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    Out of the Stud Club series this is the book I was most leery of reading In the first two books, Julian Bellamy just came across as whiny, pain in the butt, out solely for revenge I just couldn t come to like him at all but TD changed by mind in leads and bounds with Three Nights with a Scoundrel Julian Bellamy is a trendsetter, a scoundrel and out to seek who killed his friend and founder of the Stud Club For months now he s been out seeking the truth, one he thinks he knows whom the true target was in the murder, and that was him Julian hides a deep past, one he s been trying to juggle for many years now and when things start to crash around him, he feels his has only one last duty to perform before his past and the killer catches up with him find Leo s killer and protect Leo s sister, Lily, at all cost and that s getting her married He doesn t count on Lily and her only having one man on her mind to be with and that s him As Julian s past start rushing to catch up with him, Julian tries to protect Lily not only from the darkness but from himself, but it s going to be Lily and their love for one another whom saves Julian in the end I was floored with TNWAS and I shall admit here and now that I fell hard for Julian, he stole my heart and any doubt that may have linger, was quickly pushed aside as I learned about Julian At the start you were given hints that there may be to Julian then meets the eye, which would be an understatement Born on the streets with a mother whom also happen to be deaf, Julian saw a lot of darkness, hunger, cold and at a young age decided he wanted , he wanted to be able to take care of his mother and not worry about where their next meal would come from Then after his mother s death, Julian vows that he ll make all those peers follow him, and with a little luck and smarts, Julian is on his way to put those in their places, until one night he meets Lily and falls in love Julian was out to prove all those whom looked down upon him and others as a child, wrong, to prove and make something of himself through any means necessary When s around Lily he feels like he can truly be himself and not the joker, the life or the party of something else, but himself He feels a deep tug of war between his feelings for Lily, his not so clean past and the need to protect her While he fights these emotions, he knows he s in a losing battle and his heart screams out to belong, to be loved again Along the way he does stumble and fall, but it s the getting up and dusting himself off, that was what won me over How kind and gentle he was toward Lily is what won my heart toward him He loved Lily so much he was scared, truly scared And some of us know that love can be a scary thing, and how it transforms not only your life but your heart and soul Julian was scared about these changes, but scared that if Lily found out whom he truly was, he would lose her, and didn t feel he could ever truly deserve her Even by the time of Leo s death, Julian was getting tried of the life he was leading, and the act he played for so long, he wanted a life Everything about Julian was so imperfect, he was perfect in his imperfection He was everything good that came from living hard and having a hard life, but he was truly good and although it took him some time to see it, he was willing to risk it all in the sake of his heart, his love and he held my heart strings and I loved him for it After losing her hearing Lily backed off from going out to parties and such, not that she was shy or hurt, but he felt those around her wouldn t understand Through Leo s help she was able to still go out, but after Leo s death she felt cut off from the world Expect her friendship with Julian she clung on to, as she saw what Leo s death did to him Lily knew her brother, he was her twin, and knew Leo along with herself didn t want Julian to keep punishing himself for not being there in that moment to help Leo Just because Lily didn t have her hearing didn t mean she didn t listen to her heart and used her spine of steel to get the job done Lily kept putting her foot down when Julian tried to push her into an unwanted marriage, and kept putting her foot down, when he would go out of his way to protect her from harm and the truth Lily wasn t..well a gentle flower like her namesake, she was a strong woman, but also scared of being alone and coming to terms with her feelings When Lily tries out a plan to get Julian back to the living that he once enjoyed doing, she surprised to see the change in him, a depth she s always know he had within Lily puts it upon her self to get Julian out of the trouble and darkness he has lived in And through strength of love, she s able to do just that, while not an easy job well worth it for the man she loves Lily gave the gift of love and belonging to Julian and Julian gave Lily to strength to walk out of her shell she placed herself in and be free, to feel the beat of the music, to enjoy life once Lily put up a lot with Julian overprotectiveness, but it s her love for him that finally leads him from hiding in the darkness and into the light The pace of this book, flowed very smoothly, not faced paced but at a steady speed, with guest cameo appearances by the other two couples in the Stud series, the spotlight was always on Lily and Julian Everything tied up very nicely even with a very sweet epilogue at the end that gave this already great book a cheery on top This book had such a strong message to it that made this book ever perfect in my eyes Accepting and loving those around you for whom they truly are.Overall an fantastic ending to this wonderful trilogy, I loved this book to bits and adore TD s writing even after making a not so likeable guy into an all time favorite hero of mine, giving this hero a truly great HEA with acception and most of all love.

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    This is neither Tessa Dare s funniest book, nor her darkest, but to me it s probably the sweetest book she s written and also probably my favourite of hers There are not many authors who manage to create two characters who are perfect for each other But I think Tessa Dare has shown than once how brilliantly she brings the characteristics of her protagonists out, only for them and us the reader to realise that they re perfect for each other Lily Chatwick and Julian Bellamy funny coincidence that Dare chose two names Lily and Julian that I don t particularly like are one of those few characters which I found hard to let go once I had finished the book, simply because saying goodbye felt like leaving two astonishingly lovely people behind We have a subplot that builds the arc for this series The Stud Club Thankfully, the sillyness of the name is being mocked by several characters throughout the books It s the mysterious murder of Lily s brother Leo Julian was particularly close to Leo and found in his friendships to Leo and Lily a certain belonging that he had not experienced ever since the tragic death of his mother Not much is known of Julian He s a bastard, the father is unknown but he s a driven character Someone who from an early age on wants to do much, much better than society has in store for him He creates a double life The rakish Julian Bellamy at night with his his sophisticated group of friends, a member of the Ton, a trendsetter whose style is being copied In this group of people he s assumed the bastard son of an aristocrat At day, however, he s Jamie Bell, supposedly a clerk in an investment company that he secretly owns though and which provides the clothes and accessories needed for Julian Bellamy s trendsetting fashion This contains a second subplot that becomes important towards the end of the book.Julian has been in love with his best friend s sister Lily from the first time he met her, and Lily is just as much in love with him However, Julian hides some dark secrets and has made questionable choices in his life Nonetheless, the unconventional affection that Leo and Lily have shown him, leads to Julian becoming obsessed with finding Leo s murderer and making him a fierce protector of Lily Lily lost her hearing, but was able to live a social life with her brothers support With him gone, Julian feels responsible to see her wed off to a man of her station who will show her all the love and devotion and respect that he wants for her We know that this is never going to happen but it s heartbreaking to see Julian s inner struggle Let go of the love his life or make her a part of his double life that he s grown so tired of Add to that the fact that he blames himself for Leo s murder because he chose to spend the night of the murder with another woman and not with Leo, and we have a tortured, guilt ridden hero All this, minus the feelings between Julian and Lily, happens in the first book of the series He can be over protective where Lily is concerned but I never felt that he was patronising Lily is, despite her deafness, a strong woman The loss of her brother reminds her to pursue the things that are important in life And pursue she does Her love for Julian is unconditional and she won t shy away to defy social convention Julian pushes her away, feeling unworthy due to his background and the double life he leads Her strength shines through when Julian reminds her what it means to flout social convention She asks him if he s talking about the same social conventions that left the young Julian in the gutter to fend for himself.These two remarkable people admit their love to each other very early into the book and I found it refreshing The question is never if they love each other, but whether their lives are compatible For Julian, who has lived in the darkness for too long, it is impossible and it is Lily s unconditional love, her strength, her wisdom and her positivism that drags Julian slowly into the light Julian, one of the most swoonworthy heroes I ve come across, slowly coaxes Lily out of her shell that she created after becoming deaf He shows her ways to experience sounds in different ways He fills the silence of her life with sounds she can feel Julian is a hero to die for Another aspect that I liked very much is how Tessa Dare managed the love scenes They aren t randomly thrown in because they re part of the genre as it sadly happens with so many other authors They re beautifully written and very steamy, but most importantly, they convey the deepening relationship between Julian and Lily They leave a sense of Yep, these two are truly mad about each other There are two minor quibbles I had with the story One was the fact that Julian s mother had been a deaf mute Talk about convenience when pairing him with a deaf woman Secondly, the slightly excessive self flagellation that Julian shows when he thinks he s unworthy of Lily s love But taking everything into consideration, I really didn t care enough to take a star off They didn t bother me in the slightest The character and plot development, the prose, the romance were perfect.

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    Wow, Three Nights with a Scoundrel wraps up the Stud Club Trilogy and all I can say is, I never saw that coming I m not exactly sure how I can review this book without going on and on and on, and then give away too much of the plot and the truth about who killed Leo I know others have managed to write wonderful reviews, but I m at a loss Please bear with me as I ramble my way through this review.I ve always loved Leo s idea of the Stud Club, and figured he started it just to be magnanimous, to be a good person I now know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Leo created this club for the very reasons he claimed he did so that everyone could belong, not just those who are wealthy and accepted by society, but also for those who are not, and with the circumstances of his death being revealed, I admire him all the for it I definitely adore Julian, which was something I wasn t sure would happen He came across as quite the unlikeable guy in the previous two books because of the way he put on airs, as he seemingly considered himself better than those around him Well, now we understand why, and I ve come to love him both for the man he is, and the man he is not. I also loved Lily, her quiet nature, unobtrusive yet so very smart, such an amazing lady She was underestimated by everyone around her, even those who knew her best, thinking that her deafness meant she was somehow less able to manage things or to take care of herself So this opportunity we had to get to know the real Lily was such a treat In addition to her wisdom, she was so full of love, so giving and understanding that not only was she able to function on her own, she was able to look out for and take care of everyone around her Even when they didn t think they need her to.I think the Stud Club, and the mystery surrounding Leo s death was an excellent foundation for this trilogy We watched his family and friends try to deal with this generous man s tragic death, some coping better than others Sometimes there s no way to understand, no resolution that can make us better able to accept the loss Sometimes, that s just the way it happens We can t always gain an understanding of why fate steps in and changes lives direction, or takes life, but it happens, and those left behind to grieve often times do go out of their way searching for answers answers they never find Or don t quite expect Such is the case with Leo s death and those dearest to him, who so desperately needed the truth, but as they learned, the truth, the knowledge doesn t always help because their pain still exists their loved one is still gone The real challenge they face is learning to go on, living their lives in a way that would have made Leo proud My only regret as this trilogy comes to an end, is that even though we did get to know him better in this book, we didn t get to spend, in my opinion, enough time with Leo He was a male most worthy of his own story and a happily ever after With whomever he chose.

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    Tropes Wallflower spinster, Best Friend s Sibling, Friends to Lovers, Class Difference, Hidden Mistaken Identity, Scars her 2.5 3 starsLacks TD s trademark humour, and the love obstacle was resolved too quickly.Then again I like the female lead and her challenges to accept and adapt to her deafness Buuut, the main lead was too much of a manwhore.

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    I ve given this an A for narration and an A for content at AudioGals.This is the final book in Tessa Dare s Stud Club trilogy , and while I ve enjoyed the others, Three Nights with a Scoundrel is the strongest of the three, and my personal favourite The mystery that has run through all three books surrounding the death of Lord Leo Chatwick is satisfactorily concluded, the central romance is truly touching and the two protagonists make an exceptionally well drawn and engaging couple.You can read the rest of this review at AudioGals.

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    You know, I m starting to really appreciate the rawness of TD s earlier works The love scenes are pretty intense and passionate which really works for me.So why isn t this a 5 It s actually like 3.5, rounded to 4 Well, I don t like Heroes who sleep around even if it was BEFORE he and heroine actually got together too much A little experience, fine A LOT of experience, to the extent of being able to string garters collected from paramours all across a Gentleman s club, is TOO MUCH Hard for me to really like a man when he s really a man whore And typically, if you are a man whore, you should have a very good reason you do it to give the bird literally to the upper class cuz you hate them is not a very good reason in my opinion.And even then, from earlier books, I just didn t like the hero all that much I especially didn t like the fact that he was pretty much in love with the heroine from day one but then STILL spent the next few years banging anything that moved Cuz he decided she was too good for him and therefore out of reach.Eh I don t think a guy is all that heroic if he can t go after what he wants, AND does everything possible to make himself unpalatable in the process.Really liked the heroine tho, so that sort of balanced things out a bit.Not my fav in the series Not sure if I want to read 1 And esp when contrasted with Book 2 where the hero is truly a HERO.

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    The first 50% of the book is one of the sweetest stories I have ever read I was rooting for Julian and Lily all the way Come on, be together, please At around 50% 60% Julian and Lily got married Oh my poor heart cried a few tears for Julian and Lily when they slowly admitted their feelings to each other I was so happy for them, that they did not fight, no silly arguments They spent time together, showed true affections toward each other and eventually Julian admitted his feelings Julian was quite a dream come true But then while I rejoiced in Julian s proposal, I was asking myself ok now they are together and everything is quite perfect, what are we going to do with the rest of the story, which is still a whopping 40% The second half of the story made me feel a little bored Many sex scenes, all well written but the frequency made me wonder, are we just reading about sex because there is no plot in this part of the story The mystery was the focal point of the 2nd half And I had to say it made Julian look a little stupid and kind of like a virgin on the wedding night He was jumpy because of the unresolved mystery and the conclusion made all his jitters look really silly The sweetness also went a little overboard in the second half I am not much for excessive fluffiness in the story And since Julian and Lily were soooo obviously in love when they got married, everything about their relationship after they got married was just heaping sugar on honey kind of sweet The sex scenes have completely lost their allures to me at this point No conflict, no fear of loss, no tension, no fun For the first half of the story I was thinking oh oh oh it is so sweet but I don t care, my dreamy heart tells me to give the story 5 stars Then the second half happened, I ended the book with a 3 stars feeling So I decided on a 4 stars rating A really sweet story with a hero that was IN LOVE with the heroine before the story started An afterthought Tessa Dare really isn t a go to author for an authentic historical romance Her stories rarely have a strong historical feeling, but are almost always on the sweet side Some very smart turns in conversations Her strength really isn t in historical accuracy or building a window to the past, so to speak This is very evident in this book, I regret to report.

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    Three Nights with a Scoundrel is the final book in the Stud Club trilogy, the first and second books being, One Dance with a Duke and Twice Tempted by a Rogue I recommend that you read these books first to fully appreciate the story arc which runs through all three books.We are first introduced to Julian Bellamy in One Dance with a Duke and he certainly does not fit my idea of a romantic hero He is a vain, arrogant, uncaring hell raiser and totally unlikeable His only true friends are Leo Chatwick, Marquess of Harcliffe, founder of the Stud Club, an exclusive horse breeding society, and his twin sister, Lily They have welcomed him into their home as a friend although they know nothing about him.Julian has deep dark secrets and fears that his past has finally caught up with him when Leo is brutally attacked and killed Julian should have accompanied Leo to a boxing match that night but chose to spend the evening with a lady friend instead Now he feels responsible because he firmly believes that he and not Leo was the intended victim He becomes obsessed with tracking down the murderers and forcing them to give him the name of the person who hired them Quite early on in Three Nights with a Scoundrel , we discover there is hidden side to Julian, one that is very different from the heartless rake the world sees The I learnt about this Julian, the I liked him When he tells Lily of the tragic circumstances surrounding his birth and the terrible deprivations he and his mother suffered, I admired his dogged determination to improve his station in life in spite of the fact that his methods were sometimes questionable We see a major development of the relationship between Julian and Lily in this book Julian has been in love with Lily since they first met but Lily only regards him as her dearest friend However, a single kiss changes everything and Lily realises that her feelings for him are far deeper than just friendship Julian constantly pushes Lily away because he feels he is not worthy of her His attitude is irritating at times but shows how deeply he cares for Lily and wants to protect her from the social stigma she would have to endure if she were to marry him.I adore Lily who is beautiful, intelligent, brave and warm hearted Although she is deaf, as a result of a fever nine years ago, she does not let this deter her from living as normal life as possible even if it means taking risks She loves Julian unconditionally and cares nothing for flaunting social convention by marrying him I also liked that she is not afraid to take Julian to task particularly if he is being stubborn or reckless She is definitely one of my favourite heroines.I have to say how much Tessa Dare s excellent writing brought Lily to life for me I could see things from Lily s perspective and feel what she felt.The resolution to the question of who murdered Leo and why was quite a surprise and one I definitely did not see coming.I enjoyed the epilogue and do wonder whether Tessa Dare may have been setting the scene to give some of subsidiary characters their own books.I would highly recommend this book to any lovers of Historical Romance.http www.theromancereviews.com view This review was originally written for The Romantic Reviews

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    4.5 stars This is the third book in a Regency set series which resolves around three men s efforts to discover the murderer of their friend, Leo I found the first two books well written, amusing and engrossing, without ever being really touched by them As other reviewers have pointed out, there was just something missing At first I thought this story would be of the same, but I slowly warmed towards it when I reached the point where Julian shows Lily his true name, my heart melted and was lost for good view spoiler Julian s mother was deaf and illiterate his true given name is a hand sign hide spoiler

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    Well, I ve just finished this book, and it really didn t turn out to be anything like I was expecting at all In some ways it was better, but in a lot of ways it was a disappointment.I really liked getting to know Lily better I liked seeing her deafness while trying to live a regular life At times it felt a little too easy for her, but enough authentic moments of confusion and fear and embarrassment were mentioned, that it didn t bother me too much In some ways her characterization felt very thin, though She seemed extremely well adjusted and at peace, except for a few occasions It seemed like she was just there to be a foil to Julian This was very much his story He had to grow and adjust while Lily was already where she needed to be She had no real character growth, and the lack of it was a little frustrating.Julian was interesting and likable, but when I learned about him I felt rather let down I really felt that he blew his issues way out of proportion Maybe if he was with any other girl it might have seemed logical, but with Lily there was no doubt of their love for each other or their friendship Really, the only conflict in their relationship was Julian himself He had to get over himself enough to stop worshiping her and start seeing her as a partner.I found the book pretty engaging for the first 200 pages, but after that it started to bore me a bit I jut felt that I was reading something pointless There was no real issue, it was just a matter of waiting for Julian to figure it out and stop lying to Lily I really started to dislike their relationship when I figured out he would never tell her if he had a choice The fact that Lily was so sweetly patient about most everything was disappointing too I wanted her to push him and make him grow a pair It was so frustrating The reveal about Leo was pretty obvious from the time we first saw the contents of one of the letters The reason for his death surprised me though I was just like Julian, I was expecting something I found the whole thing a bit of a let down to be honest Maybe if certain details had been handled better It s just hard not to feel disappointed when all you get is a surprised, you didn t know from Lily We spent three books building this up, can t we make this a bigger deal But even with those issues, I was all set to give it four stars until the end I m referring to the scene beginning when Julian and Lily are in the carriage and he makes a false assumption about their destination When Lily corrects him it leads him to finally reveal all I was glad that Lily blasted him for his opinion of her and her love for him, but I was pretty ticked off that she rolled over so easily I was not nearly so forgiving as she was I really wanted of a reckoning there It was just one example of how frustrating Lily s perfect and forgiving attitude could be.

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