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    This is the fifth and final book in the series although I m not sure when the author wrote this book if she did so with the intention of ending the series here or if it was a decision made by the publisher Either way, you do feel a reasonable sense of closure by the time you finish the book I do think while the series started off strong, it has run its course and it s probably for the best this was the final book.There have been some changes in Lily s life since the last book She doesn t clean houses as much any for a living as she now is working for Jack She also has begun attending group therapy sessions for survivors of horrific crimes It wouldn t be a Charlaine Harris mystery if someone didn t get murdered, and in this one the murder victim is found by Lily at the same location as her group therapy meetings Gee, I sure hope Lily will be able to figure out what happened by the end of the book I loved the idea of Lily meeting with other survivors and opening up about what happened to her but I wish it had been of a side plot and not part of the actual murder mystery It just made me feel uncomfortable that there are all these women sharing with one another the traumatic events in their lives and then you have them stumble upon a murder victim I just wish the author would have come up with a different storyline for the murder so these poor women could attend their therapy sessions in what should be a safe environment The mystery itself is pretty weak but I did enjoy the parts that featured Lily s personal life Overall, an okay conclusion to the series.

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    I m giving this book 5 stars The others in the series only got 4 stars, but this one has something extra.Charlaine Harris writes the best final books for a series I ve ever seen Her characters grow and you can see them moving on from where they were in the first book Whatever the threads were that moved from one book to the other, get tied up, while making it obvious that life did go one even if we didn t get to see it do that As with the Harper Connelly series, there could easily be books although it is unlikely that there will be.Jack and Lily have gotten married, but they haven t told anyone about it So many of Lily s cleaning customers have died that she is having problems finding homes to clean, so she has begun to help Jack in his PI business, doing the required apprenticeship under his license And Lily has finally realized that she needs to get some therapy for her kidnapping and rape issues so she can move on.Lily finds herself in a group of women, all of whom have been raped The group includes the minister s wife, and both white women and women of color, and a therapist who has issues of her own On the very first night of therapy, Lily hears the therapist getting a harassing phone call, and it all goes downhill from there.The individual mystery was interesting Seeing Lily doing stuff that has nothing to do with cleaning was interesting Watching the group of rape survivors come together, even though most of them wouldn t normally have even known one another touched my heart But most of all, seeing the end of Lily s old situation, and how much she has grown, made this book and the whole series a keeper.

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    3.5Besides the first, this closing book is probably the best of the series.Lily Bard may still be stiff and socially awkward, but she s grown on me A lot of her past gets explored as she attempts a help support group after attacking Jack in her sleep during a routine nightmare The women s group meetings were interesting I do think they should have been followed up with a bit in the second half, but they dropped off the radar page completely I also wish we could have witnessed the reaction of her parents and family about a development with her and Jack, not to mention a big tragedy that happens to her in this book I know she feels strange around them now, but keeping that kind of information that cut off from such good people is ridiculous.Bobo makes a few scenes, which I enjoyed I do wish that may have been explored a bit , but oh well, no way to realistically do it Jack stays true to character, although I still don t find much realism with him There s a few new characters that come on board for plot sake only.The mystery is rather weak since the pool of suspects is ridiculously small 3 By the end of the book I didn t really care who the villain ended up being Still, the murders and twists with it were interesting enough to keep reading I dug detective Stokes.There is a big development in the book about something which happens to Lily It s dark but realistic There is not much follow up with it, but this isn t a romance novel where everything is magically okay in the end, so that s okay This is a personal tragedy which I think Charlaine Harris wrote quite well, from Jack s emotions to Lily s The details were graphic enough and she didn t shy away from showing this new development to the reader It doesn t have to do with the mystery much, although it connects very loosely in the end The point was that this is a series about changes within Lily Bard, who I ve followed for five books now.At the end, Lily is open to change and knowing she has become a shadow of the girl she used to be, but not seeing a way to reconnect, or if even trying that would be why It doesn t end on a hopeless and bleak note, but it s doesn t end up on a bubbling, happy spirit That s just never who Lily Bard will be again.

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    The fifth and to my knowledge, last I don t know if any are forthcoming Lily Bard book is almost about developments in Lily s life than it is an actual crime This is not to say that there isn t one in Shakespeare s Counselor, because there is, and a pretty warped one at that Our heroine, now that her relationship with her lover Jack has progressed to a point where she s willing to take his suggestion to start addressing some of the issues in her life, joins a rape survivor therapy group And is shortly thereafter confronted with a dead body, violently killed, found where her group has been meeting At the same time, Lily learns that the counselor running the group is apparently herself getting stalked, struggling with serious issues of her own even as she s trying to help them all.Quite intense stuff there, and Harris does a good job of handling the ramifications of her plot points in her compact page count I found it a little odd jumping to this one after recently reading the first Lily Bard in which her original backstory is told in detail and yet, reading the books so close together did show a nice story arc of Lily dealing with what she s suffered as her life in Shakespeare has progressed through the five books On the other hand, I m not sure whether I also needed a subplot of Lily suffering a miscarriage in this book It s handled well, like the survivor group issues, and yet it made reading it a bit too much So, I do still recommend this as well as the series as a whole, but with a cautionary note that the plotlines may be a bit triggery for anyone with history in these areas Three and a half stars.

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    This is one of the highest ratings I have given a Charlaine Harris book It is the final book in her Lily Bard series and by far the best It took me two books to really like Lily, because she reminded me a lot of myself In fact, she embodied a lot of the things I wish I could change and move past We are not identical by any means, but share similarities Half way through this books, I knew that I had really grown to love and sympathize with her, because I found myself shedding a few tears over a loss she experiences.Though I sort of had the killer figured out, this book did a good job of making me doubt myself I flip flopped a few times, then gave up trying to figure it out It made the ending much satisfying as it unfolded There is no sense reading this book if you have not read the first 4 Lily is a package deal You have to see who she was at the beginning to appreciate her growth by the end It saddens me that there will not be any mre books about Lily, but at the same time, I can t see where else the series could go from here.

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    Sorry to say this is the last of this series, which I have really enjoyed Lilly Bard is a most unusual protagonist I would love to continue to read her evolution and growth Good supporting characters, too It seems that I ve come to like cozy mysteries I ll take a look at Harris s other books.

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    This, alas, is the last of the five Lily Bard mystery novels that Charlaine Harris wrote before the Sookie Stackhouse gold mine arrived at her literary doorstep And they are probably my favorite series of hers The main character is a housekeeper who is living somewhat off the grid in small town Arkansas after a brutal gang rape a few years before She fills her spare time taking karate lessons and working out with near obsessive fervor She is also trying to make room in her solitary life for her boyfriend Jack who was introduced in the second book After she wakes up from a nightmare to find herself choking him though, he suggests some counseling wouldn t be out of line for her But someone in her nascent rape recovery group soon ends up dead and Lily ends up in the middle of another mystery Some people have suggested that it s unrealistic that a housekeeper in a small town would continually stumble on murder victims and elaborate conspiracies For me, the series is so well written and Lily obviously isn t ordinary in any respect and the characters are so engaging that I don t mind or notice You could say the same about any number of mystery novels for that matter This book ended well and maybe that s why I like this series the best as it didn t keep grinding on till there was nothing left but memories of characters once loved that have grown tedious Still, I m sad there are no Lily Bard books out there I d like to think though that by granting Lily some peace and happiness, Charlaine herself found some too.

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    4 1 2 stars Definitely the best book in the series Reading all five in such quick succession was really the way to go I really enjoyed the arc, the way Lily grew as a person, became self aware, aware of how her kidnapping and rape had changed her into the woman she is It was lovely very to see her start to open up with people, make friends, fall in love after all of the trauma she had gone through Lily has a miscarriage half way through the book and she is astonished at how people she has worked for, friends she has made care for her, bring over food and flowers and gifts because they care about her I was touched by the scene when one of her clients comes over with her daughter and the little girl hugs her and asks her when she is coming back to their home to work While Lily has never talked about a desire for children, this scene and the one in Shakespeare s Christmas where she helps Eve and Jane hide from their father shows that Lily can be good with children, they trust her especially the little girls Maybe someday Lily and Jack will have a child although I can t picture them with than one Anyhow this was a satisfying conclusion to the series I don t think there will be any but I would read them if there were.

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    4.5 stars I really enjoyed this series I hope the author will return to it like she has with Aurora Teagarden.

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    And so we come to the end of the series, to find Lily now working to get her PI license alongside Jack while still cleaning part time, and having been talked by Jack into attending a therapy group for rape survivors Which is how she comes into contact with Tamsin Lynn, Shakespeare s Counselor and target for a particularly nasty stalker When the stalking escalates into a woman being found dead in the therapist s office, Lily can t help but start nosing around.A decent end to a decent series, but I m going to need a little holiday from Charlaine Harris for a while the things that had started to bug me in the Sookie series every man with a sex drive lusts after her, people have overheard conversations around her about how awesome she is, yada yada yada were all present and starting to irritate but I m grateful that it got me through a particularly unpleasant cold without taxing my poor brain too much.

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