redeems what would be obnoxious in almost everyone else is that Asimov is simultaneously self deprecating and hugely engaging Not for nothing was Asimov a popular public speaker and man about town That he was also an unrepentant lecher and philanderer, to boot becomes evident from Asimov s own admissions, beginning here Add to that that Asimov obviously was one of the most skillful writers of science fiction ever to have lived, and the overall effect of In Memory Yet Green is quite enjoyable.Nevertheless, there are some downsides to the book First, it starts off incredibly slowly Before Asimov gets into the meat and potatoes of his career, along with a fascinating history of early 20th Century science fiction and SF F fandom, the narrative is somewhat slow Second, as a or less Orthodox Jew myself, I found Asimov s repeated denigration of observant Judaism, particularly in the first half of In Memory Yet Green, a bit grating At the same time, however, once Asimov starts telling of the origins of the World Science Fiction Convention and the famous Futurians, and of the careers of Robert A Heinlein, Frederik Pohl, Harlan Ellison, and L Sprague de Camp to name but a small few whom Asimov counted as longtime friends , In Memory Yet Green becomes fascinating, if not indispensable And I can forgive Asimov s criticism of organized religion, if only because not once does he dispense with his profound cultural and social identification with Jews and Jewishness a friend who enjoys the Eastern European Jewish delicacy p tcha was quite amused and appreciative of Asimov s loving of same This connection with Judaism resonated, particularly when Asimov told of the running undercurrent during his time at the Philadelphia Navy Yard during World War II that many of the military personnel in Philadelphia believed the war was being fought on behalf of the Jews, against American interests having recently read Joseph W Bendersky s The Jewish Threat Anti Semitic Politics Of The U.S Army, which posits much the same thesis academically So ultimately, In Memory Yet Green, despite a few false starts and irritating elements, was quite an entertaining read, and I do recommend it to those who wonder how modern science fiction got to be the phenomenon it is today.

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    I have read this book a couple of times Some it was laughing out loud funny, some poignant This and the sequel I re read during one of my exercise kicks and they were the only books that could distract me from the monotony of the exercise bike.

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    I loved every page of this This was one of the first biographies I read as a kid It made me realize that even common lives are interesting.

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    A fun and unexpectedly funny autobiography Learned a lot about the psyche of the New York immigrant pre WW2 and about the various elements of life that only a Russian born Jew living in Brooklyn could write about.

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    The Good Doctor s autobiography of his first thiry four years, as told in excruciating detail according to The Good Doctor himself.

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    Isaac Asimov is one of the few people who can make their autobiography interesting He may sound like he s bragging but there s no escaping a fact he s a Master of Science Fiction and denying it would be ridiculous It s interesting for writers to see his mind at work and will answer any questions fans of what happened behind the scenes while he was writing his stories.

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    Mostly entertaining, though he does go off the rails occasionally I enjoyed the take on NYC before I was born.

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    708 pages of unbelievably minute details of the life of Isaac Asimov He kept a detailed journal all his life and used it to fill not only this volume but also In Joy Still Felt which is the sister book to this While spreading 34 years over 708 pages might seem a tad much, it s not at all Isaac mentions events going on in the world around him that he followed along with his daily personal experiences The only time it didn t fit well with me was when the Korean War was mentioned quite often but completely in footnotes and often after such mundane events as his infant son getting his first tooth If I didn t so admire Asimov before reading this, I might actually greatly dislike or even despise him after He was brutally honest about his first 34 years including how it worked very hard to avoid getting drafted into WW2 and how he continued to work tirelessly after he was finally drafted into the Army after the war ended to get discharged Later he mentions his first affair in detail and goes on to mention that there were many others after that Luckily, since I m 34 myself at the time of reading it, I am not greatly in need of role models so I can go on adoring the man s writing and not feel at all bad about it.

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