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Casebook of the Black Widowers summary Casebook of the Black Widowers, series Casebook of the Black Widowers, book Casebook of the Black Widowers, pdf Casebook of the Black Widowers, Casebook of the Black Widowers 7f0f5ecf01 There Were Six Of Them Professional Men And Their Waiter They Gather At The Milano Restaurant Once A Month For Good Food And Good Conversation But Lately The Black Widowers Have Added A New Entertainment To Their Meetings They Have Begun To Solve Mysteries, Murders, And Conspiracies Of Seemingly Impossible DimensionsWith All The Skills Of Sherlock Holmes And Hercule Poirot Combined, These Six Men And Their Ever Faithful Waiter, Henry, Take On Challenging Cases That Will Tease Your Deductive Skills To The Limit And Keep You Guessing To The Very EndContents The Acquisitive Chuckle Ph As In Phony Truth To Tell Go, Little Book Early Sunday Morning The Obvious Factor The Pointing Finger Miss What The Lullaby Of Broadway Yankee Doodle Went To Town The Curious Omission Out Of Sight

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    Tales of the Black Widowers The Black Widowers 1 , Isaac AsimovTales of the Black Widowers is a collection of mystery short stories by American author Isaac Asimov, featuring his fictional club of mystery solvers, the Black Widowers It was first published in hardcover by Doubleday in June 1974, and in paperback by the Fawcett Crest imprint of Ballantine Books in August 1976 The first British edition was issued by Panther in 1976 The book has also been translated into German This book is the first of six that describe mysteries solved by the Black Widowers, based on a literary dining club he belonged to known as the Trap Door Spiders It collects twelve stories by Asimov, nine reprinted from mystery magazines and three previously unpublished, together with a general introduction, and an afterword following each story by the author Each story involves the club members knowledge of trivia Contents The Acquisitive Chuckle Ph as in Phony Truth to Tell Go, Little Book Early Sunday Morning The Obvious Factor The Pointing Finger Miss What The Lullaby of Broadway Yankee Doodle Went to Town The Curious Omission and Out of Sight 1993 1368 359 1372 20

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    Seis amigos formam um clube, interdito a mulheres, intitulado os Vi vos Negros Reunem se uma vez por m s para jantar e resolver um enigma proposto pelo convidado de um deles Neste livro est o inclu dos doze jantares e igual n mero de crimes ou mist rios, que ap s aceso debate entre todos, s o solucionados pelo empregado de mesa O sucesso das dedu es deste Sherlock de terrina deve se sua t cnica de ouvir e simplificar cada situa o.Diz na capa que um espantoso e emocionante jogo de l gica Pode ser, mas nada que n o tenha j sido feito por Conan Doyle, Agatha Christie e outros mais especialistas neste g nero liter rio.

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    I was in the mood to read something light, so I picked this up, even though I do not have much of an opinion of Dr Asimov as a mystery writer I had read one of these collections during my early twenties, when I was a hardcore fan of Asimov and was less exacting in terms of expectations from the books I read therefore I had found them mildly interesting But alas, the magic has worn off.I did not finish these book, but dropped it after four or five stories These are just parlour puzzles, plots revolving around simplistic and sometimes, outright silly devices the kind you can ask as riddles to your friends in after dinner conversations It is evident that Asimov was a fan of Agatha Christie, and the tales are reminiscent of The Thirteen Problems, but comes nowhere near them in whodunit quality.I wish the good doctor had stuck to writing what he was good at Agatha Christie never tried her hand at science fiction.

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    Towards the end of his life, Asimov became obsessive about publishing as much as possible he d brag about having published his age in years and his weight in pounds and stuff like that He ended up with several hundred books to his credit, but, unsurprisingly, the standard suffered.This collection, an impulse buy at an airport bookstall, was one of the last ones I read It s a bunch of extremely dull little mysteries the most noteworthy point is that Asimov, apparently as interested in the proceedings as the reader is, forgets what he s doing to the extent of repeating the same very poor plot twist within a hundred pages To add insult to injury, he even includes a note saying that he d been told about it, but couldn t be bothered to remove or change the later chapter I hope he achieved his target, whatever it was But I didn t see why I needed to carry on helping him.

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    Asimov turned his hand at writing many genres and styles some better than others after all he is known for his science fiction after all BUT I think mysteries come a close second The tales of the black widowers and the subsequent equals which I will read once I find them, along with the Union Club mysteries are perfect examples of the after dinner who dunnit story Each one is presented as a tale from one of the diners for the pleasure and confusion of the rest of he attendees The stories are short and entertaining and never controversial usually with the conclusion presented in a manner of fact way In the modern world of complex conspiracies and deplorable schemes these stories can be seen as antiquated and out classed but to me they are what they are after dinner entertainment I have been reading and re reading Asimov for almost as long as I have been reading and I have never grown bored or jaded with either his style or composition In fact if anything I have grown and fond of his work as the years go by Though this book will never win and accolades in the mystery genre it does bring back fond memories which for me at least is than enough motivation I need to read them.

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    The Black Widowers are an amusing if chauvinistically all male group of bickering friends who meet once a month for dinner, with an invited guest to provide variety Over the twelve courses presented, they develop a tradition of solving invariably Henry the waiter some problem or mystery for the guest Some of the twists are better than others but the setting adds charm to the stories, all of which I found eminently enjoyable 4.5 5

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    Isaac Asimov writing mysteries What can I say When I found this book at the library, it was like a personal present from the universe to me Asimov s style is highly influence he admits this himself by Agatha Christie, with each mystery serving as a puzzle.Each of the short stories in this volume and its sequels deals with the Black Widowers Club, a fictional group of men who meet monthly for dinner with one guest Invariably, the guest has some puzzle in variably, the intellectual Widowers try to solve it invariably, they fail to do so, but Henry, the Jeeves esque waiter, comes through with the solution The repetition of the same pattern does not make the stories tiresome, but instead brings the focus onto the puzzle of the mystery itself Asimov states that he wants to give the reader a fair shot at solving the mystery before the story s end no last minute revelations of long lost cousins, etc makes them clever enough that only sometimes did I beat Henry to the answer.As with many of his short story collections, Asimov introduces each story with a paragraph or so about its writing In these personal glimpses, he is witty, tongue in cheek arrogant, and insightful.

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    3.5 EstrelasA forma como o livro est escrito torna esta leitura compulsiva O sentido de humor dos vi vos negros, juntamente com os mist rios apresentados s o muit ssimo interessantes Apenas acho que o autor devia ter variado na forma como todos os mist rios s o resolvidos Aplicar sempre a mesma receita tornou a leitura mais previs vel.De qualquer forma, tendo sido esta a minha estreia com o conceituado autor, pretendo ler mais dele Provavelmente irei aventurar me numa obra de fic o cient fica, g nero em que considerado um dos mestres dos mestres.

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