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    Rating 3.5 of fiveWhy not stars, as this is a sentimental favorite Because I m rereading it at closer to 70 than 4o instead of closer to 10 than 20 It s dated, of course, but it s still a thumping good read for its wonderful interconnectedness to the other parts of Norton s universe the Forerunners, the Salariki a catlike people from Planet Sargol , the gems so bewitchingly describedafter all, gems are perfect high value low bulk trade goodsthe horrible, misery sowing religious professionals, the Patrol, the finny rockets.As I m rereading at a time in life where I ve had and vastly enriching experiences translating ideas from page to screen, or at least trying to, I kept looking for the modern technology to slot into the story It was surprisingly easy to do Also surprisingly easy was gaying it up When the Agatha Christie s Marple adapters showed the way to tart up a fairly drab story, by today s TV standards, was to chuck a gay subplot into it, I was galvanized Heck fire, most of it was already there already Like with Dame Agatha s stuff, Grand Master Norton s practically has footnotes saying re interpret this passage, 21st century storyteller and wowee toledo does the Solar Queen heh have the goods.The cover of the edition I m posting the review to is the one I had as a youth The Kindle Megapack is convenient, of course, but I still sigh wistfully at the laughable cover art from an era when we hadn t even been to the Moon yet.Had I been consulted, I d ve told Reed Hastings people to skip rebooting Lost in Space which was a dog in 1966 and is a prettier dog in 2018 and instead make an episodic entertainment of the Solar Queen chronicles Someone shouldall the elements are there The youthful, handsome protagonist Dane leaving school, joining the crew he bonds with, growing as a man and as a trader with lurches forward and swattings backward I don t know if modern under 45 readers would have the patience to mentally update the old tech space ships with mag tape computers but I d say this series is a decent place to test the tepidarium of Papaw s stories.

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    Plague Ship by Andre Norton North, Alice Mary Norton Andre was a female writer was first published in 1954 and is a great example of vintage Golden Age SF.Very much reminiscent of Heinlein juveniles or Frederik Pohl or especially Poul Anderson and his Polesotechnic League series featuring Nicholas Van Rjin Norton has a character, a trader also, named Van Ryche though Norton s Van Ryche does not come close to the personality of Van Rijn The second in her Dane Thorson Solar Queen series, this describes a cargo ship on a distant planet that picks up an alien bug and gets labeled a plague ship Modern readers may see some similarities with Ridley Scott s Alien films, though Norton s 50s era aliens are no where near as scary.This was my first introduction to Norton s prolific canon and this is odd because I have something of a connection to her Ms Norton lived her final few years in Murfreesboro, TN where I work and spend most of my time Many of the locals, some of my close friends included, remember her in the community She was known for her devotion to her cats, and this feline affinity can be seen in some of her writing.A bit dated but a fun and entertaining SF book.

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    In her lifetime, Andre Norton received many of the highest forms of recognition reserved for writers of fantasy science fiction I can remember, as a juvenile, having an interest in sci fi and having the town s librarian take me over to her books It worked and I have read many including some of her Witch World series but I can t recall having read any of this Space Queen series.In general, I like sagas of space traders and Norton s novels may be some of the earlier ones describing the contacts between humans and other species.The crew of the Space Queen are free traders who have taken a chance on a dead trader s rights to a remote planet s trade What had Traxt Cam discovered which had given him the trading contract with these suspicious aliens Unless the men from the Queen learned it, they could go on talking until the contract ran out and get no farther than they had today There aren t any complex personalities or hidden meanings in this story directed at a teenage audience He laid no plans of action this whole exploit must depend upon improvisation And, as a Free Trader, spur of the moment action was a necessary way of life On the frontier Rim of the Galaxy, where the independent spacers traced the star trails, fast thinking and the ability to change plans on an instant were as important as skill in aiming a blaster Aliens are to be traded with, once you can understand what is important to them and what forms a basic of a relationship They may present some threat but they are not intent on subjugating humans In fact, some species may look very different than humans but Norton often emphasizes the commonalities As fighting men, Dane thought, trying to study the specimens before him with a totally impersonal stare, the Salariki were an impressive lot Their average height was close to six feet, their distant feline ancestry apparent only in small vestiges A Salarik s nails on both hands and feet were retractile, his skin was gray, his thick hair, close to the texture of plushy fur, extended down his backbone and along the outside of his well muscled arms and legs, and was tawny yellow, blue gray or white To Terran eyes the broad faces, now all turned in their direction, lacked readable expression The eyes were large and set slightly aslant in the skull, being startlingly orange red or a brilliant turquoise green blue The Salariki may look different but their behavior isn t too different from many human tribes Norton seems to say that if we can figure that out we can all get along.The crew of the Space Queen find greater threats from competing human trading organizations who show little hesitancy in the use of double dealing or trickery The good guys win out in the end and I enjoyed Norton s tale So, even though it is dated by its technology, if taken on its own terms as a straight forward sci fi story for youngsters, it would rate 3.5

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    Plague Ship 1956 is the second installment in Andre Norton s so called Dane Thorson series, and is a direct continuation of the previous volume, Sargasso of Space A reading of that earlier novel is highly recommended before going into this one Plague Ship does everything that a good sci fi sequel should It expands on the possibilities of the previous book, deepens the characters, increases the action and leaves us wanting still It s a very fast moving and suspenseful tale, full of unusual detail and unexpected turns There are several highlights that make the book really shine, such as the gorp hunt early in the story And when I say gorp, I m not talking about high energy nut and raisin trail mix, but rather reptilian, crablike monsters This gorp hunt takes place at sunset on the reefs of an oily sea, and is a highly atmospheric and exciting segment Other great sections include a raid on an asteroid s emergency station a landing in the Big Burn and the viewing of the mutant life forms therein and the battle near the book s end, where our heroes make a desperate bid to make their plea for justice to the citizens of the solar system Like I said, this is a slam bang sequel, that will leave few readers unsatisfied.That having been said, I need to also mention that there are a few inconsistencies in the book At one point, Norton tells us that Dane has been in the trading service for a few months somewhere else, she says that it has been a full year Huh And I feel that I must chastise Ace Books for the deplorable job with which this book has been put together Now don t get me wrong I LOVE these little Ace paperbacks from the 1950s, especially those 2 in 1 Ace doubles But there are so many typos not to mention punctuational and grammatical errors in this book that the reading thereof is made a labor Should we blame Norton or the publishers for a sentence such as this His hands, blundering within the metallic claws of the gloves, Dane buckled two safety belts about him How could any copy editor or proofreader let such an egregious line such as this get through, when just the simple deletion of that first comma would have made all the difference Apparently, these little Ace books were never proofed or edited They re wonderful volumes, with marvelously pulpy covers, but sadly, the contents were not given their due But enough about Ace s carelessness Plague Ship, despite the occasional blunder, is still a marvelous entertainment, and I do highly recommend it.

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    Though I realized I have a TON of Norton North books to get through, this is my favorite one to date I read a lot of maritime history, and the worst thing that could happen when you re halfway between to points is either a fire or a disease If you stop to think about it, there really aren t that many differences between a maritime vessel in the 1700 s and the spacefaring vessels of the future Each planet would have to have strict rules to prevent the spread of other worldly diseases If you had a ship malfunction in the middle of nowhere, well, we all know the saying In space no one can hear you scream While this book is your typical space opera, it has a lot realism to it than some of the others Norton does an excellent job of describing the fear of the crew as the disease seems to be claiming and lives It really lets you connect to the characters Also, I find it refreshing that the main character is actually not the one calling all the shots You don t see that often, and it was interesting I m looking forward to reading Voodoo Planet, another book about the Solar Queen Plus there was some good humor and good one liners I need that kind of comedic break up in a book Jellico awesome name was probably my favorite character for this line alone Jellico s habitual distrust of the future gathered force This audiobook was provided for free on Librivox.org.

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    A novel by the very prolific pulp novelist that, unfortunately, is seldom mentioned when speaking of golden age ScFi authors She is pre le Guin and Tiptree Jr She tends to lean towards fantasy and is not considered hard SF , but can spin a spaceship yarn right up there with the likes of Eric Frank Russel and even at times dare I say Heinlein.Good solid adventure stuff.

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    The second Solar Queen novel, this short but action packed little novel is full of what makes Andre Alice Norton the master of 1950 s SF alien worlds, alien species, and men who are determined to make their mark on the wilds of space Like any good horse opera, her space operas take a tried and true formula and deliver a solid, fun story Again, I ll mention that her works are not hard SF, but something in line with the original Twilight Zone or Flash Gordon serials of old And that, in my opinion, makes them all the better.Plague Ship is the continuing story Dane Thorson and his apprenticeship on a Free Trader ship that is trying to make another big score This time, they get mixed up with interstellar trading disputes, alien customs, and a mysterious illness that just might leave the Solar Queen a drifting derelict in space that will have to be forced into the nearest sun Only the quick thinking actions of the youngest crew members will decide her eventual fate Tune in next time to see just how this wild ride will end Okay, the high drama copy was just for fun, but you get the idea.

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    4.5 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , .

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    The second book in the Solar Queen series, a good sequel to Sargasso of space actually a little better, but both are fun reads Well written as always from Andre Norton, not to difficult to figure out what was happening but a good original story If you enjoy classic si fi you will like Plague ship.

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    One of the Solar Queen series, these are space opera in the old school, and fun to read In this adventure, the trading ship is stricken by a strange ailment, and unless they are fast and clever, they will be quarantined and abandoned to die The ship s cat plays a pivotal role, an element I enjoyed.

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Plague Ship download Plague Ship , read online Plague Ship , kindle ebook Plague Ship , Plague Ship aa2f0d744e40 Lured By Exotic Gems And Valuable Oils, The Crew Of The Space Trader Solar Queen Landed On The Newly Discovered Planet Sargol, Only To Find Their Most Ruthless Competitor There Ahead Of Them Still They Tried For Fair Trade, Even According To The Sly Rules Of The Feline Natives Whose Beauty And Grace Were Equalled Only By Their Determination To Drive A Hard BargainBut After Satisfactory Trading And Uneventful Take Off, The Solar Queen Discovered A Plague On Board, The Treacherous Work Of Someone Who D Been On Sargol Now They Are Forbidden By Federation Rules From Landing On Any Inhabited Planet And Their Supplies Are Running Dangerously Low